MDGS News, Big Options Gainers

More Sweet Options Success:

We’ve got another big time update on options gainers this morning. Not only did we hit on all three of our ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report, but our longer-term idea in SPCE began to create some solid profit opportunities.

For yesterday’s premarket report our fresh ideas were the NTES Weekly $90-93 Calls, the ZM Weekly $310-300 Puts, and the SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls. Our specific targets in the SPCE chain from Monday’s report were the SPCE 10/01 $27-29 Calls.

Here are the ranges and total possible gains on all of those plays yesterday:

NTES Weekly $90-93 Calls
 3.40-7.70 (+126%)
$91: 3.23-6.70 (+107%)
$92: 2.75-5.35 (+94%)
$93: 2.05-4.24 (+106%)

ZM Weekly $310-300 Puts
$310: 17.00-23.52 (+38%)
$305: 12.00-19.56 (+63%)
$300: 9.05-15.90 (+76%)

SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls
 1.80-2.35 (+31%)
$10: .40-.60 (+50%)

SPCE 10/01 $27-29 Calls
$27: 1.44-2.96 (+105%)
$28: 1.17-2.51 (+114%)
$29: .96-2.12 (+121%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CONN 09/17 $25-27 Calls
AMBA Weekly $112-115 Calls
PLAN 09/17 $65-75 Calls

Medigus Ltd. MDGS – News Alert:

More news from MDGS hit the wires this morning, and we’re passing it along to you. For those who may have missed out, check out our MDGS Special Report from last week.

Today, the company has announced that one of its interests, Gix Media, is set to acquire a 70% stake in Cortex Group, a media tech firm, for roughly $11M.

OMER, Israel, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that its affiliate Gix Internet (36.74% on a fully diluted bases) (TASE: GIX), a global marketing technology (MarTech) solutions company for online performance-based-marketing, announced that Gix Internet’s subsidiary, Gix Media signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of 70% at Cortex Group, an innovative media-tech company that has developed expertise in turning original content into a profit center through user traffic acquisition.(>>View Full PR)

Extended Watchlist:

Stock Runners, Options Idea & More

OTC, NASDAQ Runners:

We’re going to shift gears from options momentarily this morning, as we like to do when we’ve collected a fair few winning stock ideas. We have a good selection of runners that we have unearthed in recent weeks from the OTC as well as the NASDAQ.

As we always do in these instances, we’ll encourage our readers to add our daily extended watchlists to your own view screens. We do primarily focus on options trading opportunities these days, but very often our daily lists yield significant chances as well, for those who may not be versed in options as of yet.

Below you’ll find links to the daily reports which contain the initial alert for each play, as well as the subsequent positive moves they’ve recorded for us:

KYN Capital Group, Inc. KYNC:
Alerted: June 23rd
Range: .0044-.0309
Gained: +602%

Net Savings Link, Inc. NSAV:
Alerted: July 19th
Range: .031-.1493
Gained: +381%

Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. LEAS:

Alerted: July 30th
Range: .0022-.0038
Gained: +72%

Ever-Glory Intl. Group, Inc. EVK:

Alerted: August 2nd
Range: 3.74-6.22
Gained: +66%

ON Semiconductors  – Recap: 

From yesterday morning’s premarket report we have ON Semiconductors, in which we formulated an idea following the company’s Q2 earnings and revenue beats. We had the ON Weekly $41.50-43 Calls, and they produced some very nice multibag gains on the day.

Here were the ranges and total possible gains available from those ideas yesterday: 

ON Weekly $41.50-43 Calls
$41.50: 1.56-3.50 (+124%)
$42: 1.40-3.07 (+119%)
$42.50: 1.50-2.71 (+81%)
$43: .60-2.41 (+302%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
FIS 09/17 $135 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Big-Time OTC Movers & More

More Penny Poppers: 

For those newer subscribers who may be unfamiliar with the way we operate, typically our interests in stocks traded on the OTC Markets are relegated to our daily Extended Watchlists. Our main features tend to be focused more on quick-strike options trading these days because that’s where we find the most excitement. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots in the pennies!

We’ve had loads of success in unearthing interesting OTC plays in 2021 so far, and we started out the fresh trading week yesterday with another fine pair of movers that have been included in our watchlists on multiple occasions of late. Below you can find links to our archived reports from our initial alerts and the subsequent huge runs and multibag profit potential involved.

Enzolytics, Inc. ENZC
Alerted: April 16th
Range: .0866-.2979
Gained: +244%

RushNet, Inc. RSHN
Alerted: May 13th
Range: .0008-.008
Gained: +900%

G-III Apparel Group, Inc. GIII – Options Recap

On account of the light earnings reporter load that we’ve mentioned in a previous report, we went with just one lone potential options target in yesterday’s premarket offering, the GIII 06/18 $30-35 Calls.

G-III Apparel posted a solid Q1 earnings beat along with optimistic guidance for the remainder of the fiscal year. It allowed the stock to break a double-top and set a new high of 35.80 which provided for the following moves in our tracked targets:

GIII 06/18 $30-35 Calls
.90-2.25 (+150%)
$35: 3.80-5.60 (+47%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MRVL Weekly $49-51 Calls
SFIX Weekly $61.50-65 Calls
THO 06/18 $120-125 Calls
ASO 06/18 $35-40 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: