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Options Reviews

Yesterday morning, our primary order of business was to continue our commitment to bringing our readers as many solid quick-strike options ideas as we can. Not surprisingly, we were able to see some very nice opportunities in our designated targets.

Despite a mixed bag of bears and bulls, the volatile intraday swinging action of the markets made it possible to jump on big gains for each of them. Here were our top plays for the day and the total potential gains which could have been achieved.

SPY Weekly $244-242 Puts
$244: 1.30-2.89 (+122%)
$243: 1.08-2.49 (+131%)
$242.50: 1.04-2.37 (+128%)
$242: .97-2.19 (+126%)

KMX Weekly $50-55 Calls
 .50-3.90 (+680%)
$50: .30-2.03 (+577%)

Howard Hughes Corp. HHC – Fresh Options Idea

We want to place some options in the HHC chain on longer-term watch today after noticing some massive institutional insider buying that has come in near the stock’s recent lows, to the tune of $500M. You don’t sink those kind of funds into a stock unless you are supremely confident that its present level of support is rock solid. We are going to begin tracking the HHC 07/17 $50-60 Calls as a result.

Extended Watchlist:

Sticking with SPY Puts

Solid Hits on the SPY

We try to formulate new options ideas for a given session as often as we can without forcing the issue, and on most days we produce at least one. Yesterday, we designated our sole set of new contracts to watch as the SPY Weekly $250-248 Puts, and thanks to a painful day for the markets, we were afforded the chance to score some pretty nice intraday gains.

Two out of three of those strike points translated into instant double-bag opportunities, with the third falling just 1% short of that mark, providing the following moves on the day: 

SPY Weekly $250-248 Puts
$250: 4.39-8.73 (+99%)
$249: 4.00-8.10 (+103%)
$248: 3.65-7.50 (+105%)

Fresh Ideas:
SPY Weekly $244-242 Puts
WBA Weekly $44-45 Calls
KMX Weekly $50-55 Calls

CytoDyn, Inc. CYDY

We began tracking CYDY on Tuesday morning, and in addition to making a nominal move on the chart, the company has also put out some coronavirus related press in the couple days. One of the company’s investigational drugs which is about to enter Phase 2b/3 trials, has demonstrated a promising level of  efficacy among severe COVID-19 patients.

The stock itself has run from 2.65-3.09 in the past couple of sessions, which marks a move of just 17% but we’re going to be interested to continue tracking its performance in light of the company’s announcements.

VANCOUVER, Washington, April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CytoDyn Inc. (OTCQB: CYDY), (“CytoDyn” or the “Company”), a late-stage biotechnology company developing leronlimab (PRO 140), a CCR5 antagonist with the potential for multiple therapeutic indications, announced today that the three-day effect of leronlimab in eight severely ill COVID-19 patients demonstrated a significant improvement in several important immunologic bio-markers.  Patient test data reveals improvement in cytokines, IL-6, and a trend toward the normalization of the CD4/CD8 ratio. (>>View Full PR)

Extended Watchlist:

SPY Puts & More

Options Review

The fresh options ideas in the streaming video space we offered up in yesterday’s premarket report fared well for their first session, making strong moves despite a shaky day for stocks in general.

We had the NFLX Weekly $365-372.50 Calls and the ROKU Weekly $87.50-89 Calls on watch, and each contract in our designated ranges produced gain opportunities of a significant nature. 

NFLX Weekly $365-372.50 Calls
$365: 9.90-20.80 (+110%)
$367.50: 8.91-18.67 (+110%)
$370: 7.49-16.80 (+124%)
$372.50: 6.51-15.05 (+131%)

ROKU Weekly $87.50-89 Calls
$87.50: 4.24-8.19 (+93%)
$88: 3.70-7.15 (+93%)
$88.50: 3.45-6.43 (+86%)
$89: 3.09-6.50 (+110%)

Fresh Idea:
SPY Weekly $250-248 Puts

Yesterday’s OTC Movers

As we’ve mentioned previously, in times of uncertainty on the big exchanges, it is not unusual to see more opportunities for quick-strike OTC trades. We’ve been including some penny stocks in our daily watchlists, and the big winners from yesterday’s report were Abco Energy, Inc. ABCE and Inspyre Therapeutics, Inc. NSPX, which produced the following chances on the day:

ABCE: .0006-.0015 (+98%)
NSPX: .0192-.0378 (+110%)