Fresh Trading Ideas to Close Out the Short Week

Thursday’s Successful Targets: 

We offered up a pack of four fresh earnings-related options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report. It was a mixed bag of calls and puts, and we witnessed some pretty nice intraday activity out of three of four, leading to many quick-strike profit opportunities for ourselves and our readers.

The runners we were actively tracking were the NVDA Weekly $225-230 Calls, the EBAY Weekly $46.50-45.50 Puts, and the MRNA Weekly $155-152.50 Puts, and here were the caliber of gains that were on the table for the session:

NVDA Weekly $225-230 Calls
 8.20-13.99 (+71%)
$227.50: 7.07-12.00 (+70%)
$230: 5.23-9.60 (+84%)

EBAY Weekly $46.50-45.50 Puts
$46.50: 1.31-2.66 (+103%)
$46: 1.00-2.25 (+125%)
$45.50: .58-1.65 (+184%)

MRNA Weekly $155-152.50 Puts
 3.00-11.20 (+273%)
$152.50: 2.30-8.85 (+285%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SQ Weekly $77-79 Calls*
BYND Weekly $18-19 Calls*

*Please refrain from attempting to trade options contracts on their day of expiration unless you are a seasoned trader with access to disposable funds

Extended Watchlist: