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Continued Options Success: 

It has been an incredible week of options trading success for the plays we’ve discussed in our newsletters. Landmark gains have been falling our way all week long, with very few exceptions.

After a 4-for-4 Wednesday, we submitted three ideas for yesterday’s premarket report, and made it a 3-for-3 Thursday! Our targets were the BBY Weekly $117-119 Calls, the DG Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls, and the WSM 06/18 $175-180 Calls.

Here are the potential gains made possible by that clean sweep of hot ideas:

BBY Weekly $117-119 Calls 

$117: 1.15-3.50 (+204%)
$118: .76-2.81 (+270%)
$119: .50-1.87 (+274%)

DG Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls
5.58-9.78 (+74%)
$200: 3.50-7.86 (+125%)
$202.50: 2.00-5.56 (+178%)

WSM 06/18 $175-180 Calls
$175: 2.39-4.95 (+107%)
$180: 1.50-3.75 (+150%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ULTA Weekly $335-345 Calls*
CRM Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls*

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds! 

Peloton Interactive, Inc. PTON:

On Monday morning, we furnished our readers with both a weekly and a longer-term set of ideas for PTON. Those were the PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls and the PTON 06/11 $105-107 Calls.

We have seen some simply incredible gains this week off of these ideas, which stand out as some of our top picks of the entire week:

PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls
$101: 1.30-11.85 (+812%)
$102: 1.00-10.90 (+990%)
$103: .76-9.50 (+1150%)

PTON 06/11 $105-107 Calls
$105: 2.17-9.17 (+323%)
$106: 1.88-8.53 (+353%)
$107: 1.79-7.60 (+325%)

OTC Recaps:

We’ve also got a couple of updates on the performances of some OTC plays we’ve been tracking. We started tagging EEGI heavily beginning on April 26th and several times thereafter, including yesterday, and it nearly breached the penny barrier. NSPT is a newcomer to our reports as of Monday, and it has fared quite well so far.

Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. EEGI
First Alert: 04/26
Subsequent Range: .0005-.0097
Total Possible Gain:+1840%

Newron Sport, Inc. NSPT
First Alert: 05/24
Subsequent Range: .0033-.0086
Total Possible Gain:+161%

Extended Watchlist:

Big-Time Options Scores, Fresh Ideas

Clean Sweep on Daily Options Ideas: 

It’s a simple truth that no one can be right on every hunch every time, so when we formulate a large group of quick-strike ideas, it’s always nice when we can hit on each and every play.

Such was the case with yesterday morning’s premarket report, in which we offered our ideas on four separate options chains. We went four for four with the DKS Weekly $88-91 Calls, the URBN Weekly $37-39 Calls, the ANF Weekly $39-40.50 Calls, and the SPY 05/26 $418-420 Calls. All the way down the line, we saw significant intraday runs.

These were the ranges and total possible intraday gains available in those targets:

DKS Weekly $88-91 Calls 

$88: 4.13-10.66 (+158%)
$88.50: 3.78-11.64 (+208%)
$90: 2.00-10.00 (+400%)
$91: 1.95-8.65 (+344%)

URBN Weekly $37-39 Calls
2.74-3.70 (+35%)
$37.50: 1.31-3.01 (+130%)
$38: 1.60-2.60 (+62%)
$38.50: .95-2.20 (+132%)
$39: .80-2.50 (+212%)

ANF Weekly $39-40.50 Calls
2.99-4.45 (+49%)
$39.50: 1.68-4.08 (+143%)
$40: 1.17-3.80 (+225%)
$40.50: 1.29-3.22 (+150%)

SPY 05/26 $418-420 Calls 
$418: .87-1.75 (+101%)
$419: .45-.92 (+104%)
$420: .19-.41 (+116%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BBY Weekly $117-119 Calls
DG Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls
WSM 06/18 $175-180 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Retail Earnings Opportunities

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. CBRL – Recap: 

This morning we’re updating readers on the fresh options idea from yesterday. Just to give a heads up, this idea appeared in our report yesterday as Weekly calls, which was in error. The next expiration date on any existing CBRL options is June 18th, so we’re talking about the CBRL 06/18 $155-165 Calls.

Those fared quite well on the day despite three weeks remaining until their expiry. Here are the intraday gains they recorded:

CBRL 06/18 $155-165 Calls 
$155: 4.40-6.68 (+52%)
$160: 2.45-4.40 (+80%)
$165: 1.25-2.40 (+92%)

Based on premarket activity this morning, it appears as if CBRL may be preparing to gap up, and as a result we may see further advances in these contract sets. We’re going to want to continue to monitor their activity into June 18th.

Fresh Options Ideas:

Despite a general decrease in the number of daily earnings reporters, we’ve got a fair few retail giants dropping figures this morning, and we’ll venture a target for the SPY as well.

URBN Weekly $37-39 Calls
ANF Weekly $39-40.50 Calls
DKS Weekly $88-91 Calls 

SPY 05/26 $418-420 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: