Kicking Off Another Trading Week, New Plays

Recapping Friday’s Performance :  

We posted good numbers all week last week, and that trend was unchanged for the options trading ideas we offered up in Friday morning’s premarket report. We had ventured possible strike areas in three separate chains, and came back with some favorable results on the day. Even on days where the earnings calendar doesn’t provide us with many opportunities, we always seem to manage.

That trio of plays from Friday consisted of the ULTA Weekly $425-427.50 Calls, the AFRM Weekly $14-15 Calls, and the HIBB 09/15 $40 Calls. Here were the intraday runs we witnessed in each of the contract sets therein:

ULTA Weekly $425-427.50 Calls
1.37-3.39 (+147%)
$427.50: .90-2.10 (+133%)

AFRM Weekly $14-15 Calls
$14: 1.08-4.25 (+293%)
$14.50: .77-3.62 (+370%)
$15: .47-3.21 (+583%)

HIBB 09/15 $40 Calls
$40: 5.00-6.50 (+30%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

The landscape for interesting high profile earnings reporters is essentially barren today, but we’re going to be tracking the following plays in TSLA and the SPY, a couple of chains that we’ve relied upon for big gains many times before.

TSLA Weekly $240-245 Calls
SPY 08/28 $440-442 Calls*

*Trading contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders


Extended Watchlist: