PANW Mega Multi-Baggers & More

More Options Perfection:

We ended the week in Friday’s report by patting ourselves on the back for the options clean sweep that we managed with Thursday’s ideas. Of course, we formulated a group of fresh ideas for that report as well, and once again, we were flawless.

All three of the fresh options plays that we signaled interest in, recorded huge moves on the day and allowed for some serious single session gain opportunities to anyone who was in on the action. Our specific targets were the PANW Weekly $535-545 Calls, the WDAY Weekly $285-275 Puts, and the AMAT Weekly $150-148 Puts. Regardless of which strikwe point was chosen, the moves were considerable.

Here are the total ranges and possible gains that were made available by those ideas: 

PANW Weekly $535-545 Calls
 .83-7.99 (+863%)
$540: .66-5.48 (+730%)
$545: .48-3.62 (+654%)

WDAY Weekly $285-275 Puts
$285: 2.13-5.02 (+136%)
$282.50: 1.85-3.75 (+103%)
$280: .80-6.00 (+650%)
$277.50: 1.02-2.02 (+98%)
$275: .75-1.57 (+109%)

AMAT Weekly $150-148 Puts

$150: .07-.34 (+385%)
$149: .18-.39 (+117%)
$148: .30-.50 (+167%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

The earnings calendar is a little light this for this morning, but we’ve put together a couple of ideas to start things off this week. Some daily SPY Calls with futures currently on the rise, and an extended term short on CRNC.

SPY 11/22 $469-470 Calls
CRNC 12/17 $105-95 Puts

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SNRG Q3 Report, Massive Options Success & More

Another Options Sweep:

It has been yet another exciting option trading week for us, with a majority of the potential plays we’ve signaled in our daily reports having produced significant chances for quick-strike gains. In fact, out of the four sets of targets we selected for yesterday morning’s premarket report, all four recorded some very nice intraday moves.

Specifically we were targeting the NVDA Weekly $312.50-317.50 Calls, the KSS Weekly $60-62 Calls, the VSCO Weekly $50-55 Calls, and the M Weekly $31-33 Calls. There wasn’t a single contract set within those designated ranges that didn’t put up some really nice moves, which were as follows:

NVDA Weekly $312.50-317.50 Calls
 8.00-16.20 (+103%)
$315: 6.65-14.50 (+118%)
$317.50: 5.61-12.48 (+122%)

KSS Weekly $60-62 Calls
$60: 1.28-3.40 (+166%)
$61: 1.13-2.58 (+128%)
$61.50: 1.03-2.04 (+98%)
$62: .90-2.04 (+127%)

VSCO Weekly $50-55 Calls
$50: 5.00-9.70 (+94%)
$55: 1.55-5.56 (+259%)

M Weekly $31-33 Calls
$31: 2.65-6.87 (+159%)
$32: 1.81-5.90 (+226%)
$33: 1.21-5.00 (+313%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PANW Weekly $535-545 Calls*
WDAY Weekly $285-275 Puts*
AMAT Weekly $150-148 Puts*

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced trader with access to disposable funds! 

Susglobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB:SNRG) – Update:

We would also like to circle back around to SNRG this morning,following the company’s release of its Third Quarter financials yesterday. along with commentary and outlook by CEO Marc Hazout. SNRG has plans for increasing revenue and eventually uplisting from the OTC to a higher exchange. Read Hazout’s update, and find SNRG’s full third quarter financials at the following link below.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2021 / SusGlobal Energy Corp. (“SusGlobal“) or (the “Company“) (OTCQB:SNRG), the developer of SusGro, an award-winning revolutionary pathogen-free organic liquid fertilizer and LEADERS IN THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY®, today announced financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2021 and provided an update on its operational progress…

“We continue to process municipal organic waste streams, diverting them from landfills, while producing regenerative products such as Earth’s Journey® Organic Compost, as part of our Circular Economy model and will be monetizing carbon credits in the first quarter of 2022. We have confidence in a revenue ramp up for 2022,” said Marc Hazout, Executive Chairman, President and CEO of SusGlobal Energy Corp. “We have completed our goal of a regional strategy with a second facility in Hamilton and the commercialization of our proprietary organic liquid fertilizer in order to increase revenue and cash flow, maximizing shareholder value with an objective to up-list to a major exchange.” (>>View Entire Q3 Report )

Check out our focus report on SNRG and visit to learn more about the company’s award-winning organic liquid fertilizer and more.

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Options Winners, 4-Pack of Fresh Ideas

Options Gainers Everywhere!

As we promised on Friday morning, we’re circling back around today to the options ideas we formulated in that report, after taking yesterday to highlight an interesting waste-to-energy company. If you missed that special report, check it out now.

The five targets we zeroed in on for Friday’s session were the EXPE Weekly $175-180 Calls, the DDOG Weekly $190-195 Calls, the PFE Weekly $47.50-49 Calls, the ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls, and the PINS Weekly $43-45 Calls. In every case, we swept the board with intraday gainers all around.

Here were the daily moves and total possible profits that were on the table for traders: 

EXPE Weekly $175-180 Calls
$175: 1.90-7.72 (+306%)
$177.50: 1.30-5.88 (+352%)
$180: .90-4.06 (+351%)

DDOG Weekly $190-195 Calls
$190: .18-1.18 (+555%)
$192.50: .14-.51 (+264%)
$195: .08-.19 (+138%)

PFE Weekly $47.50-49 Calls
$47.50: 1.40-1.82 (+30%)
$48: 1.12-1.58 (+41%)
$48.50: .94-1.36 (+44%)
$49: .81-1.12 (+38%)

ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls
$185: 2.97-18.00 (+506%)
$187.50: 1.81-15.07 (+732%)
$190: 1.31-13.00 (+892%)

PINS Weekly $43-45 Calls
$43: 1.26-3.85 (+206%)
$44: .66-2.90 (+339%)
$45: .32-2.00 (+525%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ll get right back on track for tomorrow’s report by signaling some interesting earnings plays to track during today’s session, and attempt to keep our impeccable options record on this incredible run.

LCID Weekly $46-47 Calls
BNTX Weekly $247.50-255 Calls
RBLX Weekly $95-100 Calls
BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls 

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