Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HUGE News in the Marijuana Industry

Medical/Legal Marijuana Sector Set to Explode

If that headline seems a little sensationalistic, that’s because something sensational has happened! Many of you will recall our continuous coverage of marijuana-related stocks beginning last year, as Washington and Colorado were getting ready to vote on becoming the first states to end more than seven decades of marijuana prohibition. The prospect of companies legally being able to cash in on what is most assuredly a multi-billion dollar industry just waiting to be unlocked, was and still is, quite exciting.

We rode several hemp stocks (which we’ll mention below) to astonishing gains, and have been continuously tracking the landscape of this burgeoning market sector ever since. Even with such progress being made in legislation, as well as a positive general shift in public opinion on the subject, we still had to temper our enthusiasm. The federal government had not yet taken an official position on the issue of whether or not it would intervene in the rights of individual states to grant their citizens access to legal marijuana. And so the nation, including several other states with legalization ambitions of their own, waited for news of their ultimate fate.

Then yesterday came… In the future, Thursday, August 29th, 2013, could very well be viewed as a turning point in the fight against marijuana prohibition. The US Department of Justice finally announced their official position: The federal government WILL NOT interfere with individual states who wish to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for both medical and personal recreational use. The door to a pot industry boom has just been unlocked, and left wide open.

In the wake of this historic event, we thought there would be no better time to remind our readers that this was one of the main reasons we’ve been so “high” on marijuana stocks for over a year now. It is rare to witness the birth of an entire industry, and yet it seems this baby has finally arrived! Check out the enormous list of related stocks below that have appeared in previous reports (I, II, III, IV) and be sure to keep them on your radars moving forward, as a world of possibilities (without fear of federal reprisal) has just opened up for the entire sector.


We’ll also be on the lookout for new marijuana related stocks, which are likely to start sprouting up like weeds now that the federal green light has been given. More on the subject is sure to come, so stay tuned to our daily reports, and good luck out there!

Blue Horseshoe: APP, URBN | Retail Focus

American Apparel, Inc. APP

APP is the first of a pair of retail stocks that we are bringing to your attention today in anticipation of the end of summer and upcoming retail season. Kids going back to school, as well as the rush of holiday buying that begins each fall and lasts into winter as folks gear up to celebrate the holidays has been a source of significant opportunity for us in the past. .

In the case of APP, we have a stock that we last mentioned this past fall, with great success. We timed an alert on this play in November ’12 which coincided with the company’s Q3 financials, and were rewarded handsomely for our efforts. At the time, the stock was trading below 1.00 per share, and before winter was over, the stock price had traveled as high as 2.40.

This time, we are revisiting APP before the busy season kicks in, in an attempt to monitor for, and properly time a bottom on the current pullback which started at the end of July. A sharp eye could lead to some serious recovery-profits when we see a reversal and subsequent bounce, so we’re going to be on the lookout for that.

Urban Outfitters, Inc. URBN

In the same vein as APP, we have well-known retail clothing brand, Urban Outfitters. We are bringing this stock into today’s retail discussion as well, mentioning it for the first time.

Earlier this month, URBN gapped up significantly off of an earnings release, an event which was followed by a consolidation which partially filled that gap. Over the past two sessions, the stock has posted higher highs and higher lows, a signal of a potential turnaround, so we are going to be monitoring URBN closely heading into week’s end for a possible confirmation of an uptrend.

It’s also worth mentioning that the company announced the initiation of a share buyback program, which you can read about in the following PR:

PHILADELPHIA, August 28, 2013 – Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN), a leading lifestyle specialty retail company operating under the Anthropologie, BHLDN, Free People, Terrain and Urban Outfitters brands, today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized the repurchase of 10 million common shares under a share repurchase program. >>>FULL RELEASE

Blue Horseshoes Stocks: Afternoon Update

Nuvilex, Inc. NVLX

NVLX, after starting off the day as low as .125, is testing new highs this afternoon, having just touched a high of .1425 for a 14% intraday increase.

A quick look at the chart shows the stock broke above the 50DMA, a good sign, and the RSI is trying to  get back above the 50-line. We’re also on the lookout for a bullish MACD cross, as we pointed out in the NVLX video chart,which was featured in yesterday’s NVLX Special Report.


IWEB opened as low as .0324 this morning, and managed a high of .038 (+17%). We then saw a dip back to .034, and currently it’s trading back at the .0355 level. So all in all, we seen some nice price action from IWEB today, including those intraday moves which amount the possibility of up to 21% in cumulative gains on the day.

In total, IWEB has brought us the opportunity at well over 300% in gains since we initiated coverage back on July 9th.

We’ll also add that the BARCHART.COM Opinion on IWEB still reads green, to the tune of a 72% Overall “Buy” Rating.