STWG, TCPS & Extended Watchlist

TechnoConcepts, Inc. TCPS
TCPS has been an absolute juggernaut for us, since we first mentioned it back on May 21st. After trading at .0025, it began an upward climb that astonished even us. After cumulatively gaining over 180% intraday on our first day of coverage, the stock went on to hit .0087 just two days later, pushing our possible gains to nearly 250%

We would continue our coverage, and TCPS would continue its climb, hitting .0421 on Wednesday, an increase of 1600% from the original bottom. That’s where the breakout ended right? Wrong.

Yesterday’s unbelievable .0689 high, marks a gargantuan leap of more than 2650% from .0025 in just seven trading days. Our heartiest congratulations go out to anyone able to capitalize on even a fraction of that.

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG
While we’re on the subject of impressive gains from recent points of focus, STWG hit .011 yesterday, increasing our range of increase to 900% from the low following our original call of STWG at .001.

While these two were not our only big winners of the past week, they are certainly among the biggest. Be sure to catch up with us on Monday as we attempt to continue our recent success.

Extended Watchlist:

DNAD, TCPS, FNMA & Extended Watchlist

DNA Dynamics, Inc. DNAD
DNAD gapped up to open at .0058, and ran as high as .008 straight out of the gate yesterday morning following our timely bottom-bounce alert on the stock. It proceeded to dip back to Tuesday’s closing closing price of .005 and filled its gap, and did manage to hold support at that level for the remainder of the day, which turned out to be the second-highest volume day on record.

A round of awareness campaigns just kicked off on this stock, and while we were one of the first to bring it your way, we expect the promotions to continue today.

TechnoConcepts, Inc. TCPS
TCPS continues to roll, bringing us even more impressive gains. On Friday we stated: “the momentum could carry over to next week, at the very least, we’ll be looking to sell half of our position to lock in our initial investment, and ride the rest of the way on the house’s money.” Well, it turns out the house’s money did pretty well for us indeed. Yesterday the stock touched .0421; from Tuesday’s low of .0075, we were looking at an added 461% to the substantial gains we had already pulled in at that point.

From our first ever alert (at .0025) to yesterday’s .0421 high, we’re talking about possible gains of up to 1600%

Fannie Mae FNMA
This stock was overdue for a pullback and consolidation after a morning breakout yesterday which took it to a high of 5.44. After pulling back to the 2.24-range, it went on to rebound as high as 3.98, a gain of 78% There were actually several subsequent chances for bounceplays over the course of the day, including moves from 2.90 to 3.57, 3.00 to 3.30, and 2.55 to 3.10. It ended up closing the day out at 2.90. We’d like to see those support levels hold as we move forward.

From our first mention of FNMA on May 16th, the stock traded as low as 1.20. Yesterday’s 5.44 high marks a possible gain of up to 353% in just a couple of weeks.

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DNA Dynamics, Inc. | DNAD | Today’s Focus

DNA Dynamics, Inc. DNAD

Our new pick for today is DNA Dynamics, Inc. (DNAD), a UK-based digital entertainment publisher which develops content for the iOS®, Android™, Apple Mac® and PC platforms. Before we get into the specifics of the chart and the ripening conditions therein, let’s take a minute to get familiarized with what makes DNA Dynamics an intriguing startup in the ever-expanding digital media space.

At first glance, DNA Dynamics might look like any other game and app developer in a saturated market, but it holds a piece of intellectual property that has real potential to be a game-changer: The Slam Engine.

DNA Dynamics’s Slam Engine is a rapid application development tool that enables the company to author games and apps in a fraction of the time taken by firms utilizing traditional avenues. It also allows for the cost-efficient porting of digital content from one delivery platform to the next. The Slam Engine is at the core of every application made by the company, and creates the unique advantage of slashing development costs by a resounding margin. This savings translates to the client-base, which, as a result, can be comprised of companies/individuals who may not have had the capital to fund app development through a traditional multi-platform coding team. It also creates access to brand new markets for customers with existing products that simply wish to make them available on platforms not covered by their application’s native programming.

DNAD’s Slam Engine works with: iPhone/iPod, Android, Mac OS/X, PC, Nintendo Wii and DS, PSP, & Silverlight (Web Applications), which is to say, just about every popular digital delivery system out there.

For a list of games developed by DNA Dynamics CLICK HERE

In an ever growing and changing market space, DNA Dynamics has an advantage in the Slam Engine, which will allow them to stay competitive with much larger design houses.

That brings us to the DNAD chart, the conditions of which are just beginning to look ripe for some bottom-bounce action. We wanted to make sure we waited for an opportune moment to bring DNAD to your attention, and with the stock hitting bottom at .004 yesterday, we feel that moment is upon us. A potential bounce-play is quite possible from this level.

Currently we’re looking at resistance at .0069, ..0086, and .013. The PPO is pinching toward a cross, and the Slow STO has just undergone one. The RSI has flatlined in the oversold area, so we’ll be on the lookout for an upturn there as well.

We also prepared a video of the chart as well:

Most Recent PR:
LEAMINGTON SPA, England, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Dynamics, Inc (OTC Pink: DNAD) has announced a new strategic partnership with Birthplace Management Group, a new model video game management agency that offers independent studios a more marketing-driven and commercially-minded approach to their business development. >>FULL ARTICLE

For More Information, Visit: