OTC Roundup, Options Plays & More

Reviewing Explosive OTC Plays

As we have been mentioning fairly routinely of late, the opportunities being afforded by OTC-traded stocks is at a fever pitch. Since 2012, we have begun to phase in more and more options talk, but our roots began with the OTC. Its exciting to see so many runners like the days of old, and we have hit on several only recently.

Here is a breakdown of when we flagged these plays (click date to view report), and the total possible gains that were on the table due to those mentions:

Green Globe Intl. Inc. GGII
First Alert: 04/14
Subsequent Range: .0018-.031
Total Possible Gain: 1622%

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. GVSI
First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0311
Total Possible Gain: 764%

Priority Aviation Inc. PJET
First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .002-.0148
Total Possible Gain: 640%

We also want to mention Indo Global Exchanges Ptd.Ltd. IGEX, which ran from .0021-.0044 for a gain of 110% on the day yesterday following its inclusion in our Veteran Trading Premium Chat.

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Visa, Inc. V – Options Review:

The big winner from yesterday’s pool of options plays was our targets in the Visa options chain. We signaled the V Weekly $230-235 Calls and were met with the following intraday runs for considerable multibag gain chances:

V Weekly $230-235 Calls
$230: 1.90-6.60 (+247%)
$232.50 : 1.00-4.50 (+350%)
$235: .59-2.79 (+373%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AAPL Weekly $135-138 Calls
FB Weekly $325-332.50 Calls
QCOM Weekly $142-145 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

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VXX & SPY Options Recap

We ended last week on an extremely strong note with respect to our premarket options-trading ideas. As we’ve done so many times this year, we offered up some target ranges in which we felt we’d see big activity, and every single contract highlighted therein would go on to make huge intraday swings.

We outlined our interest in the VXX $20 and 19.50 Puts SPY $206-207 Calls, specifying that we’d flip to VXX Calls and SPY Puts in the event that the VXX breached its premarket high of 19.70. That never occurred, we therefore stuck with the original idea, and the possible gains afforded to whoever was paying attention were quite large:


$20 Puts  – Trading Range: .59-1.79  – Max Gain: 341%
$19.50 Puts – Trading Range: .29-1.28   – Max Gain: 203%


$206 Calls – Trading Range: .75-3.91  – Max Gain: 421%
$206.50 Calls – Trading Range: .48-3.42   – Max Gain: 612%
$207 Calls – Trading Range: .31-2.05 – Max Gain: 561%

These plays were also topics of discussion in our daily live trader’s chats last week, and we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from our readers who want to get involved. We welcome anyone who enjoys our daily reports to join in, and all you need to do is log onto Skype and send a contact request to username stocksumo.

VitaCig, Inc. VTCQ

We put VTCQ on watch in this past Wednesday’s morning report, and the stock made one heck of a two-session swing from the following morning to Friday afternoon’s closing bell.

Friday’s move alone was quite impressive- the stock ran from .008-.145 which comes out to an intraday pop of 81%  Our observed low of .0042 came promptly at the open on Thursday, and measured from that point, Friday’s closing price represents a total move of 245%

Granted the fact that we did see VTCQ close at its high of day on roughly three times its monthly average volume, we will want to leave this play on our radars. As usual we’ll look for it to record higher highs and higher lows, and to retain our attention, it will need to maintain support at or above .01. The next key area of resistance appears to be sitting at .0181.

Extended Watchlist:

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Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW

AXPW ensured that we started off the week with a bang yesterday with a monumental single-session performance. We placed it in our morning report after a routine scan showed some abnormally high premarket volume, and it essentially spent the entire day bulling its way to new highs.

From an early low of .0421 the stock would ultimately reach a share price of .159 just prior to the close. That worked out to an intraday rip totaling 277% on record volume.

AXPW closed just two ticks below its high-of-day at .157, and with this kind of frenzied momentum, we’ll be certain to follow the activity as things kick off today.

The stock has traded as high as .2601 in this morning’s premarket, extending the total move we’ve seen in a 24-hour period to 518% There’s a very good chance that the run-up will catalyze significant profit-taking, which will ultimately lead to an opportunity for us to time the bottom, and play the rebound.

Huge congratulations go out to any of our readers who were able profit from AXPW as a result of our premarket alert!

Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd. IGEX

IGEX was another stock from yesterday’s new watchlist that also did extremely well, becoming the second multi-bag gainer before the day was through . We referred to it as a “super-sub-penny momentum play”, and the momentum certainly was sustained throughout the day.

From its daily low of .0006, the stock barreled its way up to close at its high-of-day at .0013; an intraday run of 116% which occurred on volume that approached 10X the monthly average.

Like the aforementioned play, we’ll remain vigilant for the possibility of continued momentum and/or a subsequent dip-and-rip scenario of which we can take advantage.

Amedica Corp. AMDA was the other notable intraday gainer from yesterday’s newsletter. AMDA made a strong move from .40 to .497, which represents an increase of 24%

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

This stock is an old favorite that we’ve tracked to some very nice gains in the past. We want to draw attention back to it this morning as it is beginning to show signs of life after a months-long consolidation beat the stock back to new 52-week lows. We always like to monitor stocks coming off of annual low-points; very often they lead to excellent chances on the rebound.

The stock ran hard into the close yesterday on extremely heavy volume, so we’re going to we’re going to tag FREE as a momentum/recovery play, and watch it intently as we head into mid-week. .

Extended Watchlist: