Closing Out a Week of Mega Gains!

MRNA, SPOT Recaps 

Another day, another set of solid options ideas scoring intraday gains! We formulated some fresh quick-strike ideas in the MRNA, and SPOT chains yesterday morning, and the results that were returned were rather impressive.

Our specific weekly targets were the, MRNA Weekly $66.50-68 Calls and the SPOT Weekly $267.50-262.50 Puts. We saw remarkable multibag intraday rips in both chains.

MRNA Weekly $66.50-68 Calls
: 1.23-7.20 (+485%)
$67: 1.33-7.05 (+430%)
$67.50: .95-6.40 (+574%)
$68: .69-5.50 (+697%)

SPOT Weekly $267.50-262.50 Puts
$267.50: 8.58-18.80 (+119%)
$265: 6.98-17.06 (+144%)
$262.50: 6.18-13.65 (+121%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
SPY Weekly $327-328 Calls
ABBV Weekly $81-82.50 Calls
AAPL Weekly $113-111 Puts
GOOG $1660-1680 Calls

*Do not trade options with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

Huge Options Gainers & More

Marijuana Company of America, Inc. MCOA – News 

We’re swinging back for another news update on MCOA this morning for the second time this week. We like the company’s drive and dedication to its recent changes in focus which we began highlighting in a special report last week (>>Read Our MCOA Report). In that space of time, we’ve learned more about the company’s strategic partnership with Cannabis Global (CBGL) with the aim of further developing the HempSmart brand.

This morning, we’ve learned that MCOA will once again move to promote and grow the HempSmart name through a series of big weekly sales for the remainder of the calendar year.

ESCONDIDO, Calif., Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA INC. (OTCMKTS:MCOA), an innovative hemp and cannabis corporation, is pleased to announce today the launch of a series of promotional campaigns, where “Every Friday is Black Friday, at HempSmart” … Every Friday, a new special product package will be promoted and offered until the end of the year. (>>View Full PR)

Options Review

We also need to go over the intraday performances of the options ideas we formulated in yesterday morning’s premarket report, which was a mix of bearish and bullish plays.

We had the SNE Weekly $79-80.50 Calls, the MSFT Weekly $210-205 Puts, and the MA Weekly $307.50-302.50 Puts, and we scored multibag hits in every range we were tracking.

SNE Weekly $79-80.50 Calls

$79: .40-3.20 (+700%)
$79.50: 1.02-2.50 (+145%)
$80: .80-5.23 (+554%)
$80.50: .70-1.95 (+179%)

MSFT Weekly $210-205 Puts
$210: 3.50-8.00 (+129%)
$207.50: 2.09-6.01 (+188%)
$205: 1.11-4.10 (+269%)

MA Weekly $307.50-302.50 Puts 
$307.50: 9.63-16.20 (+68%)
$305: 7.35-14.43 (+96%)
$302.50: 5.85-11.95 (+104%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MRNA Weekly $66.50-68 Calls
HOME 11/20 $23-24 Calls
SPOT Weekly $267.50-262.50 Puts

OTC Multibagger, Fresh Options Ideas

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD – Recap

Out of our fresh options trading ideas in yesterday’s premarket report, we were most pleased with the performance AMD.

We had signaled the AMD Weekly $83-85 Calls for observation, and despite a relatively choppy day for the markets at large, we still saw some very nice intraday gain opportunities. Here’s the breakdown on those:

AMD Weekly $83-85 Calls
: .63-1.02 (+62%)
$83.50: .60-.86 (+43%)
$84: .45-.78 (+73%)
$84.50: .44-.66 (+50%)
$85: .37-.61 (+65%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SNE Weekly $79-80.50 Calls
MSFT Weekly $210-205 Puts
MA Weekly $307.50-302.50 Puts 

BioRestorative Therapy, Inc. BRTXQ

We also witnessed new highs from a stock in yesterday’s watchlist, BRTXQ, a play that we’ve been tracking since August, when it was trading for as little as .0092.

Yesterday BRTXQ traded in an intraday range from .0255-.0327 (+29%). As measured from our initially observed low on this OTC play, that represents an overall move of 255%

Extended Watchlist: