Blue Horseshoe Stocks: XUII and PLUG Updates

Xumanii International Holdings Corp. XUII

XUII continued to run following the afternoon update we sent out yesterday, achieving a new high of day just prior to the close at .0026, marking a full 100% move in just a single day. The stock closed just one tick below at .0025, and ended up trading 744M shares, well over 10x the 3-month average volume going into the session.

Moving forward, we’ll be keeping a close eye on XUII, which will need to maintain support at or above .0018 in the worst case scenario to hold our interest.  That would be our theoretical stop-loss point, and as you can see on the included chart, the next major area of resistance doesn’t crop up until .0033.

Based on the momentum into yesterday’s close, we may be looking at a gap up from XUII first thing this morning. Ideally we’d like to see the 50DMA of .0024 hold as support.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

Reigning as one of our most successful picks of all time, PLUG has appeared in our reports more than 40 times since we first caught it at .135, near all-time lows on February 28th, 2013. We tracked this play from those levels all the way up to an astonishing high of 11.72 roughly a year later, so PLUG will always hold a special place in our trading hall of fame, and never really get taken off of our watchlist.

We want to bring PLUG back to the forefront of the conversation again this morning, on the heels of a PR that just hit the wires, regarding a big purchase order from the world’s largest retailer. The stock is gearing up for a gap-up in pre-market trading, so we’ll want to keep a sharp eye on this one. This is the kind of press that can lead to rapid short-term gains.

ATHAM, N.Y., July 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) today confirms the company has received a follow-on GenKey purchase order from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. to add an additional, seventh, GenKey site to the original six-site contract it announced in February 2014. This additional site in Sterling, IL consists of 286 GenDrive fuel cell units and is planned to deploy in the third quarter of 2014. >> FULL PR

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Afternoon Update 07/28/14

Afternoon Update on:
Xumanii International Holdings Corp. XUII

We wanted to send out a quick update to our subscribers this afternoon regarding this morning’s alert on XUII. The stock met our expectations nicely, coming out of the gate strong. It ran from a low of .0013 and broke through both of the resistance areas we pointed out at .0018 and .0024, going as high as .0025.

That move was good for intraday gains of up to 92% on roughly 10x the 3-month average volume traded, and was certainly a good way to start off the week! Congrats to anyone who was able to take advantage of that timely alert, and be sure to stay with us as we track this and other hot opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Speculative Sub-Penny Plays

Good Morning, Friends! Thanks for joining us as we kick off another exciting week of sniper-style trading action, seeking out high potential plays in multiple arenas. Diversity is key! From super sub-pennies to big boards, from stocks to options; our regulars know that with us, you get a little bit of everything! To start things off this week, we’ve got a couple of sub-penny stocks that we want to put on our watchlist:

Speculative Sub-Penny Plays

Xumanii International Holdings Corp. XUII

XUII comes to us this morning as a stock that was recently trading as low as the .0005 range, and began to push over the .001-mark at the end of last week. The upward activity is concurrent with a new development that has just been announced, the completed acquisition of a revenue-producing company. (Link to PR below)

We’ll be monitoring XUII as the week commences, looking for XUII to maintain support above that all-important .001 mark. As far as resistance is concerned, main areas on the current chart are .0018, and beyond that, the 50DMA of .0024.

Xumanii (DBA Imerjn, OTCQB: XUII), announced that it has completed the acquisition of Rocky Mountain Tracking “RMT”), an established provider of GPS tracking solutions in North America. The Company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire RMT Leasing Inc. and its subsidiary Rocky Mountain Tracking Inc. This transaction is not subject to any further action and is effective immediately.

For the year ending December 31, 2013, RMT generated revenues of $1.4 million and pro forma EBITDA of approximately $200,000. Xumanii acquired RMT for $3.1 million consisting of a combination of cash, a note and preferred stock. >> FULL PR

Guard Dog, Inc. GRDO

Another sub-penny that is currently catching our attention is GRDO. As per a recent corporate update, the company is working diligently toward providing adequate information to come current with their filings, and lift itself from non-reporting status.

On the chart last week, we saw the break of a recent double-top formation at .0008 as GRDO closed at .0009 on Friday. The three lines on the bottom of the included chart below represent current support from .0004-.0006, and ideally we’d like to see the stock hold above .0008 to start things off this week. Conditions do appear favorable; the MACD just made a bullish cross, and is showing rapid upward divergence, while the RSI is headed sharply toward the power zone.

Side Note:
We left things off last week with an extended watchlist that included three potential bounce-plays. KNDI was just coming off of a recent bottom and looking like a reversal was in the cards, while BCOV and AWRE were in free-fall and still searching for their bottoms. KNDI found its footing, and both BCOV and AWRE bounced as we suspected they might. All three will remain on our watchlist to begin the week.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRL Update & More

Doral Financial Corp. DRL 

We tagged DRL on Wednesday via our Extended Watchlist as the stock was coming off of a bottom. The low we observed came in at 5.23, shortly before DRL surged up, cutting a path all the way to 7.10, an initial spike of 35%

That led into yesterday’s session where we’d see another sizable swing, as the stock came back to bounce off of support at 5.33, and subsequently ran back to 6.06 (+14%).

We’re interested in following this play over a longer term because of what they have going on behind the scenes. It was ruled by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico that the evidential hearing in Doral’s case against the Puerto Rican government be expedited. It is alleged that Puerto Rico owes the lender a sum of $229 million. If repayment is ordered, it could add big numbers to the company’s balance sheet, so this is one play that we’re going to want to monitor closely going forward.

You can find out more about the case of Doral vs. Puerto Rico at

RF Micro Devices, Inc. RFMD

RFMD is another stock we’re paying attention to, as it has gained ground in large strides this week on the heels of shattered expectations with regard to the release of the company’s quarterly figures. They saw a quarterly revenue increase of more than 23% setting a new record of $316.3 Million. There were a number of other highlights as well which you can read in the PR- we’ll provide the link below.

As a result of the news, the stock is in the midst of a heavy surge, and is gapping up significantly in premarket trading today. In scenarios such as these where a stock runs unusually hard, we like to wait for the inevitable profit-taking to occur, driving the price back down where we can accumulate cheaper shares and sell them for quick-strike profits on the subsequent bounce. It’s a strategy that has served us well many times in the past.

Side Note:

This also turned out to be another great week with regard to our options trading ideas. Our FB and ISRG Options Calls provided us with multiple chances for gains, from multiple angles. Cheers to anyone who was also able to take advantage of some great calls. We wish you a pleasant weekend, and we’ll see everyone bright-and-early on Monday morning to do it all over again!

Extended Watchlist:
BCOV, AWRE (Big gap downs), KNDI (Watching for reversal)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NSCT Exclusive CEO Interview

Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corp. NSCT

We’ll start things off this morning by turning our attention back to NSCT; we brought it into the fold for the first time this week as a longer-term play. The chart appeared to have to some ripening to do, as it searched for a bottom and yesterday’s session appears to have brought one. The came down to bounce off of the .0522-mark, and subsequently closed at its high-of-day .0648, a 24% intraday move.

In addition to seeing some early success on the NSCT chart this week, we had the honor of conducting an exclusive interview with the company’s CEO, Mr. Michael DeLaGarza via our sister site, Stock Traders Talk. It covers quite a bit, so we suggest you visit the site, or click the following graphic to bring up the interview straight away: 

HENDERSON, Nev., July 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – The interview will be held on July 24, 2014 at 9:00 am EDT, An archived recorded version can be found on the homepage of Stock Traders Talk at, following the interview.

This interview will discuss Cloud-MD’s Software, services and our CipherShop Division which provides commercial quality, advanced, digital security solutions that comply with governmental regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and SOX and their CipherLoc product suite offers both an advanced Polymorphic Cipher Engine and a Polymorphic Hardware Engine.

Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ISRG

Our call of ISRG yesterday morning couldn’t have been much better, with the stock putting forth a heck of a performance in the ensuing session. It traded in a range from 438.55 – 463.39 on the day, and as a result, anyone who was entertaining options calls as we pointed out had the chance to make substantial gains.

The landmark session came on the heels of two morning PR’s that you may want to click through to, below:

Facebook, Inc. FB Options

Another great call of ours this week was the FB Calls that we brought to the table first thing Monday morning, stating: “We’ll be looking to capitalize on the volatility that comes with rising anticipation of earnings, due for release on Wednesday.”, and noting that we’ve used this scenario to our advantage in the past.

Wednesday came and went, earnings exceeded expectations, and our FB Calls offered up big gains just as we surmised. The stock traded in a daily range from 69.61 – 71.33, and this morning in premarket trading, has reached as high as 78.44.

To adjust our strategy on FB options, we’ll be monitoring the $75-77 Calls as we head into week’s end.

Extended Watchlist: