Good Start to the Week, 5 New Ideas

Good Start to the Week:  

We had just a pair of fresh options possibilities in yesterday morning’s premarket report, but we managed to see some decent moves out of those. Today’s slate of potential plays will be a lot beefier, with a mix of technical setup ideas as well as a handful of big name earnings reporters.

As for yesterday’s movers, we had the TSLA Weekly $245-242.50 Puts and the NVDA Weekly $420-410 Puts on our radar and these were the numbers they put up on the session:

TSLA Weekly $245-242.50 Puts
 4.70-5.95 (+27%)
$242.50: 3.74-4.80 (+28%)

NVDA Weekly $420-410 Puts
$420: 5.95-9.20 (+55%)
$415: 4.25-6.90 (+62%)
$410: 3.00-5.00 (+67%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
FERG 10/20 $155-160 Calls
UNFI 10/20 $15 Puts
THO 10/20 $90 Puts
PM 10/27 $94-95 Calls
MORF 11/17 $25 Calls

TransCode Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:RNAZ) – Recap:

We also have an update on RNAZ which has made quite the move following our tag of the stock in last Wednesday’s extended watchlist. From a low of .56, RNAZ shot up to an impressive new high of 3.20 yesterday. That represents an increase of 471%

Extended Watchlist:

Big Runs from Friday, A Pair of Fresh Plays

Strong Finish on Friday:  

We ended up in great shape on Friday, with the session bringing four out of the five targets in our premarket report some really nice intraday runs. We had one extended term idea with a November expiration fail to produce instant results, but we’ll continue to monitor in the days and weeks ahead.

Our daily rippers for Friday were the SCHL 10/20 $30 Puts, the NVDA Weekly $410-415 Calls, the AAPL Weekly $172.50-175 Calls, and the AMZN Weekly $129-131 Calls, and here were the excellent intraday opportunities they provided to traders on the day:

SCHL 10/20 $30 Puts
 .25-.60 (+140%)

NVDA Weekly $410-415 Calls
$410: 3.95-11.20 (+184%)
 1.32-6.45 (+389%)

AAPL Weekly $172.50-175 Calls
 1.80-4.50 (+150%)
$175: .31-2.08 (+571%)

AMZN Weekly $129-131 Calls
$129: .13-1.00 (+592%)
$130: .74-2.06 (+178%)
$131: .29-1.15 (+297%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSLA Weekly $245-242.50 Puts
NVDA Weekly $420-410 Puts

Avalo Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:AVTX) – Recap:

AVTX appeared in Friday morning’s extended watchlist, and the subsequent low was .1132. We’re seeing new highs this morning in the premarket of .1519, which works out to an observed upswing of 34%

Extended Watchlist:

5 Fresh Ideas to Close Out the Week

Solid Moves on Thursday:  

Things proceeded fairly well following our premarket report yesterday morning, wherein we flagged four possible options targets for ourselves and our readers. As it turned out, three of them made solid daytrading candidates, with the fourth registering nominal activity. The odds worked out quite in our favor and got us back on a good track.

The three runners were the FDX Weekly $260-265 Calls, the KBH Weekly $47.50-46 Puts, and the SPY 09/22 $432-433 Calls and here’s what they did for us:

FDX Weekly $260-265 Calls
 1.82-4.21 (+131%)
$262.50: .88-2.56 (+191%)
$265: .38-1.29 (+239%)

KBH Weekly $47.50-46 Puts
 .79-1.25 (+58%)
$47: .50-1.05 (+110%)
$46: .13-.40 (+208%)

SPY 09/22 $432-433 Calls
$432: 2.52-3.42 (+36%)
$433: 1.90-2.70 (+50%)

In the case of the SPY Calls, which you may have noticed were today’s expiration, we’re going to continue monitoring as we believe there’s a good chance we see some new highs.

Fresh Options Ideas:
CMP 11/17 $25-30 Calls
SCHL 10/20 $30 Puts
NVDA Weekly $410-415 Calls
AAPL Weekly $172.50-175 Calls
AMZN Weekly $129-131 Calls

CleanVision Corp. CLNV – Recap: 

We still tag the occasional OTC stock in our daily watchlists, and CLNV is one we’ve been tracking since Tuesday morning, and over the past couple of sessions we’ve observed a run from .0258 to .04, representing a rise of 55%

Extended Watchlist: