Friday’s Wins, 4 New Ideas to Kick Off the Short Week

A Fine Friday Performance:

We finished up another great week of options trading opportunities on Friday, after having signaled interest in four possible plays in our premarket report, all of which posted some really nice upward movement during the session. If you check back through our recent track record on our archives at, you’ll see that we have been extremely accurate with our picks for several weeks at this point.

Friday’s movers were the ROST Weekly $140-142 Calls, the DELL Weekly $155-157.50 Calls, the CVNA Weekly $110-111 Calls, and the DECK 06/21 $1010-1030 Calls. Here were the intraday upswings they recorded on Friday:

ROST Weekly $140-142 Calls
 3.27-5.40 (+65%)
$141: 2.69-4.15 (+54%)
$142: 1.83-3.60 (+97%)

DELL Weekly $155-157.50 Calls
 7.17-15.88 (+121%)
$157.50: 6.50-14.28 (+120%)

CVNA Weekly $110-111 Calls
 3.60-5.15 (+43%)
$111: 3.21-5.10 (+59%)

DECK 06/21 $1010-1030 Calls

$1010: 37.27-51.00 (+37%)
$1020: 14.09-43.60 (+171%)
$1030: 12.04-41.62 (+246%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GME Weekly $22.50-23.50 Calls
FUTU Weekly $74-76 Calls
SPY 05/28 $529-530 Calls*
NVDL Weekly $57 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist: 

Thursday’s Runner Recap, 4 Fresh Plays to End the Week

Solid Thursday Outing:

We were very pleased with how things shook out for our daily options trading targets yesterday. We formulated a slate of three possible plays in our premarket report for the day, and all three returned solid figures for us. We’ve perhaps had less of a volume of interesting earnings reporters to go off of this week in comparison to the previous few, but we’ve certainly managed to produce some nice winners in spite of that fact.

Yesterday’s daily runners were the NVDA Weekly $1010 Calls, the ELF Weekly $160-162.50 Calls, and the NTES Weekly $195 Puts. The multibag gains they posted on the day were as follows:

NVDA Weekly $1010 Calls
 14.62-54.50 (+273%)

ELF Weekly $160-162.50 Calls
$160: 8.28-30.40 (+267%)
$162.50: 10.34-26.88 (+160%)

NTES Weekly $195 Puts
$195: .65-1.30 (+100%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ROST Weekly $140-142 Calls*
DELL Weekly $155-157.50 Calls*
CVNA Weekly $110-111 Calls*
DECK 06/21 $1010-1030 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI) – Recap:

We tagged ASTI in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist and the stock made a pretty good intraday move for the session. We saw it run from a low of .19 on up to .34, which represents an upswing of 79%

Extended Watchlist: 

Midweek Movers, 3 Potential Plays

Wednesday’s Performance:

Things went reasonably well for us on Wednesday. We loaded up with four potential plays in our premarket report for the session, and three of them returned positive results. We get things right such a majority of the time, that we have to simply accept when the rare occasion comes along that we miss on an idea. For yesterday’s report, that was Williams-Sonoma, but thankfully there were plenty of opportunities in our other three selections.

Our tags for the day that did experience intraday upswings were the URBN Weekly $42 Calls, the TJX Weekly $99-100 Calls, and the TGT Weekly $144-142 Puts, and the biggest runs off of those plays were as follows:

URBN Weekly $42 Calls
 .05-.10 (+100%)

TJX Weekly $99-100 Calls
 2.44-6.08 (+149%)
$100: 1.74-5.00 (+187%)

TGT Weekly $144-142 Puts
 .73-1.99 (+173%)
$143: .48-1.50 (+212%)
$142: .30-1.02 (+240%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVDA Weekly $1010 Calls
ELF Weekly $160-162.50 Calls
NTES Weekly $195 Puts

Extended Watchlist: