Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MJMI Recap, Options Idea & More

MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. MJMI

Our first order of business this morning is to rehash the recent performance of what has become one of our best picks of this month on the stock side of things. We first alerted MJMI exactly three weeks ago on the 4th, and would subsequently observe a low of .091 the very next session, from which the stock hasn’t looked back.

Volume has been excellent during the entire fifteen-session span that we’ve tracked the stock, and yesterday MJMI reached an amazing new high of .575. That works out to a fantastic increase of 532% in a relatively short time. A quick peek at the chart below shows the incredible move clearly.

In the event of a pullback off of this latest spike, we’ll be looking for the stock to maintain support at or above the 200DMA of .353.

Xtera Communications, Inc. XCOM

We’re always on the lookout for a good bottom-bouncer, and it appears that we’ve found an interesting candidate this morning, which has just undergone a crazy 48 hours.

The stock made a huge run yesterday off of its recently established annual lows, filling the gap on the chart and then some, before settling into close in the fifty-cent range. This morning in the premarket we’ve seen the stock changing hands in the .60-.74 range, so we’re very interested to see how the activity will unfold in-session.

We’ll want to see this morning’s premarket low of .60 hold as support on any pullbacks.

Boston Therapeutics, Inc. BTHE

We also want to provide a quick update on BTHE today, which was a mention in yesterday’s extended watchlist.

Despite not seeing any liquidity in the early part of the morning, eventually the wheels began to turn, and we saw a nice afternoon run from .125 to .17; an intraday upswing of 36%

Fresh Options Idea: Tiffany & Co. Just beat on earnings this morning, so we’ll be montioring the TIF Weekly $71-74 Calls for potential daytrades and/or swing trades into tomorrow.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates, Fresh Ideas

Best Buy Co. Inc. BBY – Options Update

We signaled a range of BBY options yesterday after noticing a hefty earnings beat that was driving the stock to gap up significantly in the premarket.

The bullish trend continued throughout the day, as BBY stock traded in a range from 37.66-39.36. That facilitated some big-time single-session gain opportunities for our specified targets, which were the BBY Weekly 36.50-39 Calls.

It wouldn’t have mattered which set of contracts in the highlighted range were selected, as every single one put up a standout performance, yielding the following potential gains:

$36.50 Calls – Range:  1.43-2.53 – Max Gain: 77%
$37 Calls – Range: 1.10-2.32 – Max Gain: 111%
$37.50 Calls – Range: .77-2.78 – Max Gain: 261%
$38 Calls – Range: .53-1.52 – Max Gain: 187%
$38.50 Calls – Range: .32-2.23 – Max Gain: 597%
$39 Calls – Range: .20-.80 – Max Gain: 300%

For us to remain interested in continuing to track these ideas, we’ll need to see BBY maintain support above the 37.50-mark on any pullbacks.

World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc. WPFH

We also tagged WPFH in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and while it didn’t produce a monster move like the aforementioned options plays, it did manage to make a notable increase on the day.

From a low of .53, the stock traded up to .70, marking an intraday move of 32% We’re going to want to continue to keep an eye on this play as it continues to make headway off of its recent bottom.

Dominovas Energy Corp. DNRG

Speaking of stocks where we’ve caught a bottom, we want to comment quickly on the progress of DNRG, a stock which has appeared in our reports on multiple occasions.

Our most recent mention of this play was earlier this month, following which time we observed a low of .0015. Yesterday the stock attained a new high of .0055, representing an increase of 267% in just a few weeks’ time.

Vista Outdoor, Inc. VSTO – Fresh Options Idea

VSTO is an interesting candidate for a forthcoming recovery, and we want to be waiting in the wings for that possibility. Despite a recent earnings miss a few weeks back, coupled with an analyst downgrade, the company’s long-term figures show a slow but steady growth in key areas.

The chart itself is egregiously oversold, with this most recent selloff lasting through the past ten sessions. Whenever we see a stock with solid fundamentals getting abused like this, our bottom-feeding alarms begin to sound.

We’re going to watch this play closely in the weeks ahead, along with a pair of extended-term contracts in its options chain, specifically, the VSTO 10/21 $35 and $40 Calls. A recovery of any significance should produce some interesting activity in those plays.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GEO Options on a Roll & More

The GEO Group, Inc. – Options Review

GEO has earned itself top billing in our report for the second day running, as the stock continued its rebound yesterday, reaching new highs, and pushing our options ideas deeper into the money. Despite multi-bag gains on Friday, we reasserted our interest in continuing to follow them, and it was definitely the right move.

The GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls were the targets we introduced on Friday morning, and our observed gains were extended by a healthy margin yesterday as GEO rose to a high of $25 even during the session.

The $20 Calls traded in a range from 4.00 up to 5.12, an intraday swing of 28% and an total two-day increase over our observed low of 1.61 amounting to 211%

The $22.50 Calls traded up from 2.25 to 3.05 running 36% intraday, and representing an overall increase of 251% from Friday’s low of .87.

As we stated yesterday, these ideas should remain good for as long as GEO sustains this strong rebound pattern.

Best Buy Co. Inc. BBY – Fresh Idea

BBY is flying high in the premarket this morning in the wake of its earnings release which contained a major increase in same-store sales for the quarter.

With the type of activity we’re witnessing early on this morning, we’re going to want to signal a range of options calls to observe here as well. Our specific contracts of interest are going to be the BBY Weekly 36.50-39 Calls, which will hold our interest provided that BBY maintains support in the low $36-range on any pullbacks.

First Acceptance Corp. FAC – Bottom-Watch

We’re going to take this opportunity to declare a bottom-watch for FAC, which is currently feeling out its lowest prices in a month after peeling back off of a massive run in late July.

On the chart below, we’ve highlighted the channel between recent swing lows at 1.01 and 1.15 as the area where we’d like to see a bottom-bounce occur, and we’ll have FAC on our radars in the days ahead for the possibility of that occurring.

Extended Watchlist:
DATA, WPFH, STML, TGD, HEB, BCCI(Potential Bottom)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Winners, Fresh Plays

The GEO Group, Inc. – Options Update

We caught GEO on the heels of a sell-off on Friday morning, and decided to go against the grain with some options calls, the success of which would be predicated upon a solid rebound.

We did in fact witness such a recovery, as GEO stock itself ran from a low of 21.30 up to 23.98. That meant that the target contracts we outlined in Friday’s report were due for some excellent intraday moves. The GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls were our highlighted plays, and each of them provided the chance at multi-bag gains on the day.

The $20 Calls traded in a range from 1.61-4.21, for a healthy 161% rip, while the $22.50′s saw an increase from .87 to 2.78, for potential intraday profits as high as 220%

With plenty of time left until their expiration, we’ll have the opportunity to keep monitoring these plays in the event that GEO’s bounceback continues to persist.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. BTGI

Also appearing in Friday morning’s premarket report was BTGI, and it too provided us with a significant gain opportunity during the session.

BTGI traded up from its morning low of .0091, surged through the penny mark and ran all the way to .0179, which represented an intraday swing of 97% and occurred on roughly 3.5x its monthly average volume.

Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC

We’d also like to take a minute to outline the significant intraday move recorded by PTSC after appearing in our report on Friday morning.

The stock ran from a low of .0056 up to .0099, marking a single-session rip of 77%

Extended Watchlist:
BNSO, ETRM (Momentum Plays)
FRP, WEB (Bottom-Plays)
AMD (Longer-Term Watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas & More

Fresh Options Ideas

The GEO Group, Inc. – We’ve run across an interesting situation with GEO, in the wake of the Federal government’s announcement of a private correctional facility phase-out. The stock took an absolute pounding as a result yesterday, but is showing some signs of rebounding with the help of a contrary PR this morning.

Despite the impending federal cutbacks, (nearly half of GEO’s business comes from federal government contracts) we’ve now received word that the Bureau of Prisons has extended the company’s contract on the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, GA through September of 2018. (>> View PR)

On the chance of seeing a continued rebound in the days or weeks ahead, we’re going to radar the GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls for possible swing trades.


Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. FOXA – A couple of things are drawing us toward entering an options idea into the log for FOXA today. In addition to the stock currently approaching oversold territory while trading at its 6-month lows, we’ve also noticed a series of Form-4 buys that have come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday amounting to roughly $78M.

It’s leading us to place a range of extended-term contracts on watch, namely the FOXA 09/30 $25-27 Calls.

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

We wanted to provide a final update on FPVD this morning, which has appeared in every one of our reports since Tuesday. At the time, the stock saw a low of .0168, and it spent the next three sessions making monstrous moves to the upside.

Despite peeling back significantly into the close, FPVD gave one heck of a last hurrah early in yesterday’s session, running 122% intraday from the open at .045 to a high of .0999. At its peak, FPVD had shown us a three-day overall increase amounting to 495%

Unless we begin to see some major rebound activity, we’ll be moving on from FPVD for the time being, but congrats are due to anyone who was following this mega-runner along with us this week!

Extended Watchlist: