Options Updates, Fresh Plays

Options Updates:

We’re going to circle back today to highlight the performances of the options ideas we alerted on Friday morning. We selected the PRGS 07/17 $40 Calls as well as the SNX 07/17 $115-120 Calls.

In both cases, we have seen some solid moves, and with more than two weeks remaining until expiration, we’ll certainly continue to monitor their progress. Here were the figures they posted yesterday: 

PRGS 07/17 $40 Calls
 .20-.80 (+400%)

SNX 07/17 $115-120 Calls
 4.64-9.50 (+180%)
$120: 2.74-7.50 (+214%)


Fresh Ideas:
MU 07/02 $50-51.50 Calls
CAG 07/02 $33.50-34.50 Calls

Ideanomics, Inc. IDEX

Yesterday morning we suggested that our readers give their attention to IDEX in sessions to come, and we got some modest yet notable first day results.

The stock traded up from a low of 1.65 and hit 2.30 on the day, marking an intraday swing of 39%  It managed to maintain well over half of its advances, closing with strength at 2.09. This interests us more than enough to continue tracking its progress.

The company provided an update on its large electric vehicle order in a fresh PR this morning (>> Read PR)

Extended Watchlist:

Biotech Reviews & More

BioSig Technologies, Inc. BSGM

We began tracking many stocks with coronavirus synergies back in the late winter and early spring this year, as the global threat was still in the earlier stages of emergence. Our first alert on BSGM was on April 7th, and the stock would go on to run from under $4 to more than $12,

In the last few weeks, BSGM has finally begun to come down off of those highs, and we are now interesting in tracking it more closely for a potential bottom bounce. We’ll be looking out for the stock to establish support, and possibly make another significant run in coming weeks.

iBio, Inc. IBIO

Speaking of coronavirus related stocks that have done well, IBIO was among those that we have been tracking since word of the pandemic began to spread widely, and we have seen a very nice move from it as well.

Following our most recent mention on March 17th, the stock saw  a low of .76, and to finish off last week it hit a new high of 2.69. That’s a 254% increase, and a perfect example of the kind of impetus that the virus has provided to a lot of these mid-sized biotechs.

Ideanomics, Inc. IDEX

We took notice of an interesting situation with IDEX currently transpiring. Last week, the stock tumbled on word of a possible class action suit currently being investigated. Today, it’s bouncing back in the premarket after the company announced the delivery of more than $3M in Chinese EV orders.

We’ll be interested to track its progress out of the gate as we kick off a fresh trading week today, without any notable earnings reporters on the calendar.

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Big Finish to a Winning Week

Options Reviews 

To close out what has been a very interesting trading week, we will start by going over our winning options plays from yesterday morning’s premarket report. We had signaled some ideas in the RAD and ACN chains that put up quite a nice intraday performance.

The targets to which we are specifically referring were the RAD Weekly $13.50-14.40 Calls and the ACN Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls. All of the sets in those ranges produced notable moves on the day:

RAD Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls
$13.50:  .86-3.15 (+266%)
$14: .59-2.69 (+356%)
$14.50: .34-2.11 (+521%)

We’re going to refresh our idea here and roll up to the RAD Weekly $16-16.50 Calls* as well this morning.

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced trader with access to disposable funds!

ACN Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls
$207.50:  4.22-10.50 (+149%)
$210: 3.50-8.23 (+135%)
$212.50 2.02-6.00 (+197%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PRGS 07/17 $40 Calls
SNX 07/17 $115-120 Calls 

Other Updates

We’ve also got a few other stock calls that have exploded toward the end of this week, illustrating the excellence we regularly exhibit in seeking out all types of gain opportunities:

Vaxart, Inc. VXRT
Alerted: 06/25 |  Range: 3.45-12.28 | Gain: 256%

AeroVironmentB Inc. AVAV
Alerted: 06/24 |  Range: 1.65-6.30 | Gain: 282%

Global Arena Holding Inc. GAHC
Alerted: 06/25 |  Range: .0027-.015 | Gain: 456%

Extended Watchlist: