Options Performance on the Week Remains Flawless

More Options Review: 

It has been a really good stretch for us with regard to our daily options ideas. We have been firing on all cylinders for several consecutive sessions, with yesterday’s slate of three all turning in excellent cards for the day., even our idea of the August calls in AXSM that was meant for a longer period of observation.

Our specific areas of interest in yesterday’s premarket report were the SPY 06/29 $390-392 Calls, the CHK 07/15 $85-90 Calls, and the AXSM 08/19 $35-30 Puts.  The SPY ran hard in the very early goings before the markets slid during the rest of the session, but that early push was more than enough to facilitate some nice moves for us. Those gains were as follows:

SPY 06/29 $390-392 Calls
 3.00-4.75 (+58%)
$391: 2.49-4.03 (+62%)
$392: 2.03-3.44 (+69%)

CHK 07/15 $85-90 Calls
$85: 6.24-7.10 (+14%)
$90: 2.95-4.50 (+53%)

AXSM 08/19 $35-30 Puts
$35: 1.47-3.70 (+152%)
$32.50: 1.40-1.95 (+39%)
$30: 1.00-1.32 (+32%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AVAV 07/15 $75-70 Puts
GIS 07/15 $70-72.50 Calls
MKC 07/15 $90-80 Puts 

Clubhouse Media Group Inc. CMGR –  OTC Recap: 

We’ve also continued to have good fortune with several of the OTC stocks that we track routinely in our daily extended watchlists, and the latest one to blow its top is CMGR. We signaled this play for observation on Thursday, and the run it has made has been quite impressive, moving up from a low of .0033 and hitting .0135 for an increase of 309%

Extended Watchlist: 

Options Keep Winning, New Ideas

Options Review: 

In yesterday morning’s report, we followed up Friday’s flawless options interests with another clean sweep of our board. The first half of the session featured quite a bit of volatility for the markets as a whole, allowing for some pretty nice intraday swings for our designated options targets. NKE and TCOM ran into their post-market earnings. NKE beat on earnings but slipped on sales, while TCOM looks in good shape after China loosened its COVID travel restrictions. We’ll be monitoring those closely today again.

The plays we signaled interest in tracking yesterday were the NKE Weekly $113-115 Calls, the TCOM 07/15 $24-26 Calls, and the SPY 06/27 $389-391 Calls. All of those experienced noteworthy moves, and additionally, the DRI 07/15 $120-125 Calls that we flagged this past Thursday also extended its run and posted new highs, which you’ll find below. The overall moves and total possible profits so far on those plays amount to the following:

NKE Weekly $113-115 Calls
 3.00-3.80 (+27%)
$114: 2.70-3.30 (+22%)
$115: 2.30-2.95 (+28%)

TCOM 07/15 $24-26 Calls
$24: 1.50-1.90 (+27%)
$25: 1.05-1.40 (+33%)
$26: .75-1.00 (+33%)

SPY 06/27 $389-391 Calls
$389: 1.25-2.67 (+113%)
$390: .87-1.98 (+128%)
$391: .60-1.38 (+130%)

DRI 07/15 $120-125 Calls
$120: 1.85-5.20 (+181%)
$125: .80-2.51 (+214%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 06/29 $390-392 Calls
CHK 07/15 $85-90 Calls
AXSM 08/19 $35-30 Puts

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. PLPL –  OTC Recap:

It was our report from the Thursday before last in which we most recently flagged PLPL in our watchlist. On that day the stock was trading for as little as .0007. Yesterday, PLPL ran as high as .0018, representing an increase of 157% over our observed low, and extended an unusually positive trend from many of the OTC stocks we’ve been placing on our watchlist.

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All of Friday’s Options Plays Hit, Fresh Ideas

Another Smash-Hit Session for Options: 

The markets finished off the week on Friday with another bullish performance, and of course that aided us with our options ideas for the day. We offered up a varied slate of potential targets and got good results from every last one of them- even the ones with July expiration dates.

Our specific targets were the FDX Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls, the SPY 06/24 $379-381 Calls, the BZ 07/15 $25-30 Calls, and the MO 07/15 $45-46 Calls. We’ll be sure to continue monitoring the July calls for possible further gains in the days and weeks ahead. For now, here were the opportunities they afforded our readers to close out the short trading week:

FDX Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls
 5.50-15.38 (+180%)
$235: 4.00-13.27 (+232%)
$237.50: 2.59-10.51 (+306%)

SPY 06/24 $379-381 Calls
$379: 3.15-10.72 (+240%)
$380: 2.54-10.00 (+294%)
$381: 2.05-8.87 (+333%)

BZ 07/15 $25-30 Calls
$25: 3.60-4.30 (+19%)
$30: 1.25-1.50 (+20%)

MO 07/15 $45-46 Calls
$45: .27-.69 (+156%)
$46: .15-.38 (+153%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NKE Weekly $113-115 Calls
TCOM 07/15 $24-26 Calls
SPY 06/27 $389-391 Calls* 

*Trading options on their day of expiration can carry a heightened level of risk and should only be attempted by seasoned traders.

OTC Recap – Verus International, Inc. VRUS:

We try to keep up with the many stocks we tag in our daily extended watchlists as much as possible. It is a feature we have kept since our pre-options trading days because it often yields solid plays. Such was the case with VRUS this month, which, after first appearing in our reports on June 2nd, has run from super-subpenny well into subpenny territory. We’ve seen an increase from a low of .0005 on up to .0019, which marks a rise of 280%

Extended Watchlist: