Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PVSP, MJMD Recaps & More

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

Our first order of business in yesterday’s premarket report was to call attention back to PVSP, and the timing turned out to be excellent.

The stock touched a daily low of .0018 just after 10AM, and spent most of the rest of the session bulling its way to new highs. Shortly after 2PM, it hit .0028. That registers as a 55% intraday gain.

PVSP was trading at an absolute bottom (.0001) as recently as February 28th, meaning that yesterday’s high represented a ridiculously strong upswing of 2700% in under a month!

We’ll continue to keep PVSP in mind as we await further updates on last week’s acquisition of a Colorado-based hydroponics distributor. >> READ PR

MediJane Holdings, Inc. MJMD

MJMD appeared in our extended watchlist yesterday, and turned out to be another impeccably-timed alert. The momentum we observed in the stock during a routine scan on Friday made its inclusion on our radar a no-brainer.

MJMD exploded out of the gate at .005 and ran hard, reaching its peak at .02, and marking an exceptional intraday run of 300% It did so on nearly ten times its 30-day average volume, so big cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to hitch a ride on that freight train!

It’s good to see some liquidity flowing back into cannabis stocks, which endured a noticeable slump in recent months. Another one that caught our eye with a big move yesterday was LGBI, and we’ll be on the lookout for any dip-and-rip chances it may provide.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. KRFT – Options

As our regular reader are surely aware, we’ve been tracking KRFT Calls ever since the big news of the Heinz merger came across the wires last week. Our initial ideas were to monitor April 17th, $75, $80, and $85 Calls and it worked out in spades as the stock approached the $90-mark on Friday.

Yesterday continued the upward momentum, leading KRFT to break $90, and that left a couple of our observed contracts in a good position to continue their gains. While the $70’s were pushed a little deep into the money to make any further appreciable moves, the $75’s and $80’s still managed to provide opportunities for daytrades.

04/17 $80 Calls – Range: 7.90-10.30 – Max Gain: 30%
04/17 $85 Calls – Range:3.40-5.61 – Max Gain: 65%

Those traders savvy enough to roll their strike price up to the $90-level would have been duly rewarded as the 04/17 $90 Calls made their way from .91-1.91, for a 110% intraday move. Should KRFT continue its upward momentum, those will most likely be an area of interest for us in coming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PVSP, KRFT Reviews & More

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

As we kick off this short week of trading, we’re going to revisit the recent activity of a stock we’ve mentioned a few times before. We first tagged PVSP for tracking as a super sub-penny bottom-play back on January 20th which, coincidentally, was also at the start of a holiday-shortened trading week. The stock was bouncing around at basement-level prices in the .0001-.0004 range and continued to do so most of the month of February.

We came back to PVSP when it began to seriously heat up at the beginning of this month, and watched as it ran as high as .0011; which at that point represented more than a 900% up off of our observed low.

Last week, after a consolidation period off of its initial run, PVSP began to perform again. Wednesday’s news of an acquisition (see below) began to drive the stock to new highs since we’ve been following it, and on Friday it hit an impressive .0019. From where it ultimately found support and bounced (March 17th) at .0005, that marked a swing of 280%

From the .0001 low the stock hit on the last trading day of February, it represents an astounding 1800% increase overall.

As you’ll read in the following PR, and the official 8K filing (linked below), the recently acquired company is a Denver, Colorado-based hydroponics equipment distributor, which effectively lands PVSP on the fringe of the legal cannabis industry, one of our favorite sectors to follow over the past few years.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —┬áPervasip Corp. (PVSP) (“Pervasip” or the “Company”) announced its execution and closing of an agreement to acquire 90% of the issued and outstanding equity of Canalytix LLC, an energy and resource solutions provider based in Denver, Colorado.

Canalytix provides advanced analytics through an integrated cloud-based platform that allows users to monitor and control greenhouse facilities through the cloud, including real-time data on energy usage, HVAC systems, lighting and costs. >> FULL PR

PERVASIP CORP Files SEC form 8-K, Unregistered Sale of Equity Securities, Amendments to Articles of Inc. or Bylaws (Fri, Mar 27)

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. KRFT

On Wednesday, we ventured some options trading ideas on KRFT in the wake of the huge news that the company would be merging with privately-held Heinz to form North America’s 3rd-largest food conglomerate. Our ideas were the April 17th, $75, $80, and $85 Calls.

We were treated to a serious spike that netted percentage gains in the thousands that day, and on Friday, KRFT ramped up once again as it hit highs in the $89-range.

As a result, our tracked contracts all produced another spike as well; there was even one twelve-bagger in the mix!

04/17 $75 Calls – Range: 7.18-13.50 – Max Gain: 88%
04/17 $80 Calls – Range: 3.00-9.01 – Max Gain: 200%
04/17 $85 Calls – Range:.35 4.70 – Max Gain: 1243%

We will of course, continue to monitor these contracts moving forward, as there is still well over two weeks before their expiration date.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ADTM, THCZ & More

Adaptive Medias, Inc. ADTM

We highlighted ADTM several weeks ago on January 28th, and on that day we witnessed a low of 1.58. Over the course of the following month, the stock would gradually make its way to a high of 3.10 (March 4th). That was quite a substantial run, topping out at an increase of 96%

It took another eight sessions for ADTM to come down off of those highs and find support, which it did at 2.00 last Thursday. Since then it has been registering higher lows, and yesterday reached back to a PPS high of 2.41 (+20%), so we’re going to re-radar the stock and keep watch over it into next week.

Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. THCZ

Another high-performance stock that we first came across a few months back was THCZ. We found this gem back on December 18th and it made a 38% gain for us that day as it ran from .013-.018, but the fun certainly wasn’t over.

It took about six weeks of essentially trading sideways before THCZ would begin one of the most epic runs we’ve seen from a cannabis related play since the ‘Green Rush’ of early 2014. It culminated in a new high during Wednesday’s session, with shares changing hands for as much as .14. That represents a massive spike from the lows we observed in late December totaling 977%

At this point, we’ll be watching to see where THCZ finds support again, where we’ll be waiting for the possibility of a bounce-play on the subsequent rebound. The company put out a fresh PR this morning as well.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Orders Second Production Run in April of Rocky Mountain High Hemp Infused Beverages (Fri 8:00AM EDT)

Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. AMBS

We also want to make note of AMBS as the week draws to a close. We have an extensive history with this play, and we re-flagged it on Monday morning as a “Bottom-Watch” play. The ultimate low would come across the tape at the beginning of yesterday’s session at .05 before AMBS began to bounce back.

It reached its way back to .0595 (+18%) and closed there. Moving forward, we’re going to be looking for AMBS to register higher highs and higher lows off of its bottom. The stock was trading as high as .086 at the beginning of this month, and a return to that area from current levels would spell gains on the order of 40%

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of stocks on bottom-watch, we want to call attention to Ohr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OHRP. The company announced this morning that it had failed to meet its goals in a Phase II study of its OHR-102 drug, and got absolutely crushed in premarket trading down to a low of 2.68. It has recovered slightly, and we’re going to have an eye on OHRP as the session kicks off. The rebound off of such a downturn could be significant.

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