ADMQ Hits New Highs, More News

ADM Endeavors Inc. ADMQ –  More New Highs!

We relayed ADMQ’s fresh news release to our readers yesterday morning, as we highlighted the solid moves the stock has made since the release of our Special Report on July 22nd. Up until yesterday in the premarket we had witnessed a run from.032 to .06. (+88%).

Following another productive day for ADMQ yesterday, we are already circling back to report new highs. The stock hit .07 yesterday, and extended our observed range on this play into multibag territory at 119%

The performance on ADMQ since we initiated coverage has been exemplary, with the establishment of higher lows and higher highs, demonstrating that the bulls are firmly in charge on this one. We’ll be anxious to see how today’s news might affect further gain in the share price.

Fort Worth, Texas, Aug. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — ADM Endeavors, Inc. (OTCQB: ADMQ) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Just Right Products, Inc., said that despite the uncertain sales in the Company’s school uniform division due to the pandemic, the Company’s total revenues have exceeded last year’s revenues due to the Company shifting resources to its other divisions. (>>Read Full PR)

Additionally, we have the CEO logging buys as the PPS ramps up, as you can see by visiting his Form-4 submission right here. That’s always a great sign that the company has confidence in its current trajectory. It’s no surprise either; ADMQ’s recent 10Q filing showed revenue of $1.05 million for the three months ended June 20, 2020, up $990 thousand in the same period last year!


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Success Entertainment Group International Inc. SEGN

Speaking of OTC success stories, we have been tracking SEGN all summer long, and have witnessed quite the uptrend. Following our alert on SEGN on the morning of June 12th, the stock was trading as low as .027. It began to rise, trading at .052 on the heels of our next alert on July 9th.

Yesterday, the stock hit .185, marking an overall move of 585% since the June report, and 256% since the most recent alert last month. Yet another demonstration of why the OTC Markets cannot simply be disregarded by traders who are interested in making rapid profits.

Fresh Options Ideas:

BMY Weekly $60-61 Calls 
ATVI Weekly $85-88 Calls

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ADMQ News Update

ADM Endeavors Inc. ADMQ –  News Update

The first thing we want to do this morning is provide an update on ADMQ, a stock that was the subject of a special report we put out on July 22nd. If you didn’t catch that detailed profile, we suggest you click here to read up on the company.

For starters, ADMQ has made a very nice move up the chart for us since our special report. The stock has since made a run from a low of .032 and reached a high of .06. That works out to an upswing of 88%

We also wanted to share the fresh PR released by the company alluding to the adoption of a new process to take its printing game to the next level:

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — ADM Endeavors, Inc. (OTCQB: ADMQ) is pleased to announce it is now offering Sublimation.  That means full color high resolution printing that transfers a design into the fibers of your T-shirt or mask or backpack and not simply “printed on top.”  With Sublimation, the design simply cannot be felt by touch. (>>View Full PR)


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Options Recaps

We also wanted to report the first day’s worth of gains managed by the options ideas we offered up in yesterday’s premarket report:

NKLA Weekly $37-38 Calls

$37: 2.71-4.75 (+183%)
$38: 2.25-4.21 (+12/%)

TTWO Weekly $170-175 Calls
$170: 2.12-4.11 (+183%)
$172.50: 1.50-2.88 (+12/%)
$175: 1.00-1.88 (+12/%)

Fresh Ideas: 
DIS Weekly $122-124 Calls
MNST Weekly $80-82 Calls

Solid Options Gainers

Options Winners

Yesterday’s premarket report was all about the huge options gains (Up to 8000%+) that we saw in our SPY calls from Friday, and as we usually do, we targeted some more fresh ideas to start off the week.

Our success continued to blossom with all three of our selections producing multi-bag opportunities on the day.

MCK Weekly $152.50-155 Calls
2.91-8.23 (+183%)
$155: 2.68-6.10 (+12/%)

GPN 08/21 $180-190 Calls
$180:  4.00-8.40 (+110%)
$185: 3.97-6.30 (+59%)
$190: 1.76-3.25 (+85%)

SPY 08/03 $328-329 Calls
$328: .71-1.69 (+138%)
$329: .30-.86 (+187%)

Resort Savers, Inc. RSSV 

Also in yesterday morning’s report, we tagged OTC play RSSV for observation. We have found a lot of solid chances to gain with penny stocks in recent months, and RSSV is the latest double-bag winner.

From a low of .23, the stock reached a high of .565, which works out to an intraday gain of 146%

Fresh Options Ideas:
TTWO Weekly $170-175 Calls
NKLA Weekly $37-38 Calls

Extended Watchlist: