CLNO, SPY Options & Extended Watchlist

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

This is the stuff that penny-traders’ dreams are made of- CLNO has been an absolute powerhouse ever since we first alerted it at .0055. A mind-boggling 4972% (@ yesterday’s high) later, and we are still talking about this stock on nearly a daily basis.

Even for those of you who didn’t catch this one from the very beginning of our coverage are faring extremely well. If you just showed up to the party, from this week’s low of .10, yesterday’s .279 high represented a 179% move.

We want to congratulate anyone who has been able to make gains in any amount off of CLNO. Lately doing so has seemed like shooting fish in a barrel. We are currently in uncharted territory- every uptick we see from here is a new all-time high. As with any stock in blue sky breakout mode, we want to remain open to taking advantage of a continuance of the trend, while at the same time being on a sharp lookout for any course-corrective pullbacks, which are obviously common in such a situation.

Options Trading – SPY Calls

We’ve hit the nail on the head with every selection of SPY Calls we’ve made this week. In every instance there have been opportunities to make significant profits. Take yesterday’s report for instance. We stated that: “We are going to look at moving our strike price to $159-160, and possibly even $161 should yesterday’s trend continue.”

The $160 Calls, in the first hour of trading, went from 1.28-2.00 (+56%), then dipped as low as 1.35 before surging back to 1.82 (+35%), bringing us total intraday gains of up to 91%.

The $161 Calls went from .69-1.17 (+70%), and another move from .68-1.03 (+51%). In total that gave us a chance at gains of up to 121% intraday.

Since we’ve had so much success with SPY Calls this week, and have seen such a significant uptrend, we want to remain on alert. We could see a decrease in buying pressure in the overall markets as we head into a holiday week, which could lead to a reversal in the SPY. We would of course then be turning our focus to the $161 Puts.

Extended Watchlist:

RSOL, Options Ideas, Solar & Extended Watchlists

Options Trading – SPY Calls 

This morning we are seeing a report that US initial jobless claims have fallen more than expected, in addition to personal income and spending being up. This could lead continued success with the SPY Calls that we have mentioned over the past few days. Since Tuesday, we’ve been looking at Calls in the $156-158 range, and those are now deep in the money, having afforded us chances at multi-bag gains. We are going to look at moving our strike price to $159-160, and possibly even $161 should yesterday’s trend continue.

When we see a spike in the SPY, we generally see a subsequent pullback, followed by a bounce. So what we want to look for, is for the SPY to settle to a low of day. From there, opportunities for a quick flip may be present.

We will send out a quick update this afternoon to highlight how these SPY Calls are faring.

Real Goods Solar, Inc. RSOL

RSOL had a solid session following our flagging of the stock in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. It ran 17% from 2.50-2.92 on the strength of a positive press release, and perhaps gaining a boost from Obama’s announcement on Wednesday about reducing CO2 emmisions, most specifically those produced by the coal-fired power industry.
LOUISVILLE, Jun 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — RGS Energy, the commercial and utility division of Real Goods Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq:RSOL), has been selected by St. Albans Solar Partners, LLC, to deploy a new 2.2 megawatt solar farm in Saint Albans, the largest PV system in Vermont.

RGS Energy will design, install, monitor and maintain the solar power system. Construction for the project is expected to begin next month and scheduled to be completed by November.

The fixed array ground mount solar system is expected to generate enough power to provide electricity for 400 homes. It also helps Vermont reach its goal of 20% renewable energy by 2017. Over the next 25 years, the solar energy produced is estimated to offset more than 123 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions or the equivalent to planting more than 1.4 million trees.

It might be a good idea to add several several solar stocks to a watchlist, in the event that the same effect is felt sector-wide.

Other Solar Plays:


Extended Watchlist:
EWRL, PTRC,  LULU, SWHC, BDGN (Rumors of Upcoming Promo)

CLNO, CBMX, MJNA, HEMP & Extended Watchlist

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO 

CLNO hit a high of .193 yesterday morning,  before we observed a lunchtime pullback to .10. On the intraday chart (below), the RSI started to look oversold, and the PPO crossed over, giving us an indication that it was a good time to consider re-entry. In a dip-and-rip scenario, we had a chance at up to 70% in intraday gains as the stock traveled back to the .17-range.

From our original alert at .0055, CLNO has risen as much as 3409%

CLNO is currently receiving a rare “100% Buy” Rating from BARCHART.COM

Recent News:

Las Vegas, NV, Jun 21, 2013 (WORLD STOCK WIRE via COMTEX) — CleanTech Transit, Inc. (OTCQB: CLNO) announced today that it has acquired 81% of the issued and outstanding shares of Discovery Carbon Environmental Securities Corporation (“Discovery”), a Nevada corporation. The acquisition advances the strategy of developing significant market share in the alternative clean energy sector. Discovery’s proprietary GreenTrees(TM) for renewable energy, and EvoCert(TM) environmental credits for offsetting business and individual carbon foot prints are some of the exciting products Discovery provides to clients throughout the world.

For More Info on CLNO Visit:


Our interest in SPY Calls yesterday morning paid instant dividends regardless of which levels we chose. Take a look at the daily ranges on the following contracts:

$156 Calls – Low: 2.29 – High: 3.43  (Close: 3.00)

$156.50 Calls – Low: 2.00 – High: 3.03 (Close: 2.60)

$157 Calls – Low: 1.60 – High: 2.59 (Close: 2.13)

$157.50 Calls – Low: 1.35 – High: 2.20 (Close: 1.83)

$158 Calls: Low: 1.05 – High: 1.80 (Close: 1.48)

CombiMatrix Corp. CBMX

CBMX appeared on our extended watchlist for the second time yesterday since April 4th.

Back in April, we saw a move from 3.46-4.62 following our alert on the stock.

Yesterday, a similarly-sized spike took CBMX on a ride from 3.35 to 4.60 on the heels of an important announcement from the company regarding its approval by the New York State Board of Health to market its prenatal miscarriage analysis tests throughout the state. We refer you to the following:

IRVINE, Calif., June 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CombiMatrix Corporation (CBMX), a molecular diagnostics company performing DNA-based testing services for developmental disorders and cancer diagnostics, today announced that its chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) test for miscarriage analysis has received conditional approval from the New York State‘s Department of Health for testing on patient samples from the state. >>>WHOLE RELEASE

Other Extended Watchlist Winners:

While we’re on the subject of good performers to come off of our extended watchlist, we must turn our attention to a couple of our favorite cannabis stocks, MJNA, and HEMP. Our coverage of hemp-related plays has tapered recently, as we’ve had many other pressing issues to discuss. But it seems that we re-introduced them at a good time yesterday.

HEMP was as low as .021 before hitting a high of .028, a move of 33%

MJNA traded from .131 on up to .1453. That was good for an intraday gain of 11%

Extended Watchlist:

EWRL, PGRX(Coming off of recent lows), RSOL, LIVE,