Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL, ORFG Updates & Extended Watchlist

Update on AAPL Options

We’ve been tracking AAPL pretty intensively over the past couple of weeks, beginning on the 14th of this month. What has followed has been a very impressive uptrend, as we’ve witnessed a move in the stock from a low of $588 to this morning’s pre-market high of $639; that’s a 50-point move in just a couple of weeks.

Between the Beats rumor, the fact that AAPL has a forward split coming, and the approach of a new iPhone which will reportedly boast a larger screen, it seems there is a lot of speculation in the air, and we’ve done well in using it to our advantage.

Last week, we were afforded the chance at percentage increases in the hundreds and thousands from Calls in the $605-610 range, and with the continued uptrend exhibited by AAPL this week, the opportunities were still ripe for the picking in some of the pricier contracts. For example, the $627.50 Calls ran from a low of 1.97 on Wednesday, to a high 9.80 during yesterday’s session, an overnight gain of up to 397%, and appear to be gapping up even further this morning.

In the event of a sustained uptrend in AAPL, we’ll be monitoring the $635-640 Calls, making sure to keep our strike price relatively close to the money.

Orofino Gold Corp. ORFG

ORFG turned out to be a good call for us as the main feature of yesterday’s report, as the stock came down to a low of .0175 in the morning, before showing us a high .0249 shortly before the close. That equates to a solid 42% intraday gain for this bottom play.

We observed higher highs and higher lows in ORFG, and it managed to maintain well over half of those gains into the close (.0229), so we’ll continue to keep an eye on this play moving forward.

The company signed a couple of LOI’s this month, so we’ll be interested to see how those pan out as well:

Extended Watchlist:
FLST, PLX, OPTT, ARRY, NEWL, DARA(Gapping down, potential bounce?)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Bouncer & Extended Watchlist

Orofino Gold Corp. ORFG

We’ve got ORFG on our radar this morning- this stock has come off of a recent double-bottom, and looks like a potential candidate for finishing out the week on a solid note.

There are a number of things attracting us to the ORFG chart at the moment. Firstly, we can see a strengthening RSI that looks to be on the verge of cracking through the 50-line.

The MACD is also looking good, being in the midst of a bullish cross. If you take a look back to the third week in April you can see that the last time ORFG underwent a bullish MACD cross, the stock ran to nearly a nickel.

To stay interested in where this one might take us, we’ll need to see it maintain support at or above the 50DMA (.015). Resistance crops up at the recent swing high of .027, and beyond that, the 200DMA at .031. A break through that range, and things could get interesting quickly.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GRCU, SPEX, Options & Extended Watchlist

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. GRCU

We made sure to tag this long-time favorite yesterday on its first day trading as GRCU (Formerly TTDZ), and the stock made a couple of nice swings for us.

It played out a dip and rip scenario, trading up to .039 first thing in the morning before coming back to bounce off of the ,029 -level and making a subsequent 21% move to .035. It dipped back to .029 once again before running back to .0325, tacking on an extra 12% to possible gains for the day.

Moving forward, we’d like to see GRCU hold support above yesterday’s swing-low of .029, and attempt to break through resistance at .039.

Green Cures’ product line is Green Magic, which is sold at; They also have a product called Hemjoba, a phytocannabinoid (compound found in cannabis) topical pain relieving lotion.

With some key changes in management coming as well, we won’t want to let GRCU slip off of our radars in the foreseeable future.

Spherix, Inc. SPEX

After including SPEX in our Extended Watchlist yesterday, we were especially pleased with the monster session it put forth. After opening at 1.69, it traded all the way up to 3.20; a solid 89% move on huge volume.  If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a hundred times. Plays like these are exactly why it’s so important to monitor our Extended Watchlist plays as intensively as those that we feature. Hidden gems like this are turning up all the time.

SPEX has already traded in a range from 3.35-4.25 in pre-market trading this morning, so we’ll be open to the possibility of a nice bounceplay wif and when eventual profit-taking begins to pull this one back. Those just showing up to this party will want to be on the lookout for that reversal, and be ready to snipe some quick gains on a possible dip-and-rip.

Options Calls Continue To Pay Dividends on Record Bull Run

All of the big-board momentum plays that we’ve been tracking options in since last week continued to yield us prime opportunities yesterday. Multiple times, we’ve reminded readers of the high potential in PCLN, FB, TSLA, GOGO, DDD, and of course, AAPL.

If people were in-sync with our line of thinking heading into yesterday’s session, it’s highly likely that they came away with some serious profit trading options calls in any of these plays.

The bullish trend in the overall market hasn’t yet exhibited any clear signs of slowing down, even as it pushes to new all-time highs.

Extended Watchlist: