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Atlas Therapeutics Corp. ATTH

  ATTH is our latest interest, and it appears as if conditions on the chart are ripening. A little more than a week ago, the stock appeared to hit a relative bottom at .11. From there, it has started to make higher lows, signaling the start of an uptrend. It has also exhibited higher than average volume, to the tune of 7x its 3mo. average. We currently have support at .11, and resistance at .20, .27 and .30.
  Back in September, the stock ran from .20 to .39, rattling off nearly a 100% increase in just two trading sessions, showing it’s ability to make explosive gains.
  If you take a look at the chart we have provided, you will see also that the MACD indicator is showing signs of convergence, taking on the look of that of a stock about to run.
Take a look at this report on ATTH in .pdf format for your reading convenience. It will provide a good jumping off point for your own due diligence.

TLLE, PBGC – New Stocks Today


Teletouch Communications, Inc. TLLE


Thanks to our longtime pal and veteran trader, Mikey (aka xbigshot1) we’ve found a possible gem in TLLE. After the resolution of a long-standing legal dispute with AT&T,  the company was awarded a settlement of $18.5M, and will be adding iPhone/Pad sales to its already impressive $40M-plus revenue stream.

 Nov 29, 2011 (Fort Worth Star-Telegram – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — The Fort Worth-based parent of Hawk Electronics has settled a multimillion-dollar arbitration case against AT&T, reaching an agreement to sell AT&T products and services, including the iPhone and the iPad for the first time.

Hawk expects to begin selling iPhones and iPads before Christmas, said Kip Hyde Jr., president of Teletouch Communications, the company that owns Progressive Concepts, which does business as Hawk.

Here is a link to Mikey’s informative video on TLLE

Premier Beverage Group Corp. PBGC

 PBGC is a big promo play with a healthy budget behind it. Having just assumed trading under its new ticker symbol, PBGC represents a brand new opportunity to take a look at a stock that is on the ground floor.

There is significant possibility for a morning gap-up, which is generally followed by a pullback before continuing its run. The company recently released a shareholder letter describing its plan moving forward, to which we have linked below.

NEW YORK , Nov. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Premier Beverage Group (OTC: PBGC.PKNews) has just issued a significant shareholder letter, according to Premier Beverage’s CEO, Fouad Kallamni.  This letter projects short- and long-term growth and profitability through 2012 and beyond, highlighting strategies and initiatives that will create favorable growth opportunities. READ SHAREHOLDER LETTER