Wednesday’s Winners, 4 Fresh Picks

         Wednesday Review:

Yet again on Wednesday, we hashed out a pack of 5 potential options plays for our readers, and were rewarded by excessive intraday upswings from each and every target in our report for the day. We have yet to post a miss on any of our ideas this week, and as always, we will attempt to keep this awesome streak going with the help of today’s earnings reporters. It’s always nice when we have a plethora of earnings reports dropping, on which to base our daily ideas.

Yesterday’s signaled targets were the FTNT Weekly $72-74 Calls, the BABA Weekly $77-75 Puts, the EQNR 02/16 $28-27 Puts, the CVS Weekly $73-75 Calls and the SPY 02/07 $494-495 Calls. Here were the excellent intraday performances they laid down for us and our readers:

FTNT Weekly $72-74 Calls
.23-.61 (+165%)
$73: .14-.39 (+178%)
$74: .09-.26 (+189%)

BABA Weekly $77-75 Puts
2.00-4.05 (+102%)
$76: 1.45-3.20 (+121%)
$75: .91-2.45 (+169%)

EQNR 02/16 $28-27 Puts
$28: .95-1.27 (+34%)
$27: .25-.55 (+120%)

CVS Weekly $73-75 Calls
$73: 2.43-4.40 (+81%)
$74: 1.61-3.43 (+113%)
$75: 1.08-2.50 (+131%)

SPY 02/07 $494-495 Calls
$494: 1.82-4.50 (+147%)
$495: 1.15-3.50 (+204%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AZN Weekly $64-62 Puts
DIS Weekly $105-107 Calls
PYPL Weekly $61-59 Puts
ARM Weekly $96-98 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NTNX Update & More

Nutanix, Inc. NTNX

We began highlighting NTNX just a week ago in our report from the morning of March 12th. On that day the stock saw a low of 35.20, as we signaled the NTNX 05/19 $40-42.50 Calls for longer-term observation.

We wanted to provide an update on both the stock and our options targets this morning, as NTNX has produced a very solid and steady uptrend since the morning of our initial alert. Yesterday, NTNX ran to a new high of 42.21. That marked a 1-week increase of 20% and it allowed for some nice moves in our highlighted contracts.

The $40 Calls have thus far traded in a range from 1.96 to 4.20 for a gain of 114% while the $42.50’s ran from 1.21-2.85, an increase of 136% NTNX is only halfway to filling the topside gap on itas chart, and there’s plenty of time remaining until expiration. We’ll be interested to see if the stock can pile on even more gains.

Fresh Options Ideas:
Conagra Brands, Inc. CAG 04/18 $24-26 Calls
Williams Sonoma, Inc. WSM 04/18 $57.50-60 Calls
Darden Restaurants,Inc DRI  04/18 $115 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PEP Recap & More

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP – Options Recap

Yesterday morning Pepsi’s earnings provided us with one of the pair of options ideas included in our report. We were focused on the PepsiCo, Inc. PEP Weekly $109-112 Calls and are pleased to report that we found success with those immediately.

The single-session gain opportunities available to anyone who partook were substantial to say the least, continuing an impressive pattern of huge options winners we’ve uncovered over the last several sessions.

$109 Calls – Range: 1.23-4.00 – Max Gain: 225%
$110 Calls – Range: .70-3.05 – Max Gain: 336%
$111 Calls – Range: .38-2.05 – Max Gain: 439%
$112 Calls – Range: .19-1.30 – Max Gain: 589%

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

On Friday we began tracking some TSLA Calls, and we did remind our readers of these contracts yesterday, cautioning that it appeared as if the stock was ready to facilitate some good moves in our targets.

The TSLA 08/02 $300-315 Calls were those targets, and our hunch proved correct. While we swept the range, finding gains in all seven sets of contracts, in the interest of time, we’ll simply provide the moves from the bottom and the top of the range. Just keep in mind that the sets in between also enjoyed commensurate moves to the upside.

The $300 Calls ran from a low of 22.54 to a high of 35.81 for a gain of 59% while the $315’s ran from 16.70 to 26.01; an increase of 56%

Fresh Idea:
Fastenal Co. FAST Weekly $50-55 Calls

Extended Watchlist: