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Another Perfect Friday Run: 

We like to kick off every fresh trading week by going over the winners we unearthed the previous Friday, and it’s always nice when we can report a clean sweep of success on each and every idea we put forth. Such was the case with the three options targets we formulated in our premarket report on Friday morning.

We had some serious daily gainers on the radar, as all three of our selections netted chances at multibag profits on the day. In the case of SPCE, we even provided our readers with a couple opportunities at more than 1000% intraday gains! Perhaps this might help our new readers to understand why our primary focus these days is quick strike options trading.

Here are the excellent single session gains that we uncovered in Friday’s report:

SPCE Weekly $45-49 Calls 
$45: 1.95-12.15 (+523%)
$46: 1.46-10.87 (+645%)
$47: 1.01-9.90 (+880%)
$48: .79-9.00 (+1039%)
$49: .55-8.30 (+1510%)

KMX Weekly $125-127 Calls
$125: .85-3.50 (+312%)
$126: .58-2.70 (+366%)
$127: .26-2.20 (+746%)

NKE Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
$149: 2.86-5.35 (+87%)
$150: 2.00-4.41 (+120%)
$152.50: .60-1.66 (+177%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re going to stick with SPCE by establishing a new target this morning, and we’re going to also signal some short and extended-term calls on CCIV.

SPCE Weekly $57-59 Calls
CCIV Weekly $26 Calls
CCIV 07/23 $27.50-28 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Tough Sledding for the Market, Related Ideas

The Home Depot, Inc. HD – Recap:

From our list of options ideas we were tracking yesterday, Home Depot was the primary trend-bucker of the day, as the markets in general had a tumultuous session, and appear to be headed for more of the same.

We were targeting the HD Weekly $322.50-327.50 Calls and they produced significant intraday gain opportunities shortly following the opening bell. Those trading ranges and potential profits were as follows:

HD Weekly $322.50-327.50 Calls
$322.50: 2.03-5.00 (+146%)
$325: 1.33-3.70 (+178%)
$327.50: .67-2.08 (+210%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LOW Weekly $192.50-187.50 Puts
SPY 05/19 $409-407 Puts*
TGT Weekly $215-210 Puts 

*Please remember that trading options on their day of expiration should only be attempted by advanced level traders with access to disposable funds!  

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Closing Out the Holiday-Shortened Week

Options Round-Up:

We’ve got a lot of options figures to share this morning, after our existing and new targets in BNTX produced intraday gains yesterday, as well as the other fresh ideas we offered up in the LULU and WBA chains. We saw notable activity in nearly everything on our radar in the first half of the session, producing a multitude of chances for our readers to potentially reap the rewards of some solid moves.

Here are all of the contract sets that produced intraday gain chances, with the exception of the BNTX $99-101’s, which are the lows registered in the prior session, to yesterday’s swing highs:

BNTX Weekly $99-101 Calls
$99:  2.90-7.00 (+141%)
$100: 2.15-11.00 (+411%)
$101: 2.30-9.60 (+317%)

$105: 3.80-6.52 (+72%)
$106: 3.92-5.00 (+28%)
$107: 2.25-4.50 (+100%)

WBA Weekly $53-54 Calls
$105: 1.30-3.65 (+181%)
$106: .86-3.12 (+263%)
$107: .71-2.65 (+273%)

LULU Weekly $315-310 Puts
: 8.28-15.00 (+81%)
$106: 9.36-11.50 (+23%)
$107: 3.90-10.04 (+157%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SHW 04/16 $246.67-250 Calls
SPY Weekly $397-398 Calls* 

MU Weekly $91-93 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on the last day of the week, unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds.

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