Big Wins Friday, 4-Pack of Fresh Picks

A Furious Friday of Gainers:

We were able to close out the trading week on Friday without adding to the total count of exactly ONE pick we missed on all week! All five of the potential options plays we included in Friday morning’s premarket report produced big time single session gain opportunities. It was a great way to finish things off for the week, which was made rather interesting by the sheer volume of earnings reporters.

Friday’s fantastic five were the META Weekly $455-465 Calls, the AMZN Weekly $167.50-172.50 Calls, the ABBV Weekly $167.50 Calls, the AAPL Weekly $185-180 Puts and the NVDA Weekly $637.50-640 Calls, and as you can see below the gains ranged from quite good, to simply excellent:

META Weekly $455-465 Calls
5.55-30.23 (+445%)
$457.50: 3.80-25.65 (+575%)
$465: 2.51-20.70 (+724%)

AMZN Weekly $167.50-172.50 Calls
1.71-5.07 (+196%)
$170: .75-2.65 (+253%)
$167.50: .21-.88 (+319%)

ABBV Weekly $167.50 Calls
$167.50: .26-1.94 (+646%)

AAPL Weekly $185-180 Puts
$185: .18-.76 (+322%)
$182.50: .68-1.34 (+97%)
$180: .15-.35 (+133%)

NVDA Weekly $637.50-640 Calls
$637.50: 3.80-28.31 (+645%)
$640: 2.80-25.95 (+827%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSN Weekly $57-59 Calls
CAT Weekly $325-330 Calls
NDVA Weekly $675-682.50 Calls
EL Weekly $155-160 Calls

Canopus BioPharma Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIA) – Recap: 

We’ve also got a quick little update on CBIA, which is a stock that appeared on our extended watchlist on Friday morning. It ran from a daily low of .0004 up as high as .0009, representing a 125% upswing for the session.

Extended Watchlist:

Thursday’s 5 Winners, 5 New Targets

Wrapping Up an Excellent Trading Week:

We were quite pleased with the way our options targets performed on Thursday, with all five of the ideas we included in our premarket report for the day producing solid gain opportunities. Out of every potential play we posted this week, just one of them failed to put forth instant results. If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that this is the sort of success we have come to expect from ourselves. We very seldom miss, and we are rightfully proud of that fact.

Yesterday’s movers were the ETSY Weekly $71-73 Calls, the SHEL Weekly $62-64 Calls, the QCOM Weekly $148-146 Puts, the SPY 02/01 $483-485 Calls, and the CTVA 02/16 $45-50 Calls. Here were the intraday results we observed:

ETSY Weekly $71-73 Calls
1.41-2.15 (+52%)
$72: .88-1.42 (+61%)
$73: .54-.94 (+74%)

SHEL Weekly $62-64 Calls
$62: 2.15-2.75 (+28%)
$63: 1.38-2.00 (+45%)
$64: .45-.85 (+89%)

QCOM Weekly $148-146 Puts
$148: 4.60-7.36 (+60%)
$147: 4.07-6.15 (+51%)
$146: 3.33-5.45 (+64%)

SPY 02/01 $483-485 Calls
$483: 1.83-7.50 (+310%)
$484: 1.24-6.74 (+443%)
$485: .80-6.23 (+679%)

CTVA 02/16 $45-50 Calls
$45: 7.20-9.00 (+25%)
$50: 3.20-4.30 (+34%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
META Weekly $455-465 Calls*
AMZN Weekly $167.50-172.50 Calls*
ABBV Weekly $167.50 Calls*
AAPL Weekly $185-180 Puts*
NVDA Weekly $637.50-640 Calls*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration carries a higher than average risk and should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist:

Solid Start to the Week, 4 New Ideas

A Good Start to the Week:

When we signal a longer-term options play, it’s always with the understanding that it may not always produce instant same-day results, and such was the case with our first report of this short week yesterday. We had one set of December calls amid our four fresh ideas, and it cost us adding to our incredible 2-week flawless options streak. It was still one heck of a run without a single hitch, and we’re proud of what we accomplish every single day.

All three of the weekly sets we targeted yesterday, which were the AAPL Weekly $190 Calls, the TSLA Weekly $235 Calls, and the COIN Weekly $100-101 Calls, offered up good intraday runs for us to take advantage of, and here’s how that activity played out for us:

AAPL Weekly $190 Calls
 1.48-2.58 (+74%)

TSLA Weekly $235 Calls
$235: 3.35-5.55 (+66%)

COIN Weekly $100-101 Calls
 2.97-7.05 (+137%)
$101: 2.52-6.25 (+148%)

 Fresh Options Ideas:
BURL Weekly $149-150 Calls
DKS Weekly $127-129 Calls
LOW Weekly $200-197.50 Puts
SYM 12/15 $47.50-50 Calls

Star Alliance International Corp. (OTCMKTS:STAL) – Recap:

We also wanted to circle back for an update on STAL, which is a stock we’ve flagged in our extended watchlists multiple times beginning on November 3rd. Since then, we’ve witnessed as STAL has run from a low of .001, on up to yesterday’s new high of .0088. That works out to an increase of 780% in just over two weeks’ time.

Extended Watchlist: