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Tesla Motors Corp. TSLA – Options Update

Our bearish sentiment on TSLA yesterday ended up working in our favor quite well, as the intraday volatility provided traders with not one but three chances to execute lucrative swing trades.  Our specified target range was the TSLA Weekly $200-195 Puts; those three opportunities on the day extended to all three sets of contracts, and were as follows:

$200 Puts – 4.45-8.45 (+55%), 4.15-7.50 (+81%), 4.36-6.35 (+46%)

$197.50 Puts – 4.06-6.35 (+56%), 2.83-5.39 (+90%), 2.83-4.51 (+59%)

$195 Puts – 2.44-5.13 (+110%),1.87-3.81 (+104%), 1.70-2.89 (+70%)

Amid the bombshell that Britain passed a referendum effecting its exit from the European Union (at least a two year process), world markets in general are all feeling the strain at present. TSLA has hit a low of $186 in the premarket, so our observed contracts all stand to produce further gains this morning.

To get ourselves a little closer to the heaviest action in the event of a continued backslide for TSLA, we may consider rolling down our strike range to include the $192.50 and $190 Puts as well.


As we’ve done many times before when attempting to use overall market conditions to our advantage, we’re going to be tracking some SPY Calls for potential daytrades. As long as the SPY can hold above $200, we could be in line to see some major volatility in the SPY Weekly $200-205 Calls. As always, we must issue a strong note of caution with regard to trading weekly contracts on a Friday. It should only ever be attempted by advanced-level traders!

We also want to submit another familiar face for a potential play with much less urgency. For a longer-term idea, we’ll be putting the PBR 07/15 $6.50 and $7 Calls on our radar.

Gold Watchlist:

We also want to provide our readers with a smattering of gold-related stocks to watch this morning. Currencies are taking a big hit, which usually means an influx of investor confidence in precious metals. As such, we will naturally look to plays like these for quick-hit opportunities:


Extended Watchlist:
PXYN, NHMD, DLCR, EMES, ENDV(Bottom bouncer)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates & More

Shire plc SHPG – Options Update

The idea that we formulated earlier in the week with regard to the SHPG options chain has already provided us with gain opportunities, but the gap up we’re seeing this morning could really make things interesting. Just to refresh your memory, our target range was the SHPG Weekly $175-180 Calls.

With the stock gapping up big-time, having already hit a high of 185.00 in the premarket, anyone who entered one or more of these contracts prior to this morning will be in line to reap some serious profits right out of the gate.

Our observed lows for each set of contracts was as follows: $175 – 2.60, $177.50 – 3.00, $180 – 1.65. With every one currently being pushed deep into the money, it will be interesting to see the subsequent highs that are recorded today.

We feel it’s generally a good idea to lock in profits on a gap-up, just in case the stock retraces and fills the gap.



Tesla Motors Corp. TSLA – Tesla took a gut-punch yesterday as Tuesday’s post-market announcement of its offer to purchase SolarCity met mixed reviews, and appears to be setting up for further backsliding.

Should this bearish trend persist into today’s trading session, we’ll be very interested in tracking the activity of
the TSLA Weekly $200-195 Puts.

BioScrip, Inc. BIOS

We also want to provide a brief update on BIOS, a stock we alerted on Friday just in the nick of time to catch a nice uptrend. From a low of 2.23 that day, the stock has recorded higher highs and higher lows every session since, culminating in a new high of 2.87 yesterday. That works out to a respectable four-session boost of 29%

We still like the look of the BIOS chart, which is showing hints of potential for further moves to the upside. Key resistance is sitting at the previous swing high of 3.10, so we’ll be on the lookout for a breach of that level,.

Extended Watchlist:
CTIC. XIV, BKS, PBR, ONCI, ZONX, RXDX(Potential bottom-play)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Potential Rebound Plays & More

ChromaDex Corp CDXC – Update

After watching it take a disproportionately large nosedive on Monday, we highlighted CDXC in yesterday morning’s premarket report as a recovery-watch play.

Our idea remains intact heading into today’s session, with the stock making a solid 22% bounce for us right out of the gate yesterday from the open at 2.90 up to an early morning swing high of 3.55. We did witness some consolidation into the close, but the stock did register both higher highs and higher lows off of its recent bottom, so we’ll certainly be on the lookout for a continuation of that trend as we cruise through this midweek.

The JG Wentworth Co. JGWE

Speaking of bottom-bouncers, we’re interested in reserving a spot on our radars for JGWE. JG Wentworth recently failed to comply with NYSE listing requirements, and has thus been delisted and relegated to the OTCQX.

The beating the stock has taken pounded it down to a new all-time low on Monday, and yesterday we observed something of a bounce signal. We’ll put this play on watch for the possibility of further rebound action, as the stock is a egregiously oversold at the moment. Regaining even half of the ground it has lost since May ould mean gains of over 100% from current PPS levels.

Towerstream Corp. TWER

We also want to place TWER on watch this morning as we are seeing a nominal gap-up in the premarket. The stock is trading just above a multiple-bottom support level, and so we’re going to be tracking this one for its bounceplay potential as well.

The stock has a recent track record for volatile swings that we find very attractive. Early last week it ran hard from .14 to .31. In theory, a similar swing could net us multi-bag gains from here, so we’ll be sure to keep a closer eye on TWER from this point forward.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EXAD Review, Options & More

Experience Art & Design, Inc. EXAD - Impressive Run Continues

Yesterday morning, we were just updating readers on the call we made last Monday on EXAD at a low of .0009. It had subsequently run up to a high of .0024 (+167%) and we were congratulating folks who latched on for a nice profit.

We went on to mention that the stock was “exhibiting momentum-play characteristics” and that we’d continue to be interested if it could maintain support above .0015 on any pullbacks. Ultimately, there was no pullback. EXAD opened at Friday’s high and closing price of .0024, and took off on another bullish session that took it to an impressive new high of .0039; an intraday pop of 62%.

It closed at its high for the second straight session, and pushed our overall observed range in just a week’s time to 333%  As long as the stock continues to register higher base levels of support, we’ll remain interested in what has concisely demonstrated itself to be an extreme momentum-mover!

Shire plc SHPG – Options Idea

We also want to follow up on our options trading idea that we floated in yesterday’s premarket report, the SHPG Weekly $175-180 Calls. We said that we’d have them on watch throughout the course of the week, and would just like to reiterate that this morning.

We’re seeing a notable gap-up in early trading to day that should begin to fuel healthy observed gains for our highlighted contracts.

ChromaDex Corp CDXC

We have an interesting little story that has unfolded for CDXC inside of the past 24 hours. Yesterday a report and “Shareholder Alert” was published that effected a steep decline which you can very plainly see on the included chart.

Frank L. Jaksch, CEO of ChromaDex immediately responded, alleging that “The report appears to be a blatant and transparent attempt by a shortseller or shortsellers to profit from an immediate and precipitous decline in the company’s share price through the use of an opinion piece published anonymously and laden with misinformation…”

Even if the report contained elements of truth, the sharp selloff which occurred yesterday seems to be an over-reaction. We’ll have CDXC on recovery watch in coming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:
CUR(Gap to fill to .55)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EXAD Recap & More

Experience Art & Design, Inc. EXAD - Update

We began tracking EXAD off of its bottom at the beginning of last week, at which time we observed a low of .0009 in the stock. We were pleased with its steady albeit limited progress throughout the course of the week as it registered higher lows each day.

Then on Friday, the uptrend really kicked into high gear as we observed an impressive daily trading range from the open at its low of .001 to the close at it high of .0024. That worked out to a 140% intraday swing, and an overall increase of 167% over our observed low on Monday.

With the stock exhibiting momentum-play characteristics, we’ll certainly want to leave a slot open for it on our radar as we kick off a new trading week. In order to hold our interest, EXAD will need to maintain support at or above .0015 on any consolidations.

Shire plc SHPG – Options Idea

We’re intrigued with the present situation on SHPG, a stock whose options chain provided us with multi-bag opportunities from an idea we submitted early this year. Last week, the company made headlines as one of their drugs received FDA approval for an expanded label (Link to PR below), and this morning, we’re seeing a notable gap-up occurring in premarket trading this morning.

We’re going to look into using the current situation to our advantage by monitoring a series of options calls. Our target range is going to be the SHPG Weekly $175-180 Calls. We’ll have these on watch throughout the course of the week.

Extended Watchlist: