Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APT, VTAE, NEWC & More

Alpha Pro Tech Ltd. APT 

Here’s a past gainer that began to catch our attention yesterday- We jumped on APT for the first time back on October 10th, while the stock was in the middle of a huge run. We observed the low of 5.72 on that day, and the stock took just two more sessions to reach a high of 10.73, marking a move of 87%

Following that big spike, APT had been beaten back over the past couple weeks, and this week, has begun to bounce off support above the 50DMA (3.58). We want to pay attention as the stock attempts a recovery.

Vitae Pharma, Inc. VTAE

We want to put VTAE on our radar as we close out the week, and keep an eye on it moving forward. The stock is gapping up big this morning; it had already been on the incline prior to yesterday’s news that really served to heat things up.

VTAE announced it had received positive results from a couple of its Phase-1 trials for an Alzheimer’s treatment they claim “Demonstrated Greater Than 80% Reduction of an Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker” >> VIEW PR

The statement indicated that the results would lead to further trials over the next several months, so we’re going to enter VTAE into the log and reserve it a spot on our watchlists.

New Columbia Resources, Inc. NEWC

NEWC is a play we want to radar and add to our expansive marijuana-stock watchlist. We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for new cannabis stocks to watch, and we caught this one on a news scan today.

The company announced that its “Colombian subsidiary, Sannabis S.A.S., has legally produced  a trial run of cannabis based products on an Indian reservation.”

Infinera Corp. INFN

INFN appeared in yesterday’s report and made a decent move on strong volume, to the tune of nearly 10X the monthly average. The stock traded in a range from 12.17-13.96, a 15% intraday increase. We’ll be keeping watch over this play into next week as well.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Pot Stocks Take Off, Updates & More

Marijuana Sector Heating Up

We sincerely hope at least a few of our readers were able to take advantage of our perfectly-timed “Marijuana Sector Reminder” in yesterday’s morning report. Therein we reiterated an earlier warning we issued that the approaching voting season, increased judicial inquiry, and growing acceptance of cannabis could lead to another sectorwide surge.

We went as far as naming a few of our past winners we felt were prime candidates to bring us further opportunities: MJNA, CBIS, HEMP, GRNH, TRTC & ERBB, and we couldn’t have gone wrong with any of them. In a stroke of extreme good fortune, every single one of these plays was sent on a ride yesterday!

MJNA – Range: .155-.18 – Max Gain: 16%

CBIS – Range: .061-.074 – Max Gain: 21%

HEMP – Range: .036-.057 – Max Gain: 58%

GRNH – Range: .134-.225 – Max Gain: 68%

TRTC – Range: .321-.372 – Max Gain: 16%

ERBB – Range: .0167-.0209- Max Gain: 25%


We’re going to continue to keep an eye on the sector as volatility ramps up. We expect to see more good moves from these and other marijuana stocks over the next several weeks, so be sure to stay tuned to our coverage as we follow along with yet another exciting cannabis trend.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO continued to fare well on Wednesday, making positive strides in both PPS and volume each day this week since our initial report on Monday.

The stock began at a low of .0225 the first day, broke through its 50DMA trading as high as .031 on Tuesday, and yesterday it pushed its limits even further to .037. That marks a three-day overall increase of 64%

We were pleased to be updated yesterday morning on the build-out status of the marijuana testing facilities being set up by MA & Associates, in which PZOO is a 40% stakeholder. >>VIEW PR

Today, it announced the 3rd installment of Pazoo Radio as well, so in addition to a positive progression on the chart, the company has a lot going on in all other aspects as well, which is why we intend to stay hot on the trail of PZOO for the foreseeable future.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. ISNS

On Tuesday, we tagged this play stating that we wanted to “reassign ISNS a spot on our speculative watchlist.” as a result of the activity we were seeing as it came off of a bottom. At the time, we observed a low of 2.31, and yesterday, the stock attained a high of 3.46.

That marks a 50% overnight turnaround, so big cheers go out to anyone who hopped on ISNS with us!

Extended Watchlist:
VSR(News), CYTX(FDA approval), JAKK, INFN, IGC, DRD

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO Update, Commenting on the Marijuana Sector

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

So far we’ve been very happy with the way PZOO has performed since we brought it into the mix to start the week. Our assertion that the PZOO chart was on the cusp of making a nice move proved accurate; after starting out at a low of .0225 on Monday, the stock broke through its 50DMA and traded as high as .031 during yesterday’s session (+38%).

Volume picked up as well, with the stock trading 2.6M shares on the day, which works out to more than 3.5X the 3-month average.

So this new play that has us interested on a long-term basis (for reasons stated in our initial report) has also shown that it has some real short-term potential as well. We also caught a fresh PR this morning, which you’ll find below the following snapshot of the PZOO chart:

WHIPPANY, NJ–(Marketwired – Oct 22, 2014) – Pazoo, Inc. (OTCQB: PZOO) (German WKN#: A1J3DK) is pleased to announce its medical marijuana testing laboratory partner MA & Associates, LLC has hired its first lab technician, Mr. Brad Gore. Further, the build-out for the testing facility began last week. Now that the asbestos abatement was done, actual construction to the facility will begin.

MA & Associates, LLC felt it necessary to begin the build-out of the testing facility and to begin hiring all necessary personnel prior to the State of Nevada issuing licenses to qualified applicants on November 3rd >> FULL PR

PZOO is dually involved with the continued development of its health and wellness online portal at PAZOO.COM as well as its majority stake in a medical marijuana testing firm in Nevada. For those who might have missed our special report on the stock Monday, you can find a copy here: PZOO REPORT

Marijuana Sector Reminder

We also want to touch briefly on our ongoing interest in other medical and legal marijuana plays. For over two years we’ve tracked, and continue to monitor the sector as a whole, with huge winners coming in the form of MJNA, CBIS, HEMP, GRNH, TRTC, ERBB, and so many others.

We recently reminded everyone that we’d be on the lookout for the cannabis space to heat up as we approach a voting season with an unprecedented number of marijuana initiatives on ballots across the country.

This Monday, a federal court will hear evidence contesting that the US Government’s classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance (which ridiculously makes it equal to heroin in the eyes of federal law) is unfounded. Several doctors are prepared to challenge the scientific and medical validity of government claims. If truth and reason win the day, it could be a big step toward  furthering the cause of cannabis acceptance nationwide. >>> READ ARTICLE

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ESI, PZOO Recaps & More

ITT Educational Services, Inc. ESI

Yesterday ESI served as an excellent reminder of why it’s important to check our blog on a regular basis, even if you’re already a subscriber to our daily newsletter. With the attention of our primary report otherwise focused, we published an early morning recap of Friday’s top plays, one of which was ESI.

We were congratulating ourselves for catching the 68% intraday move (6.97-11.75) the stock had achieved on Friday, and to follow up that performance, ESI registered a second straight session loaded with potential.

The came out of the gate firing on all cylinders, seeing a low of 9.05, and steadily bulling its way up to a high of 13.98, an intraday gain of 54%. It brought the two-day cumulative total gains to 122% and an overall increase of an even 100% over Friday’s low.

Cheer to all who were able to take advantage of this impressive two-session performance. With the kind of trading action we’re seeing out of ESI, we’ll definitely continue to reserve a spot for it on our watchlist.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. ISNS

ISNS is a play we tagged for the first time back on August 27th. We were pleased with the moves the stock made for us subsequent to that alert, as we witnessed a monstrous run from 3.59-9.94.

Over roughly the last month, the stock has since gone under consolidation, and made its way back down to the 2.20-range, from which point the stock began to see some signs of recovery yesterday. For that reason, we want to reassign ISNS a spot on our speculative watchlist.

We’ll be interested to tune in next Wednesday for the company’s scheduled earnings conference call:

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO registered higher lows on Monday, and continued to show promising signs with regard to indicators on the chart.

We observed large buyers sitting on the bid trying to soak up cheap shares of PZOO, as evidenced in the following Level 2 Snapshot taken yesterday. The offers were relatively thin in comparison to the strong bid support.

Primary levels of resistance are still the 50 & 200DMA’s; you can take a look at the following video where we point out some of the key aspects of the PZOO chart.

PZOO is dually involved with the development of its health and wellness online portal at PAZOO.COM as well as its majority stake in a medical marijuana testing firm in Nevada. For those who might have our special report on the stock yesterday, you can find a copy here: PZOO REPORT

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Special Report on PZOO

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO is the new item of interest that we are introducing this morning, a stock that is going to be a long-term point of focus for us. While we do like where PZOO stands with regard to the chart, it’s the interesting mix of things the company has its hands in that is really grabbing our attention.

For starters, Pazoo runs and is continuously developing a health and wellness network for people and pets (website found at Through this online portal the company markets targeted information, services, and products which promote healthy living for both people and animals.

In addition to the website, which reportedly receives up to 3 million visitors per month on average, the company has launched Pazoo TV & Radio in order to maximize its exposure to the consumer. Pazoo is referring to 2014 as its “Transformative Year” with regard to its aggressive growth strategy for its network portals.

We learned about a lot of the intriguing aspects of PZOO with the inception of Pazoo Radio; refreshingly, the podcast is hosted by CEO David Cunic himself, which really demonstrates a commitment to transparency, and shows that Pazoo’s leader is a hands-on sort of individual. Currently it’s slated to be a 4-times monthly report; certain shows for delving into health and wellness with industry experts, and other for general status updates on the company.

In addition to its focus on health and wellness, PZOO owns a majority share of MA & Associates, which operates in an interesting cannabis sector niche; the firm conducts medical cannabis testing in Nevada. We’ve seen many businesses profiting off of the increasing acceptance and adoption of medical marijuana, but this is the first we’ve run across that is actually contributing to the quality control of the substance, and by extension, the safety of those who use it. This offshoot project is a good example of the diversification of Pazoo, and is one of the reasons why we want to stick around to watch this story develop.

What’s more, the company has an aggressive outreach planned as it will be sending attendees to several key upcoming conferences, such as the International Cannabis Expo in New York City and the Florida Marijuana Conference. It has also secured a booth at the 3rd Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas coming up on November 12-14th which should really serve to crank up awareness within the sector.

So, as we said, PZOO certainly has some interesting happenings at present, and on top of that, it also has a chart that we can get excited about:

The PPS is currently at a relative bottom, and as we point out below, has a history of recent support at these levels. The stock has been challenging the 50DMA, and other signs seem to indicate that we could be in for a pop in the near future. This is certainly a play that has the potential to run, as evidenced by the huge spike from .02-.05 it exhibited barely a month ago. PZOO qualifies as one to watch in many ways. Moving ahead, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the progress of this promising play.


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