Big-Time Bangers & More

GBX, ARWR, LEVI Options Reviews :  

To kick things off this morning, we will of course be going over successful options calls from last week that ended things on Friday with new highs. We like when our pattern of behavior is predictable, because that means we’ve been doing things correctly.

Our daily targets usually yield interesting performances over a short span and the following plays were no different. On Friday our tag of the GBX 07/16 $40 Calls and Tuesday morning’s tag on the ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls

GBX 07/16 $40 Calls
1.40-3.80 (+171%)

ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls
$65: 1.28-3.30 (+158%)

LEVI 07/16 $29-30 Calls
.15-.55 (+267%)
$30: .05-.20 (+300%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPCE Weekly $50-53 Calls
SWBI Weekly $25-30 Calls

Hot Stock Runners: 

In addition to options targets, we’ve also had some stock-only plays that we’ve been tracking. Here are a couple of runners, including links to the reports from when we alerted on them, and the total possible gains that were subsequently available.

Dark Pulse, Inc. DPLS

1st Alerted: June 14th
Range: .0371-.1765
Gained: +376%

Cyberlux Corp. CYBL
1st Alerted: May 26th
Range: .0011-.011
Gained: +900%

Extended Watchlist:

Reviewing Recent Runners, Fresh Ideas

Elray Resources, Inc. ELRA – OTC Recap:

We caught sight of ELRA midway through last week, and noticed that the stock had been experiencing a marked rise in volume and liquidity. As a result, we placed it on our daily watchlists in our premarket reports Thursday and Friday morning.

ELRA continued to build on its momentum, recording a considerable two session run from our vantage point. From Thursday’s low of .0023, it reached .0049 on Friday, which represents a 113% increase. With the ongoing momentum buildup it has exhibited over the past several sessions, we’ll want to keep an eye on it as we kick off a new trading week.

Friday’s Options Runners:

On Friday morning, we reported the gains in our PYPL options idea from Thursday’s report, the PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls. We mentioned that we expected to see even more gains added to those figures based on its premarket activity, and that assumption proved accurate.

Below are the total two-day swings recorded by those contract sets, as well as Friday’s numbers on the two runners from our fresh ideas, the ROKU Weekly $307.50-315 Calls and SQ Weekly $227.50-235 Calls:

PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls
.64-3.85 (+501%)
$257.50: .38-2.00 (+426%)
$260: .23-1.20 (+422%)

ROKU Weekly $307.50-315 Calls
 14.72-26.10 (+77%)
$310: 12.46-25.53 (+105%)
$312.50: 11.38-21.68 (+91%)
$315: 2.18-5.05 (+132%)

SQ Weekly $227.50-235 Calls 
$227.50: 4.25-8.28 (+95%)
$230: 2.10-6.37 (+203%)
$232.50: .65-3.80 (+485%)
$235: .18-1.64 (+811%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
BNTX Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
TSN Weekly $79-79.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Double-Bottom Watchlist & More

Double-Bottom Watchlist

We like to look for potential rebound plays in stocks that are displaying a double bottom formation on the chart, and we’ve got three such candidate to add to a recovery watchlist this morning.

InVivo Therapeutics Holding Corp. NVIV, Stein Mart,Inc. SMRT, and Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, Inc. SPWH have all begun to trend off of a level of support that has been established on one or more previous occasions. We’ll want to monitor this trio in the days and weeks ahead for possible sustained recoveries.

StarBucks Corp. SBUX – Options Idea

Shares of SBUX really came crashing down this morning, all the way to the $55-level, the lowest PPS since March. We’ll be looking to take advantage of a possible forthcoming rebound when the smoke clears.

SBUX has demonstrated solid support in the $54-area earlier this year, so we’ll look for it to hold there or above on this plummet that comes even as analysts are reporting a good outlook.

Once a rebound begins to materialize, we could see some noteworthy activity in the SBUX 08/18 $54-55 Calls.

Extended Watchlist: