Solid Start to the Week, Loads of Fresh Ideas

Monday’s Movers:  

As we cautioned in yesterday’s report, we were without a slate of earnings reporters to base our ideas off of yesterday, so we simply went with a couple of old familiar targets, and we ended up faring pretty well with those plays. Thankfully, we aren’t in the same boat today, with plenty of earnings hitting the wire between yesterday’s close and today’s open.

In the meantime, here are the figures from our ideas yesterday, which were the TSLA Weekly $240-245 Calls, and the SPY 08/28 $440-442 Calls. They posted the following profit potential for yesterday’s session, and as you can see, those SPY Calls were the real stars of the day:

TSLA Weekly $240-245 Calls
3.20-4.85 (+52%)
$242.50: 2.45-3.72 (+52%)
$245: 1.83-2.83 (+55%)

SPY 08/28 $440-442 Calls

$440: 1.15-3.28(+185%)
$441: .54-2.36 (+337%)
$442: .16-1.39 (+769%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PDD Weekly $89-91 Calls
BBY Weekly $75-77 Calls
SJM 09/15 $145-150 Calls
CTLT 09/15 $47.50-50 Calls
HEI 09/15 $160-155 Puts

Extended Watchlist: