Ringing in 2024 with a 4-Pack of Fresh Ideas

Best Wishes for 2024!

In a rare occurrence, we opted not to include any options trading ideas on Friday before breaking for the holiday. There were no earnings reporters, and the markets were looking rather subdued, and set up for a humdrum kind of a day. It was a quiet end to a year that had been anything but quiet, but we’re ready to get things rolling for 2024. We’ll still be without earnings reporters today, but that won’t stop us from rooting out something to focus upon for this first trading day of the year.

If 2024 turns out anywhere near as positive as 2023 was, we will be in very good shape! It is the 13th calendar year since we opened up BlueHorseshoeStocks.com as a daily archive of all of our newsletters (all 3,230 of which are still public and available for review!) and we’re going stronger than ever! To subscribers new and old, we hope you’ll stick with us for what promises to be a VERY interesting 2024!

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MARA Weekly $26-27 Calls
COIN Weekly $175-177.50 Calls
AMD Weekly $145-144 Puts
VYGR 11/19 $10-12.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: