DASH Calls Bear Fruit, Fresh Ideas

More Options Updates:

We’re on our normal routine today, highlighting the winners we’ve come across with our many options ideas. For yesterday’s morning’s premarket report, we hashed out three sets of fresh plays for tracking, and two of them turned in very nice performances.

We were after the ACCD Weekly $20 Calls and the KBH 02/18 $40-42 Calls, and they both produced positive intraday movement for us, with the ACCD calls posting the top performance and registering a big multibag run on the day.

Additionally, we flagged the DASH 01/21 $160-165 Calls as a longer-term idea on New Year’s Eve, and those have started to put up big moves as well. Below you’ll find the total range and possible gains so far.

ACCD Weekly $20 Calls
 1.90-5.00 (+163%)

KBH 02/18 $40-42 Calls
$40: 2.05-2.93 (+43%)
$41: 1.45-2.25 (+55%)
$42: 1.05-1.65 (+57%)

DASH 01/21 $160-165 Calls 
$160: .07-.52 (+643%)
$162.50: .05-.31 (+520%)
$165: .04-.29  (+625%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 01/12 $470-472 Calls*
INFY 01/21 $25-26 Calls
NFLX 02/04 $560-570 Calls
AMBA Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls

*Please exercise great caution when trading options on their day of expiration. It should only be attempted by experienced traders. 

Extended Watchlist:

Closing Out a Fantastic Trading Year


The last trading day of 2021 is finally upon us, and we just wanted to take a minute to thank all of our regular readers for another fun and fortunate year of tracking down the quickest ways to make a buck!

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to head into the ELEVENTH calendar year of our flagship site at BlueHorseshoeStocks.com, where you can still find EVERY morning report we’ve published during its whole existence.

The new highs that have been continually set by the markets in 2021 definitely made it a fun one, and we can’t wait to dive right into 2022 with great expectations. We’re happy to have you all along for the ride, and may your New Year (and your trading orders) be filled with positive gains!

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Quick Options & Stock Updates 

We began tracking the TWTR 01/28 $48-50 Calls last week, and those targets subsequently made some nice gains that we’ll relay below.

TWTR 01/28 $48-50 Calls
$48: .40-.92 (+130%)
$49: .30-.65 (+117%)
$50: .22-.57 (+159%)

We also included PBS Holding Inc. PBHG in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and that OTC play turned in a multibag performance on the day. The stock ran from .001-.0026, marking down an intraday run of 160%

Fresh Options Idea:
DASH 01/21 $160-165 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Runners, Runners, Everywhere!

Options Review: 

We played the SPY from both sides of the fence last week as the markets chopped up and down over the course of some rather volatile sessions. On Friday morning, we flipped from bears to bulls and cast our lot in with the SPY 05/14 $411-412.50 Calls. 

Additionally, a couple of our other targets, the DASH Weekly $122-125 Calls and the PBR Weekly $9-9.50 Calls, produced some impressive intraday rallies that gave traders the chance at the following gains:

SPY 05/14 $411-412.50 Calls
$411: 2.56-6.48 (+153%)
$412: 1.91-5.58 (+192%)
$412.50: 1.59-5.00 (+214%)

DASH Weekly $122-125 Calls
$122: 3.82-22.50 (+490%)
$123: 2.94-22.47 (+664%)
$124: 2.59-21.50 (+7300%)
$125: 1.80-20.00 (+1011%)

PBR Weekly $9-9.50 Calls
$9: .37-.71 (+110%)
$9.50: .09-.22 (+144%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PCT 08/20 $15-17.50 Calls 

PRPL Weekly $30-35 Calls 

OTC Runners:

Friday was a big day for many of the OTC stocks we’ve been actively tracking of late. These four examples which have appeared in our reports over the last few weeks all set new highs for us on Friday.

Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. EEGI
First Alert: 04/26
Subsequent Range: .0005-.0055
Total Possible Gain:+1000%

Spooz, Inc. SPZI
First Alert: 05/07
Subsequent Range: .0012-.0038
Total Possible Gain: +217%

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. GEGI 
First Alert: 05/14
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0072
Total Possible Gain:+100%

Buyer Group International, Inc. BYRG
First Alert: 05/14
Subsequent Range: .0044-.0074
Total Possible Gain:+68%

Extended Watchlist: