Monday’s Movers, Trio of New Possibilities

Good Start to the Trading Week:

We couldn’t have asked for a much better start to the week yesterday, picking up right where we left off from Friday’s excellent performance which included a couple of thousand percent-plus gainers. In fact, one of our fresh ideas from yesterday’s premarket report went quite a ways past the thousand percent mark. With the holiday season often being challenging, we’re pleased at the potential of the ideas we’ve been able to formulate.

Yesterday’s fresh plays were the JBL 12/15 $115-120 Calls, the SAIC 12/15 $130-135 Calls, the MARA Weekly $15-16 Calls, and the COIN Weekly $144-146 Calls. Here are the biggest upswings recorded by each during the session:

JBL 12/15 $115-120 Calls
 3.15-4.10 (+30%)
$120: 1.15-1.65 (+43%)

SAIC 12/15 $130-135 Calls
$130: 1.19-6.50 (+446%)
$135: .20-3.40 (+1600%)

MARA Weekly $15-16 Calls
$15: .44-.87 (+98%)
$15.50: .33-.68 (+106%)
$16: .26-.52 (+100%)

COIN Weekly $144-146 Calls
$144: 3.55-6.58 (+85%)
$145: 3.25-6.10 (+88%)
$146: 3.00-5.75 (+92%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GTLB Weekly $59-61 Calls
GIII 12/15 $30 Calls
FERG 12/15 $170-175 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Ending a Successful Trading Week, 4 New Targets

Thursday’s Movers:

Unfortunately we have to open up today’s report with a mea culpa, and apologize for any confusion there may have been with yesterday’s newsletter. We meant to signal the PSTG Weekly $33-32 Puts, but ended up sending out at typo “PTG”. Had we successfully communicated that idea, it would have worked out well, but we’ll gloss over that one today, and just report on our other three ideas, all of which produced gain opportunities.

We had the CRM Weekly $245-250 Calls, the SNOW Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls, and the NTNX 12/15 $45-47.50 Calls, and here are the intraday performances they recorded, along with the total possible profits that could have been achieved on a perfect trade:

CRM Weekly $245-250 Calls
$245: 1.83-7.04 (+285%)
$247.50: .96-4.89 (+409%)
$250: .48-3.10 (+545%)

SNOW Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls
$187.50: .80-3.05 (+281%)
$190: .45-1.86 (+313%)
$192.50: .26-1.07 (+311%)

NTNX 12/15 $45-47.50 Calls
$45: 1.40-2.73 (+95%)
(Data on 47.50’s wouldn’t pull up, but gains would
have been roughly commensurate with the 45’s)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PATH Weekly $22.50-23.50 Calls*
MRVL Weekly $55-53 Puts*
ULTA Weekly $465-475 Calls*
ESTC Weekly $90-95 Calls*
PD Weekly $22.50 Calls*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist:

Friday’s Half Day Runners, A Pair of New Ideas

Friday’s Half Day Runners:

It was a rather subdued finish to the short holiday week on Friday, just as we surmised it would be in our premarket report for the day. That didn’t stop us from formulating a few options ideas to close things out, all three of which posted some sort of intraday movement. The holidays can be rather laid back, and we’re looking at a sleepy start to this week as well, with no major earnings reporters on the slate for this morning.

Friday’s runners were the HTHT Weekly $35 Calls, the BABA Weekly $78-79 Calls, and the SPY 11/24 $454 Calls, and here are the numbers they recorded on the session:

HTHT Weekly $35 Calls
 2.50-2.85 (+14%)

BABA Weekly $78-79 Calls
 .31-.65 (+110%)
$79: .10-.24 (+140%)

SPY 11/24 $454 Calls
$454: .86-1.41 (+64%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
WMT Weekly $155-157.50 Calls
BBY Weekly $69-70 Calls

Star Alliance International Corp. (OTCMKTS:STAL) – Recap:

As we were just reminding our readers on Friday, we’ve been tracking STAL since our report on  November 3rd, and a PPS of .001, and the stock has been setting impressive new highs. That happened once again during Friday’s session, with the stock reaching a new high of .0177, which represents an astonishing 1670% rise over our initially observed low earlier this month!

Blackstar Enterprise Group, Inc. (OTMKTS:BEGI) – Recap:

Another one that has popping up on our watchlists for quite some time is BEGI, which, following our tag on October 30th, has run from a low of .0008, up to Friday’s high of .0105, which marks an upswing of 1212%

The OTC Markets in general seem to be heating up recently, which is why we suggest going through our daily extended watchlist for potential hidden subpenny gems, as STAL and BEGI have turned out to be. We aren’t being paid to promote any of the penny stocks in our extended watchlists, we merely do a routine daily scan for interesting potential targets for readers to consider.

Extended Watchlist: