Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GEVO Recap, Potential Bottom-Plays & More

Gevo, Inc. GEVO
We tracked GEVO to some nice gains late this spring, and re-admitted the stock into the conversation in yesterday’s report. We were met with a respectable intraday increase as it traded up from a low of 2.37 to a daily high of 3.00. It registered as an opportunity of single session gains of up to 27% on volume of more than twice the 3-month average.

The stock is pulling back slightly in the premarket today, but we could see some further chances from this play into next week, provided it can continue to build a higher base of support in coming sessions. We’ll want to see the stock maintain above yesterday’s swing low of 2.37 to remain interested at the moment.

Potential Bottom-Plays

PostRock Energy Corp. PSTR

We spotted some potential in PSTR after catching it on a routine scan recently, and thought it’d be a good time to mention it as it is coming up off of recent relative lows.

The stock ran into some resistance just a tick below its 50DMA of 2.76 yesterday, and that’s going to be the figure we watch for a break. A move past that point, and there doesn’t seem to be much standing in the way of this low-float play running up to the level of its current 200DMA, presently sitting at 4.01.

Wizard World, Inc. WIZD

WIZD is a stock that has recently been beaten back to new 52-week lows, and as our regular readers are well aware, we’ve had an exceptional amount of success in the past with stocks in just this position. As you can see on the prepared chart below, WIZD is drastically oversold at the present time, and trading at just a fraction of its moving averages.

We’ll keep this stock on the radar heading into next week, and have our eyes open for a move up off of these newly attained lows. On a side note, the company just announced that the comic convention it is hosting the third week in September has secured an appearance by legendary boxer, Mike Tyson. >>VIEW PR 

Fresh Options Ideas

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD – Despite a hefty beat on earnings and raised guidance by the company, LNKD shared slipped more than 5% during yesterday’s session. The reactionary slide was primarily due to the perception of weakness in some of the areas of LinkedIn’s core business. Despite that fact, we want to offer up a longer-term options idea relating to the stock’s potential recovery over the next several weeks. We’re going to give specific attention to LNKD Sept. 11th $210-220 Calls.


GoPro, Inc. GPRO & Expedia, Inc. EXPE – Both of these stocks are gapping up in the premarket this morning, so as a closing idea for the week we’ll be monitoring Weekly Calls in each of them for a possible dip-and-rip. Those ranges of highest interest to us are GPRO $63-64.50 Calls, and EXPE $115-117 Calls.

Options Trading Side Note:

Don’t forget about the success we’ve had this week with the Weekly Ford (F) $14.50-15 Calls, and Weekly MU $19.50-20.00 Calls. We’ll have our eyes peeled for the possibility of seeing some added spikes as the trading week comes to a close.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Tracking & More

Options Recap

To start things off today we’ll be going over the continued success of our running options ideas for the week. During market conditions like the ones we’ve been seeing, oftentimes big gains from stocks can be fewer and farther between, so it’s nice to be able to fall back on options trading. Quarterly periods where earnings reports are dropping with the highest frequency really provides a lot of great chances for quick strike profits.

Ford Motor Co. (F) – Ford has been an excellent example of a massive gainer in a short span. We’ve been tracking F Weekly $14.50 and $15 Calls since Tuesday, at which time we observed lows of .18 and .02 respectively.  After the $14.50’s made huge gains possible for us that day, the $15’s joined in yesterday and both sets went haywire.

The $14.50’s ran from a daily low of .35 to a high of .78; an intraday romp of 123%

The $15’s traded in a massive range from .05-.32, giving daytraders a shot at gains of up to 540% on the session, and giving us yet another multi-bag call in what has been a landmark week for our options-trading ideas!

Pfizer, Inc. PFE – We also offered suggestions for Pfizer in the same Tuesday report, the   PFE Weekly $34.50 and $35 Calls. We saw lows of .26 and .10 respectively for those contracts. Yesterday, new highs were set in both cases, with the $34.50’s making a total move of 476% to 1.50, and the $35’s ramping up to the tune of 970% as they surged as high as 1.07.

Following a recap of the two preceding plays in yesterday’s morning report, we presented a couple of fresh ideas and both of those ended up yielding significant opportunities as well:

Twitter, Inc. TWTR – We went bearish on TWTR and submitted our interest in the Weekly $34-32 Puts, and the chances to gain were plentiful:$34 Puts – Daily Range: 1.32-3.60 – Max Gain: 173%
$33.50 Puts – Daily Range: 1.00-2.35 – Max Gain: 135%
$33 Puts – Daily Range: .76-2.00 – Max Gain: 163%
$32.50 Puts – Daily Range: .55-1.48 – Max Gain: 169%
$32 Puts – Daily Range: .38-1.12 – Max Gain: 123%

Micron Technologies, Inc. MU – For MU we drew attention to Weekly $19-20.50 Calls and were met with some nice opportunities there also. $19.50 ran from .75-1.10 (+47%) and the $20 Calls traded in a range from .40-.75 (+88%).

Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc.  MBHC

MBHC has released a fresh PR this morning that we’ll suggest all our readers take a look at, as it pertains to the company’s ‘Whirld’ app  which, if everything remains in step with the timeline previously given by MBHC, is slated for official launch in mid-August.

Here’s a look at the current chart for MBHC on the snapshot below. The stock has managed to hold support off of the 50DMA amid recent consolidation, and we’ll be on the lookout for it to get its next leg up soon, especially with the app launch just a couple of short weeks away:

PISCATAWAY TOWNS, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2015 / Mobile Broadcasting Corporation, (OTC PINK: MBHC) Mobile Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) announced today the findings from their current Apple iTunes BETA test and their plans to engage and work directly with EDM VLOGGERS and DJ MIX BROADCASTERS that have a combined MONTHLY fan base of 200 MM + consumers for the upcoming global launch of WHIRLD WITHIN iTunes and Google Play Storefronts. >>PR FULL

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Options Review – Yesterday’s Big Winners
For some of our readers that may not have previously understood why we like to mix options-trading ideas in with our equities ideas, yesterday’s session served as an excellent example. All three of the stocks whose options chains we were tracking provided folks with substantial opportunities for lucrative daytrades. Here’s a breakdown:

Ford Motor Co. (F) – On the heels of the revelation that Ford had set revenue records and beat earning expectations for Q2, we saw the chance to leverage the resultant action on the chart to our great advantage. The range of contracts that we flagged for observation was the F Weekly $14.50 and $15 Calls. As the $15’s fell just shy of being pushed into the money, the main thrust of the action was in the $14.50’s. Those contracts went big, with a surge from a low of .18 all the way up to .42; an intraday spike of 133% We’ll be on the lookout for potential dip-and-rip scenarios in Ford to create the possibility of further opportunities as the week wears on.

Pfizer, Inc. PFE – it was also a beat on earnings that propelled our PFE ideas to substantial intraday gains. Our specific area of interest were the PFE Weekly $34.50 and $35 Calls. The $34.50’s made an impressive move from .26-.88 for total possible gains of 238% and the $35’s really performed with a monster 410% run from .10-.51!


Baidu, Inc. BIDU – In a departure from our standard options M.O., we identified a chance to play some Puts as BIDU was taking an absolute shellacking after its own earnings missed the mark. The downfall continued throughout the session, and fueled the success of our observed contracts, which were the BIDU Weekly Puts in the $180-175 Range. The trading ranges and maximum gains on all three sets of contracts were as follows:

$180 Calls – Daily Range: 8.00-18.05 – Max Gain: 126%
$177.50 Calls – Daily Range: 5.20- 14.90 – Max Gain: 187%
$175 Calls – Daily Range: 3.88-13.10 – Max Gain: 238%



Cheers to any of our readers who were able to parlay those ideas into some solid intraday profits. We’ve got some fresh ideas to monitor during today’s session as well:

Twitter, Inc. TWTR Weekly $34-32 Puts

Micron Technologies, Inc. MU Weekly $19-20.50 Calls

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also want to make a quick note of the PZOO news that hit wires right at market open yesterday. The storyline we’ve been continuously following with Pazoo regarding the company’s foray into the medical marijuana testing business received a significant update.

Pazoo subsidiary, Harris Lee, LLC has signed an agreement that will facilitate the takeover of an operational testing facility in Colorado, be sure to check out the PR below:

WHIPPANY, N.J., July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pazoo, Inc. (OTCPink Symbol: PZOO) is pleased to announce that wholly-owned subsidiary Harris Lee, LLC has signed a sublicense, and loan agreement with Harris Lee Colorado, LLC (HLC). These agreements now allow HLC to meet the in state residency requirement and provide for the necessary funding to take over the testing lab, expand the marketing and employment base and begin the expansion of the operations.

All agreements will be forwarded on to the Colorado MED for review. A small redesign of the layout of the laboratory will be undertaken to increase the efficiency and functionality of the facility. Over the past 2 months the Pazoo team has made contact with numerous growers and has gotten firm commitments from these growers to test with HLC once the State review is complete. >> FULL PR

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