JVA, EXTO, MILV, SRRL – Hot Stocks Today

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. JVA

We initially cited our interest in JVA at 8.35, and the stock ran as high as 14.40 for a 72 percent gain. On Friday, the stock closed at 11.30, still a gain of 35 percent from our originating call.

Moving forward, JVA will remain on our watchlist for its prime performance, and our expectation that there are more positives on the horizon.


Exit Only, Inc. EXTO 

It has been quite some time since we mentioned EXTO, a stock that first popped onto our radar in July, thereupon making a massive move for us.

Last week, there was a large volume selloff, and we saw a retrace to the lowest price we have seen since July. Currently the RSI smacks of overselling, which is why we presumed to mention this play again, as a rebound from these conditions and prices seems highly plausible.


Stellar Resources, Ltd. SRRL

We have noticed that after a big sell-off, the stock is building support in the .02 range, and it is going to be interesting to see how the stock trends, as it begins to rebound off of its bottom.

Just 2-3 weeks back , the stock was trading in the five to six cent range, and we believe it could easily return to that level, which would yield gains of over 100-200 percent.


Mistral Ventures, Inc. MILV

We wanted to mention MILV again this morning, after some post-market news on Friday could really cause a stir, considering the nature of the company’s claims. If even a fraction of the estimated revenue from the following press release materializes for MILV, the results could be satifying for investors.


CAPE CORAL, Fla., Oct. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Nature’s Bioceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mistral Ventures Inc. (MILV.pk) announced that it has come to an agreement for the purchase of the newly formulated Sinus-Restore Sinus Relief Formula. Nature’s has tendered a deposit against formal closing, which is expected within 3 weeks. At the request of the inventor, to protect his privacy, financial terms are not to be disclosed in press releases.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that close to 31 million adults in the US suffer from chronic sinusitis, resulting in 12.5 million ambulatory care visits per year and more than 200,000 sinus surgical procedures every year. Acute sinusitis is even more common, though there are no good estimates for the number of people who experience an episode of acute sinusitis every year.


Robert deZanger, CEO of Nature’s Bioceuticals states, “We are excited about bringing this product to market. Approximately 13% of the adult population suffers from chronic sinusitis. Billions of dollars per year are wasted on doctor visits and antibiotics that are unnecessarily prescribed to treat viral infections for which they will not help. Our all natural product has been shown to provide relief in a few short days. We expect to finalize the purchase within the next 21 days and to have product manufactured and ready for sale approximately 21 days thereafter. The product should also have far reaching impact for the relief of nasal discomfort due to allergies and cold and flu. The product is inexpensive to produce and we believe it will command a substantial market share in the three different markets therefore producing substantial revenues for the company. We anticipate sales in excess of $10,000,000.00 the first year and then expanding exponentially thereafter.”

MILV, JVA, RAYS – Hot Stocks Today

Mistral Ventures, Inc. MILV

MILV was a heck of a call on our part, after our afternoon momentum alert yesterday (@.055), the stock managed to hit .0635, and even close out the day just one tick shy of its high-of-day.

Its a good sign to see a running stock close with strength, so we will certainly be monitoring MILV this morning to see if it can close out the week in similar fashion.

In addition to several promotions this morning (That does not include us, just to clear things up. We are rarely paid for the stocks we mention. If we are, it always appears directly below in our disclaimer.) the company had more news out:

CAPE CORAL, Fla., Oct. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Nature’s Bioceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mistral Ventures (MILV.pk), has entered into the $8.4 billion market chronic obstructive pulmonary disease market (COPD) with the completed acquisition of a ground breaking Breathing Formula. This all natural, non-synthetic, medicine was developed for the treatment of COPD, the two most common forms of which are Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis. We believe that there is no other product currently available that can achieve the same results.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. JVA

We jumped on JVA at 8.35, realizing that it was a stock that traded in predictable patterns. That still rings true here in the $10-range, after having pulled slightly back to the 9.70’s on Wednesday.

After a nice recovery on Thursday to the tune of 9.3%, it looks like JVA is poised to head into the weekend strongly.

Raystream Inc. RAYS

RAYS continued its seemingly incessant ascension on Thursday, closing at that day’s high of 1.95. It looks like a break of the 2.00 milestone could happen sooner rather than later.

That being said, our prudence, and dedication to you, the reader, dictates we mention one little detail: RAYS is a heavily promoted stock (again, we are not part of those promotions) and while the promo budget is said to have been on the order of more than two million dollars, we have yet to see a press release or any information direct from the company containing anything of real substance.

It isnt enough to scare us completely away from what is obviously a potentially fortuitous situation any way you slice it, but it is enough to keep us on our guard.

Ultimately, we won’t fully relax that wariness until we see something along the lines of a sales agreement, or more detailed information on the company’s lauded video compression technology, which as of now, we have only seen in the form of a sample clip on the company’s website.


Mistral Ventures, Inc. – MILV – Midday Momentum Alert

Mistral Ventures, Inc. MILV

We’ve got a momentum alert for you this afternoon in the form of MILV. In just a matter of minutes, the stock has traded roughly a HUNDRED times its normal volume.

The stock has been picking up wildly over the past week since Mistral announced its 100% acquisition of Nature’s Bioceuticals, Inc. an herbal medicine outfit that will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The company alludes to the fact that this could be just the first of many aggressive acquisitions, and indeed, investors are listening. This thing is trading like an absolute beast.