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Options Review:

Our first targets of the week in Monday morning’s premarket report were AAPL and TSLA, as both stocks underwent a forward split of their share structures, lowering their PPS values and getting a lot of fresh buyers coming into the mix.

We positioned ourselves accordingly with ideas for each chain, with the TSLA Weekly $447-455 Calls and the AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls, and activity provided by the stock over these first two sessions of the week has provided us with the following gain opportunities:

TSLA Weekly $447-455 Calls 
$447: 18.00-60.63 (+237%)
$450: 16.80-57.95 (+245%)
$455: 15.00-53.63 (+258%)

AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls
$125: 5.05-10.75 (+113%)
$126.25: 4.00-9.80 (+145%)
$127.50: 3.87-8.75 (+126%)

We’ expect to see these AAPL figures increase today, and we’re going to stick with the Apple chain this morning and roll our targeted strike area up to include the AAPL $136.25-137.50 Calls.

Fresh Options Ideas:
ODT 01/15 $17.50-22.50 Calls
GES 09/18 $13-14 Calls
LE 09/18 $15 Calls
VRA 09/18 $7.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

AAPL, TSLA Forward Splits

Options Review:

Out of our options ideas in Friday’s report, the two targets that would have paid off the most were the WDAY Weekly $235-245 Calls and the DELL Weekly $62.50-65 Calls
and especially in the WDAY day, we saw considerable multibag moves on the day.

So we’re going to kick off this fresh trading week by going over the total possible gains on those plays, which were as follows:  

WDAY Weekly $235-245 Calls
 5.54-13.78 (+300%)
$240: 2.36-8.90 (+277%)
$245: .38-3.99 (+950%)

DELL Weekly $62.50-65 Calls
 3.85-5.09 (+32%)
$65: 2.40-3.36 (+40%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ll go ahead and keep the options train chugging along the tracks this morning.  Despite not having a very full boat on the earnings calendar today, TSLA and AAPL have both undergone forward splits today on the heels of setting new record highs. We are going to formulate a couple of ideas to correspond with the new PPS values.

TSLA Weekly $447-455 Calls
AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Options Winners, New Targets

Blink Charging Co. BLNK 

We initially began tracking BLNK during the first week of last month, subsequent to which time we would witness a spectacular run in the stock that took it from a low of  5.05 up to 14.58 for a gain of 188%

We wanted to check in on BLNK again today as we close out another solid trading week, as it appears the stock could be gearing up to test those recent highs and potentially add to our observed range of increases.

Fresh Options Ideas 

Both of our fresh options ideas in yesterday’s report turned in solid cards for the day:

TSLA Weekly $1625-1640 Calls
 7.95-50.08 (+530%)
$1630: 12.35-47.50  (+285%)
$1635: 11.55-45.00 (+290%)
$1640: 10.87-43.00 (+296%)

SPY 08/17 $337-339 Calls

$337: 1.76-2.57  (+46%)
$338: 1.16-2.39 (+106%)
$339: .81-1.85 (+128%)

Fresh Ideas:
FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls
VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls & 09/18 $10 Calls
DKNG Weekly $35.50-34 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: