Another Golden Trading Week on the Books

JBL, ACN Options Gainers:

Here we are at the end of another trading week, and we’re pleased to say we’re taking it out on a high note for our Friday report this morning! We had some excellent multibag-level success with yesterday morning’s freshly generated options targets.

We were tracking the JBL Weekly $60-65 Calls, and the ACN Weekly $405-415 Calls, and witnessed some really nice intraday gain opportunities for both. Here are the total gains that could have banked off of those plays on the day:

JBL Weekly $60-65 Calls
 3.90-6.50 (+67%)
$65: .70-2.08 (+197%)

ACN Weekly $405-415 Calls
$405: 4.91-10.49 (+114%)
$410: 2.47-7.49 (+203%)
$415: 1.28-5.02 (+292%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DRI Weekly $145-140 Puts
WGO Weekly $70 Calls
FDX Weekly $247.50-252.50 Calls

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you’re an experienced trader with access to disposable funds

Engage Mobility, Inc. ENGA – Review:

Switching gears over to the stock side of things, we have been tracking this OTC play for a little over a month, and the move it made is most definitely noteworthy.

ENGA began appearing in our extended watchlists last month on November 9th, and subsequent to that, was trading for as little as .131. This week, the stock shot out of a cannon and climbed as high as 2.55, which works out to a mega-increase of 1847%

Extended Watchlist: