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Options Review: 

This morning, we’re swinging back around to the fresh options ideas we offered up in Wednesday morning’s premarket report. With the markets getting choppy over the tech selloff, not to mention the US airstrikes in Syria, our timing in going bearish on SQ and TJX was fortuitous.

Our specific short targets were the SQ Weekly $250-245 Puts and the TJX Weekly $69.50-68 Puts, and in both cases, we turned up multibag upswings to finish out another solid trading week. Here were the ranges and total possible gains on those contracts subsequent to Wednesday’s alerts:

SQ Weekly $250-245 Puts
 7.54-26.01 (+245%)
$247.50: 5.95-22.00 (+270%)
$245: 4.45-20.58 (+362%)

TJX Weekly $69.50-68 Puts
$69.50: .50-3.75 (+650%)
$69: .37-2.72 (+635%)
$68.50: .45-1.95 (+333%)
$68: .21-3.74 (+1680%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DKNG Weekly $58-59 Calls
ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

EHang Holdings Ltd. EH

We also want to quickly throw up a signal on an interesting Chinese Aerospace & Defense play, EH, which looks attractive from a technical standpoint.

The stock has been feeling out a bottom after consolidating off of an epic run, and could go into recovery relatively soon. Provided EH can hold at or above the $30-40 range on any further pullbacks, we would like it for a possible swing trade candidate.

Extended Watchlist: 

A Sports Nutrition & Lifestyle Company on the Rise

Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc. (OTCMKTS:TQLB)

It isn’t often that we can come to our readers with what we believe to be a a true ground-floor opportunity, but that’s what makes this morning’s point of interest so attractive. The sports nutrition and active lifestyle supplement market is growing by leaps and bounds, valued at just under $10B annually in 2019, but expected  to enjoy a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.5% for the next several years.

TQLB already had two brands in its growing portfolio prior to yesterday’s revelation of its primary acquisition candidate, American Metabolix, which you’ll read more about further down the page.

Core Natural Supplements, is a health and nutrition brand targeted at the over-35 crowd that has already launched, and Storm Lifestyle, is designed for younger demographics with hardcore active lifestyles and is set to launch presently.

As for the exciting acquisition, the completion of which was announced on Tuesday, American Metabolix is on the fast-track to becoming a major force to be reckoned with in the sports nutrition and Keto products arena. The brand has products already available at GNC, BodyBuilding.com, and other high profile retailers across the globe. American Metabolix products enjoy recognition in multiple countries, with its products having sold in well over 500 physical locations around the world.
We are thrilled to bring the American Metabolix team, IP, and powerful distribution footprint into the fold at Torque,” commented Leonard K. Armenta Jr, President of Torque Lifestyle. “They have built an award-winning brand and can rightfully claim to have set new standards for Keto meal replacement. We also believe the combination introduces production synergies and diversifies our target market profile extremely effectively.” (>>View Full PR via Newsfile)

All of the news that has hit on TQLB has been in the month of February, which is why we class this as a ground floor opportunity, and the perfect time to take a special interest in this high-potential play. (>>View All PRs)

Some equally exciting news for our readers is the incredibly tight share structure, including perhaps the most razor-thin float we have ever encountered. What this means, is that TQLB is subject to big swings based on relatively small trading pressures. That type of volatility potential is what we live for, and how we keep the lights on!

Stay tuned for further updates on TQLB and the aggressive strategy that the company is currently enacting to become a notable player in the sports nutrition and active lifestyle health supplement sector. 

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Options Review, Special Reminder & More

Recapping Monday’s Options Plays:

We wanted to circle back this morning to the fresh options ideas we kicked off the week with on Monday morning, which were the CTB Weekly $49-50 Calls and the DISCA Weekly $50-52.50 Calls. Our update is slightly delayed because of the exclusive report we released yesterday on a pure silver play, which we would highly suggest you check out ASAP, if you missed it.

We also have another exclusive report coming your way tomorrow morning on a really interesting opportunity in the sports nutrition and health supplements arena, so we urge our readers to monitor their inboxes closely around 9AM tomorrow morning! 

As for our fresh options ideas for the week, both have experienced considerable upswings already. The total possible gains on those contracts since Monday are as follows:   

CTB Weekly $49-50 Calls 
$49: 4.60-10.70 (+133%)
$50: 2.90-10.46 (+261%)

DISCA Weekly $50-52.50 Calls
$50: 3.84-6.65 (+73%)
$52.50: 2.50-4.90 (+96%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SQ Weekly $250-245 Puts
TJX Weekly $69.50-68 Puts
LOW Weekly $167.50-172.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: