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DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc. DKS – Recap

Our only options idea based off of earnings reports yesterday morning was in the DKS chain. We noted the lackluster response to the company’s Q4 beat on earnings and revs, and went to the bearish side of the fence.

Our specific targets were the DKS Weekly $71-69.50 Puts and those contracts logged considerable gains, with the exception of the $70.50’s whose intraday increase was nominal.

Here are the exact trading ranges and total possible profits on those targeted DKS options plays: 

DKS Weekly $71-69.50 Puts
$71: .90-1.60 (+78%)
$70.50: 1.05-1.25 (+19%)
$70: .40-1.50 (+275%)
$69.50: .61-1.20 (+155%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ve got a decent selection of options plays to watch as we cruise through this midweek. With nothing really piquing our interest from this morning’s earnings calendar, here are a few potential plays based off of attractive chart setups.

XL 05/21 $12.50-15 Calls
PLUG 04/01 $45-48 Calls 

EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls

Bonus Idea:
SPY 03/10 $388-389 Calls **Expiry at today’s close**

Extended Watchlist: 

Major Success Continues

Options Clean Sweep:

We kicked off this short trading week yesterday morning by formulating a trio of options ideas for our readers, and we have the pleasant duty to report that we went three for three on those fresh targets.

We identified small ranges of contracts in the PLUG, SPCE, and SPY chains, and all of them posted respectable intraday moves and gain opportunities:

PLUG Weekly $62-63 Calls
$62: 4.05-7.45 (+84%)
$63:  3.65-6.65 (+82%)

SPCE Weekly $31.50-32.50 Calls
$31.50: .75-1.53 (+104%)
$32: .61-1.29 (+111%)
$32.50: .50-1.10 (+120%)

SPY 01/19 $377-378 Calls
 .70-2.26 (+223%)
$378:  .34-1.40 (+311%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

MS Weekly $76 Calls
NFLX Weekly $560-575

Super Subpenny Bangers:

We have been placing greater-than-average focus on the OTC Markets in recent months, simply because so much activity has been taking place there, and we will always go where we feel there’s fast money to be made. Even in the midst of this historic market, OTC stocks have produced a growth rate over 10% higher than stocks on the upper exchanges.

A couple of the super subpenny stocks we’ve been tracking recorded some serious moves yesterday:

1pm Industries, Inc. OPMZ
Range:  .0006-.0018
Gained: +200%

Plyzer Technologies, Inc. PLYZ

Range:  .0006-.0014
Gained: +133%

Extended Watchlist:

Friday’s Big Movers, Fresh Options Targets


Aphria, Inc. APHA  – We finished out the week on Friday tracking some cannabis related stocks, and the associated options targets we formulated for them. Both our existing and our fresh ideas in the APHA and TLRY chains put up strong numbers. We had already tracked the APHA Weekly $10-11 Calls to multibag gains, and those put up impressive new highs which extended our observed gains on them considerably.

Meanwhile, the additions we made to our watchlist with the APHA Weekly $13-14 Calls and the APHA 01/22 $15 Calls also posted big time intraday moves. The ranges and maximum profits on those were as follows:

APHA Weekly $10-11 Calls
 .70-.4.00 (+471%)
$10.50: .40-3.45 (+762%)
$11: .28-3.13 (+1018%)

APHA Weekly $13-14 Calls
$13: .02-.40 (+1900%)
$13.50: .04-.24 (+500%)
$14:  .02-.13 (+550%)

APHA 01/22 $15 Calls
$15: .52-.98 (+88%)

Tilray Inc. TLRY – We added TLRY ideas as a complementary play, with the two companies preparing for a merger, specifically, the TLRY Weekly $21-22 Calls, which posted these moves:

TLRY Weekly $21-22 Calls
$21: .11-.58 (+427%)
$22:  .05-.29 (+480%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PLUG Weekly $62-63 Calls
SPCE Weekly $31.50-32.50 Calls
SPY 01/19 $377-378 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: