Friday’s Runners, Reminder for Tuesday

Friday’s Options Runners:

First thing’s first, we just wanted to apologize for any confusion caused by the error in Friday morning’s report, in which we stated that our special report would be coming this morning. Admittedly, President’s Day slipped our mind, and the newsletters went out before we realized our mistake. With no trading today, we will be sending out the very exciting report we’ve put together at 9 AM tomorrow morning, so be sure to check your inboxes!

For now, we wanted to hop on this morning, and relay the the really nice multi-bag moves that were posted by the options targets we signaled interest in for Friday:

COIN Weekly $185-190
: 1.85-8.58 (+364%)
$190: .72-4.95 (+587%)

MARA Weekly $27.50-28.50 Calls
$28: .09-.78 (+767%)

TTD Weekly $87-89 Calls
$87: 1.01-3.66 (+264%)
$88: .76-2.83 (+272%)
$89: .54-2.03 (+276%)

AMAT Weekly $200-207.50 Calls
$200: 1.07-4.80 (+349%)
$205: .20-1.55 (+675%)
$207.50: .08-.73 (+812%)

Enjoy the rest of the holiday off, and don’t forget to catch tomorrow’s special report at 9AM!

Special Announcement, New Options Plays

Thursday’s Solid Rippers:

We’re only going to do an abbreviated recap of the options ideas from yesterday’s report, because we have a special announcement to highlight this morning that we’d like folks to focus upon. We offered up the following three potential targets, and we hit the trifecta, with all of our designated contracts posting sizable intraday upswings:

DE Weekly $372.50-370 Puts
: 5.30-10.55 (+99%)
$370: 3.55-9.26 (+161%)

CSCO Weekly $49.50-48.50 Puts
: .33-.92 (+171%)
$49: .16-.54 (+237%)
$48.50: .07-.27 (+286%)

SPY 02/15 $499-500 Calls
: .95-3.36 (+254%)
$500: .52-2.43 (+367%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

Please Note – Because of Monday’s dedicated report, we will relay the performances of the following options ideas for today’s session, on Tuesday morning:

COIN Weekly $185-190
MARA Weekly $27.50-28.50 Calls
TTD Weekly $87-89 Calls
AMAT Weekly $200-207.50 Calls

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration

Special Announcement on Upcoming OTC Stock:

Our primary focus today is to go over some of the recent successes we’ve had with super subpenny OTC plays recently. This morning, we wanted to remind our readers not to miss this coming Monday’s report, which will feature an OTC stock that has never appeared in our daily reports, and one that is primed to take the next step in its evolution in a sector we have a lot of experience with!

But first, as stated above, we want to go over some of the other potential-filled plays of a similar price range which have produced really good opportunities for us in the recent past. It is not an uncommon occurrence for us to run across these gems, and we’re excited about what the feature of Monday’s report can do in 2024.

Below you’ll find the dates (and links to those reports) that we first alerted on these plays, the subsequent trading range, and the total possible gains that could have been achieved:

Ab International Group Corp. (OTCMKTS:ABQQ):
Alerted: Oct. 17th
Range: .0002-.0035
Gained: 1650%

Kona Gold Beverage Inc. (OTCMKTS:KGKG)
Alerted: Nov. 24th
Range: .0004-.0042
Gained: 950%

Spooz , Inc. (OTCMKTS:SPZI)
Alerted: Dec. 11th
Range: .0008-.0121
Gained: 1412%

Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IGPK)
Alerted: Jan 12th
Range: .0029-.0133
Gained: 359%

A Perfect Trading Week, Fresh Ideas for Monday

Recapping the End of A Perfect Week:

We were going into Friday’s trading session in the hopes of finishing out a perfect week in terms of seeing positive intraday movement on each and every one of the daily options trading ideas we formulated. While we are accustomed to getting it right far more often than we get it wrong, it’s still always an impressive feat to go unblemished for an entire trading week.

In Friday’s premarket report, it was the NET Weekly $111-115 Call, the PINS Weekly $38.50-37.50 Puts, the SPY 02/09 $499-501 Calls, the MARA Weekly $23-24 Calls, and the COIN Weekly $141-143 Calls that were the center of our focus, and here are the numbers they put up:

NET Weekly $111-115 Calls
: .21-.92 (+338%)
$112: .10-.60 (+500%)
$113: .05-.33 (+550%)
$115: 10-.35 (+250%)

PINS Weekly $38.50-37.50 Puts
$38.50: 1.65-3.35 (+103%)
$38: 1.32-3.00 (+127%)
$37.50: 1.01-2.40 (+138%)

SPY 02/09 $499-501 Calls
$499: .80-2.66 (+232%)
$500: .40-1.69 (+322%)
$501: .14-.80 (+471%)

MARA Weekly $23-24 Calls
$23: .27-1.20 (+344%)
$23.50: .17-.81 (+376%)
$24: .10-.50 (+400%)

COIN Weekly $141-143 Calls
$141: .30-2.55 (+750%)
$142: .19-1.90 (+900%)
$143: .14-1.33 (+850%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVDA Weekly $725 Calls
MNDY Weekly $215-205 Puts
TRMB Weekly $50 Puts
HESM Weekly $32-31 Puts

Extended Watchlist: