Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Special Report on PZOO

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO is the new item of interest that we are introducing this morning, a stock that is going to be a long-term point of focus for us. While we do like where PZOO stands with regard to the chart, it’s the interesting mix of things the company has its hands in that is really grabbing our attention.

For starters, Pazoo runs and is continuously developing a health and wellness network for people and pets (website found at Through this online portal the company markets targeted information, services, and products which promote healthy living for both people and animals.

In addition to the website, which reportedly receives up to 3 million visitors per month on average, the company has launched Pazoo TV & Radio in order to maximize its exposure to the consumer. Pazoo is referring to 2014 as its “Transformative Year” with regard to its aggressive growth strategy for its network portals.

We learned about a lot of the intriguing aspects of PZOO with the inception of Pazoo Radio; refreshingly, the podcast is hosted by CEO David Cunic himself, which really demonstrates a commitment to transparency, and shows that Pazoo’s leader is a hands-on sort of individual. Currently it’s slated to be a 4-times monthly report; certain shows for delving into health and wellness with industry experts, and other for general status updates on the company.

In addition to its focus on health and wellness, PZOO owns a majority share of MA & Associates, which operates in an interesting cannabis sector niche; the firm conducts medical cannabis testing in Nevada. We’ve seen many businesses profiting off of the increasing acceptance and adoption of medical marijuana, but this is the first we’ve run across that is actually contributing to the quality control of the substance, and by extension, the safety of those who use it. This offshoot project is a good example of the diversification of Pazoo, and is one of the reasons why we want to stick around to watch this story develop.

What’s more, the company has an aggressive outreach planned as it will be sending attendees to several key upcoming conferences, such as the International Cannabis Expo in New York City and the Florida Marijuana Conference. It has also secured a booth at the 3rd Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas coming up on November 12-14th which should really serve to crank up awareness within the sector.

So, as we said, PZOO certainly has some interesting happenings at present, and on top of that, it also has a chart that we can get excited about:

The PPS is currently at a relative bottom, and as we point out below, has a history of recent support at these levels. The stock has been challenging the 50DMA, and other signs seem to indicate that we could be in for a pop in the near future. This is certainly a play that has the potential to run, as evidenced by the huge spike from .02-.05 it exhibited barely a month ago. PZOO qualifies as one to watch in many ways. Moving ahead, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the progress of this promising play.


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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recap of Friday’s Winners

Friday in Review

Good Morning Traders! Today’s a big day for us- we’ve got an interesting new pick coming out in about an hour, so we wanted to take this opportunity to review a couple of plays from Friday’s newsletter that gave standout performances.

iBio, Inc. IBIO

IBIO continued to deliver in what was ultimately a great week for the stock. On Friday we saw this play run from a low of 2.06 to as high as 3.48 toward the end of the session. Congratulations to anyone who took advantage of this 69% rip.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. ESI

ESI managed an early morning spike from 6.97-11.75, affording traders the chance at up to 68% in intraday gains. The move came on roughly 13X the 3-month average volume.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VSR, IBIO & More

Versar, Inc. VSR

VSR continued to play the role of this week’s most interesting pick on Thursday. The action in this play has been significant, and it has led to several potentially profitable swings since we first picked it up on Tuesday at a low of 3.70.

Yesterday we re-iterated our interest, stating that the kind of volatility we had seen in VSR to that point could certainly lead to further bounce opportunities, and we were correct in that assumption. In early trading, we witnessed a swing from 6.56 to the daily high of 7.817, a 19% move. We then watched as VSR spent a good portion of the afternoon in pullback mode before bouncing off of support at in the 5.20′s.

The stock is up in premarket trading again today with highs of over $6 so far, so for the fourth straight day we’ll have our eye on possible bounce action from VSR

Eagle Bulk Shipping EGLE

We tagged EGLE yesterday morning on the heels of a financial restructuring that led to a serious boost in PPS. The stock was up so much in fact, it was briefly halted early in the session. When trading resumed at 11AM, the stock still went on to make one heck of a move.

From an initial low of 12.02, the EGLE barreled its way up to a high of 17.00, a solid 41% increase on the day on significantly high volume.

iBio, Inc. IBIO

IBIO is a play that we’ve been tracking for some time, and it too posted a notable swing yesterday afternoon, as it rose up from 1.63 to touch 1.93, an 18% increase. The stock is also gapping up in the premarket this morning, having re-breached the $2-mark.

Repros Therapeutics, Inc. RPRX

This is a stock we caught this morning, noticing that it is gapping down 52-week lows in the pre-market. The company had some negatively received FDA news this morning. This kicks in our ‘vulture’ mindset, where we monitor a struggling play for signs of a turnaround and subsequent bounce. We can’t even begin to recall how many times we’ve turned a beaten-down stock into a winning trade on the rebound but rest assured, its enough for us to keep a close watch over RPRX moving forward.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VSR Recap & More

Versar, Inc. VSR

During yesterday’s session wherein the markets in general essentially got crushed, one of the plays we were tracking managed to buck the trend, turning in a pretty impressive performance for the day.

After initially tagging VSR in Tuesday’s report because of some big swings we had witnessed prior to that, the stock found support at 3.70 and began to bounce.

Premarket action gave us a pretty good indicator to continue tracking it yesterday, and after a gap-up and small dip to 4.69, the stock ran pretty steadily all day long. The high came in just prior to close at 7.05, marking a 50% intraday swing, and a 90% overall move up from the low we saw on Tuesday.

The stock is peeling back slightly in premarket trading this morning, and with the kind of volatility we’ve seen out of VSR so far, it may be worth it to continue to monitor as it searches for support once again. There may be even more bounce-play potential in store for us here before the week is out.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: A Word on Ebola & Much More

A Word on the “Ebola Effect”

In a hype-filled environment that is beginning to resemble early-2014′s cannabis “green rush”, most stocks with news announcements even remotely connected to the Ebola virus have been seeing exponential spikes in activity. Fear, no matter how irrational, can be one of the market’s most potent driving forces, and we are seeing affirmations of this left and right. Regardless of the cause or rationale, we are always standing at the ready to take advantage of powerful trends, and so far we’ve done a pretty good job of tracking down some Ebola-related winners in the last couple of weeks.. There were two in yesterday’s report alone.

NanoLogix, Inc. NNLX

NNLX was a standout which announced yesterday morning that it was “configuring its N-Assay Rapid diagnostic kits for both Ebola Virus and Enterovirus detection”  and as a result, the stock leaped out of the gate to make a serious move first thing in the morning. It traded in a massive range, running rapidly from .06 to .18;  a full 200% intraday move!

  Aethlon Medical, Inc. AEMD

AEMD was another one we were tracking from yesterday’s newsletter, and the company subsequently published a report stating that it had used its “Hemopurifier” to treat an Ebola patient in Sierra Leone. It led to a 37% intraday swing (.19-26).

New Entry on Our Ebola Watchlist:

We’re also going to radar WholeHealth Products, Inc. GWPC after we caught an after-hours PR yesterday evening. With untraded-upon news on such a hot topic, we’ll be anxious to see how the stock responds today.

Accentia BioPharmaceticals, Inc.  ABPI

While not an Ebola-connected biopharma play, were glad to have included ABPI in yesterday’s premarket report. Its SinuNase sinusitis treatment has been fast-tracked by the FDA, and the company happened to release word that “several unnamed pharmaceutical companies… have approached the company over SinuNase.”

The announcement caused a monstrous spike in early trading with stock jumping up from the open at .0065 and reaching .027! That works out to a mammoth move of 315% and there was also a subsequent dip-and-rip as the stock came off that initial high. It bounced off of a penny and ran back to .023, adding a 130% swing, and that was followed by yet another from .0107 to .018 (+68%).

In total, we witnessed 513% in cumulative gains for the day, so congrats to anyone who caught our tag, because even if you only took advantage of a fraction of those intraday moves, chances are you still walked away with a tidy profit.

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. CNET

We’ve been tracking CNET pretty closely since we first caught it on a momentum scan back on Sept. 22nd, and re-tagged it in yesterday’s report. Following some news, we saw a couple of respectable intraday swings out of the stock. First, from 1.55 to 2.17 (+40%), and then again from 1.83 to 2.16 (+18%).

The company announced it was teaming with credit search engine Haodai and the Yooli crowdfunding outfit to offer “Zero Down Payment Loans” to entrepreneurs. >>View PR

Extended Watchlist: