SPY Yields Thousand Percent Gainers & More

SPY Calls Roll:

Up until yesterday morning, it had actually been quite some time since we had last formulated a daily trading idea for the SPY, which historically has been one of our most common targets. Despite an up-and-down session for the markets, we did observe some very nice gain opportunities in our targeted contracts.

We were looking at the SPY 09/13 $446-448 Calls due to a relative dry spell of earnings reporters that will persist for the next several weeks. It turned out to be a solid choice, with our designated range yielding three out of three multi-baggers, including two sets that ran well over a thousand percent!

Here are the total moves and possible profits provided by our selections on the day:

SPY 09/13 $446-448 Calls*
 .05-.99 (+1880%)
$447: .01-.16 (+1500%)
$448: .17-.44 (+159%)

We’ll stick with the same SPY targets but for tomorrow’s expiration, following better than expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures dropped this morning.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 09/15 $446-448 Calls
ORCL Weekly $87-85.50 Puts 

B 10/15 $35-45 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

OTC Roundup & More

Penny Stock Poppers: 

The first thing we are going to do today is go over the advances made this week by some of the OTC stocks that have been on our radar. With a drought of earnings reporters, it’s good to have other ways to unearth gain opportunities and we’ve done fairly well with the following slate of penny plays.

In the case of RSHN, we’ve been on its trail for months, and have seen a monster move from the super-subpenny all the way to nearly two cents! The others are picks we brought to the table just this week which have already posted multibag runs.

Below you’ll find the exact date of our initial alert on each stock, followed by the subsequent moves and total possible gains that could have been attained:

RushNet, Inc. RSHN
Alerted: May 13th
Range: .0008-.019
Gained: +2275%

Dark Pulse, Inc. DPLS
Alerted: June 14th
Range: .0371-.0969
Gained: +161%

Bassline Products, Inc. BSSP
Alerted: June 15th
Range: .0013-.0037
Gained: +185%

Oracle Corp. ORCL – Options Review:

We also had some fresh options plays in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We were tracking the ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts and after gapping down the stock continued to fall, playing right into our hands.

That range of contract sets recorded multibag moves across the board, with the following intraday gain chances:

ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts
$79: 1.11-3.15 (+174%)
$78.50: .70-2.63 (+276%)
$78: .60-2.24 (+273%)
$77.50: .47-1.73 (+268%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Bullish and Bearish Options Ideas

Ehang Holdings Ltd. EH – Recap:

Things have been cooling on the options front this week as we struggle through a period of extreme low numbers of daily earnings reporters. It’s the volatility following these earnings dumps that provides us with the big gain chances we’re always after.

We have been managing to find plays here and there, however, and one of our ideas from yesterday morning, the EH Weekly $40-45 Calls, did post some solid intraday gains for us. Out of our pair of designated targets, one achieved multibag status while the other fell just a couple of percentage points short.

Here are the total moves and possible profits on the session for those plays:

EH Weekly $40-45 Calls 
$40: 3.98-7.90 (+98%)
$45: 2.34-4.80 (+105%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ll be flipping bearish on ORCL today, and are also taking a longer-term look at SAGE, which has fallen off a cliff this week.

SAGE 08/20 $60-65 Calls 

ORCL Weekly $79-77.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist: