Friday’s Big Winners, Fresh Plays to Start the Week

Friday Runners Recap: 

We closed out the short trading week on Friday in high spirits, after our morning options trading ideas bore an incredible amount of fruit. We had only signaled interest in tracking two potential sets of targets, but that was more than enough of a selection to see some serious intraday gain opportunities.

We were zeroed in on the SQ Weekly $77-79 Calls, and the BYND Weekly $18-19 Calls, and were very impressed with the intraday movement in every single contract set. We went six-for-six on the day with the lowest upswing coming in at 300% and the highest topping 800% Just the sort of finish to a week that we love to have, and here are the performance figures they posted on the day:

SQ Weekly $77-79 Calls
 .20-1.05 (+425%)
$78: .11-.50 (+354%)
$79: .06-.24 (+300%)

BYND Weekly $18-19 Calls

$18: .90-4.55 (+405%)
$18.50: .41-4.07 (+893%)
$19: .80-3.59 (+348%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LI Weekly $23.50-24.50 Calls
TSLA Weekly $200-202.50 Calls
SPY 02/27 $398-399 Calls*

*Please refrain from attempting to trade options contracts on their day of expiration unless you are a seasoned trader with access to disposable funds

Extended Watchlist: