4 for 4 Thursday, Fresh Ideas to Finish the Week

Another Clean Sheet on Thursday:

Things went very well for us for the fourth straight day of the week yesterday, with our premarket report for Thursday’s session going nicely to plan. We had signaled a batch of four potential plays for the session, and saw pretty good intraday activity out of all of them. Things have been a little dry on the earnings front, but we’ve still managed to get along quite nicely.

Our designated targets for the day were the ADBE Weekly $590-600 Calls, the JBL Weekly $120 Calls, the MTDR 01/19 $55-60 Calls, and the SPY 12/14 $472-473 Calls. The intraday moves they posted were as follows:

ADBE Weekly $590-600 Calls
 1.60-3.54 (+121%)
$595: 2.40-5.70 (+137%)
$597.50: 2.00-4.70 (+135%)
$600: 1.62-4.00 (+147%)

JBL Weekly $120 Calls
 6.28-16.77 (+167%)

MTDR 01/19 $55-60 Calls
$55: 3.40-4.10 (+21%)
$57.50: 2.05-2.60 (+27%)
$60: 1.10-1.55 (+41%)

SPY 12/14 $472-473 Calls
$472: .62-1.52 (+145%)
$473: .30-.80 (+167%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
COST Weekly $640-645 Calls*
DRI Weekly $165-160 Puts*
SCHL Weekly $35 Puts*

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration

Extended Watchlist:

A Winning Wednesday, 4 New Targets

Hot Streak Continues Wednesday:

We had another really solid outing on Wednesday, continuing a run of excellent options ideas for the week. We had a triplet of potential plays in our premarket report for the day, and all of them turned in some fairly impressive performances on the day. Especially our target in the SPY, which went on a really nice intraday tear immediately following the fed meeting, and into the close.

Those ideas we were tracking were the SPY 12/13 $465 Calls, the ABM Weekly $45 Calls, and the AMD Weekly $137-139 Calls, and here are the intraday runs they logged:

SPY 12/13 $465 Calls
 .90-5.83 (+548%)

ABM Weekly $45 Calls
$45: 2.90-7.30 (+152%)

AMD Weekly $137-139 Calls
$137: 2.20-3.90 (+77%)
$138: 1.74-3.10 (+78%)
$139: 1.02-1.95 (+91%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ADBE Weekly $590-600 Calls
JBL Weekly $120 Calls
MTDR 01/19 $55-60 Calls
SPY 12/14 $472-473 Calls*

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration

Star Alliance International Corp. STAL – Update:

We’ve recently been tracking STAL closely, and on Monday morning we mentioned that we would want to see STAL hold support in the .004-.005 range to continue to hold our interest. It did just that, maintaining support at a low of .0045 on Tuesday, and running back to .0085 yesterday. That worked out to a two-day swing of 89%

C4 Therapeutics, Inc. – Recap:

 Another stock that we flagged in yesterday’s extended watchlist was CCCC, which posted an impressive intraday run on the heels of some positive phase 1 trial data, and news of an exclusive licensing agreement with pharma giant MRK. We saw a single session rip from 3.16-6.03 out of this stock, which represents a 91% upswing.

Extended Watchlist:

Friday’s Multi-Baggers, Trio of New Ideas

Reviewing Friday’s Winners:  

Friday was a bloody red day for the markets in general, with a gap-down in the morning and a steady decline throughout the day. Luckily for us, most of the targets that we formulated in Friday’s premarket report were bearish in nature, and each of the ranges of puts that we selected exhibited some great intraday upswings.

The plays in question were the DASH Weekly $82-81 Puts, the ADBE Weekly $537.50-530 Puts, and the LEN Weekly $117-115 Puts and the potential gains they afforded traders were certainly nothing to sneeze at. Check out the breakdown of their daily moves:

DASH Weekly $82-81 Puts
 .66-2.73 (+314%)
$81: .72-1.60 (+122%)

ADBE Weekly $537.50-530 Puts
 4.65-12.81 (+175%)
$535: 3.10-10.77 (+247%)
$532.50: 1.54-8.56 (+456%)
$530: .64-6.45 (+939%)

LEN Weekly $117-115 Puts
 3.09-5.84 (+89%)
$116: 1.70-4.30 (+153%)
$115: 1.34-3.70 (+176%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSLA Weekly $277.50-272.50 Puts
NVDA Weekly $435-430 Puts
SPY 09/18 $444-443 Puts

Extended Watchlist: