Strong Trading Week Draws to a Close

More OTC Updates:  

Rennova Health Inc.RNVA – We have been tracking RNVA heavily since last week, at which time the stock was trading in the super-subpenny range. Shares were changing hands for as little as .0007, before the stock picked up steam this week, breaking into the subpenny level and running to a high of .0017. That works out to an upswing of 143% and continues a burgeoning trend of hot OTC plays that we’ve been experiencing in recent weeks.


FBC Holding Inc. FBCD – Another OTC stock that we were following throughout the month of April has been FBCD. Subsequent to our tag on the 8th, it had consolidated to a low of .0037, and yesterday fell just shy of cracking into Pennyland with a new high of .0097. That works out to a 162% move.

Yesterday’s Options Plays:

Our fresh options watchlist for yesterday’s session consisted of three selections. The PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls, the BUD Weekly $73-74 Calls, and the LIN 05/21 $290-300 Calls. We went three-for-three on those ideas, with the PYPL Calls standing out as the biggest winners on the day.

PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls
.64-2.65 (+314%)
$257.50: .38-1.64 (+331%)
$260: .23-1.01 (+349%)

Based on this morning’s premarket activity, there seems to be a good chance that we will see further advances in these PYPL targets to close out the week.

BUD Weekly $73-74 Calls
$73: 1.25-2.00 (+60%)
$73.50: 1.17-1.70 (+45%)
$74: .72-1.97 (+174%)

LIN 05/21 $290-300 Calls
$290:  6.24-7.90 (+27%)
$300: 2.10-3.10 (+48%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DKNG Weekly $52-54 Calls
ROKU Weekly $307.50-315 Calls
SQ Weekly $227.50-235 Calls 

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

Extended Watchlist:

Interesting RETC Development & More

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. DEWM 

We have been seeing a lot of OTC runners cropping up recently, with another hot play coming off of our extended watchlist yet again in yesterday’s report.

The stock traded nearly a billion and a half shares as it ran from a daily low of .0012 up as high as .0035. That represented an intraday rip of 192% and with that kind of spike in volume and volatility, we’ll certainly want to maintain a close watch over this breakout play.

12 Retech Corp. RETC – New Update 

As we were mentioning yesterday morning, RETC is another big OTC runner that we’ve seen make moves of over 500% since 04/21.

Yesterday, per the following post on his Twitter page, George Sharp was awarded custodianship of the company. He has a reputation for exposing fraud and working with legitimate companies, and thus it may have intriguing ramifications for the direction and status of RETC moving forward.

The stock is gapping up to new highs this morning as well, so things continue to be quite interesting with RETC, and should remain so in the days and weeks ahead.

T-Mobile US, Inc. TMUS – Options Recap

The standout options idea from yesterday morning’s premarket report was our target in the T-Mobile chain, the TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls. 

Following its report of strong Q1 earnings and guidance, not to mention a heavy influx of new subscribers, the stock tested new highs, and provided the following considerable gain opportunities on the day:

TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls 
$129 : 2.91-5.86 (+101%)
$130 : 1.92-5.32 (+177%)
$131 : 1.64-3.90 (+137%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls
BUD Weekly $73-74 Calls
LIN 05/21 $290-300 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Clean Sweep on Options Plays & More

Solid Options Gainers: 

Our premarket report yesterday morning, like most days, included a bank of fresh earnings-related options ideas for our readers’ consideration. Yesterday’s new plays were the PFE Weekly $39.50-40 Calls, the CVS Weekly $78-79 Calls, and the COP Weekly $52.50-53.50 Calls. As our regular followers are perfectly aware, we get the most out of post-earnings report targets because of the increased volatility that typically follows earnings figures. 

Unsurprisingly, we hit on each and every target we we established, and those ideas posted the following moves and total possible intraday profits for traders:

PFE Weekly $39.50-40 Calls
$39.50 : .32-.75 (+134%)
$40 : .12-.44 (+267%)

CVS Weekly $78-79 Calls
$78 : 1.28-3.30 (+158%)
$78.50 : 1.02-2.86 (+180%)
$79 : .65-2.36 (+263%)

COP Weekly $52.50-53.50 Calls
$52.50 : .60-1.12 (+87%)
$53 : .44-.87 (+97%)
$53.50 : .32-.67 (+109%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MTCH Weekly $144-148 Calls
ATVI Weekly $92.50-94 Calls
TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls 

OTC Review: 

We’ve also got a couple of brief updates on some OTC Runners we’ve been tracking. The links provided point to our initial alerts on the following plays, along with the total increases they made subsequent to those points.

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. GVSI:
First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0459
Total Possible Gain: 1175%

12 Retech Corp. RETC:
First Alert: 04/27
Subsequent Range: .0015-.0096
Total Possible Gain: 540%

Extended Watchlist: