GIHI, EGCT & Extended Watchlist


Globalgroup Investment Holdings, Inc. GIHI

GIHI appeared for the first time on our extended watchlist yesterday. The stock traded as low as .0025, before running as high as .0039 in just the first hour of trading for substantial intraday gains to the tune of 56% . Not too shabby of a performance for its first day on our radars.


Ecologic Transportation, Inc.  EGCT

We have been following EGCT since July 16th, at which time we saw it run from .30-.48 (+60%), then a slide back to .22, before seeing it surge to .44 (+100%). This week the stock offered up another consolidation, dipping to a low of .25 where it found support. Yesterday saw a close of .30, up 20% from this week’s low. All in all, that’s 180% in cumulative gains for EGCT in approximately six week’s time.

We will continue to keep this play on our watchlist. For those of you who caught EGCT’s interview with Stock Traders Talk Radio a couple of weeks back, you may want to check out the update added yesterday.



These were big volume momentum breakouts yesterday. Each of these stocks were up significantly, and we’re on the lookout for a possible continuation of that today.


Extended Watchlist:

UPZS, RENU, ADHC & Extended Watchlist

Unique Pizza & Subs Corp. UPZS

We first put UPZS on our watchlist on August 15th, at which time the stock was trading as low as .051. Friday, we saw a high of .13, making gains of 155% possible over that range. Yesterday the stock settled at .08, its lowest price since August 17th. The pullback served us up an opportunity to catch a bounce, or an entry for those that missed that first run. We’ve seen some additional newsletters covering this play as well, so we expect to see even more interest coming in on UPZS.

Today the company released some news regarding the progression of a previously mentioned LOI into a Definitive Agreement. Its all too often that we see companies on the penny market announce an LOI, and then fail to execute. That does not appear to be the scenario with UPZS.

Unique Pizza Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Pizza Fusion; Deal to Capitalize on Synergies With Pizza Fusion’s Organic Sector Leadership and Global Growth Business Plan

PITTSBURGH, PA, Aug 29, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (PINKSHEETS: UPZS) today announced that it has signed a Definitive Agreement to acquire privately held Pizza Fusion Holdings, with closing expected by the end of the third calendar quarter. Pizza Fusion will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company Unique Pizza and Subs. The Company announced on March 2 it had signed a binding LOI for the transaction.

The business combination capitalizes on Pizza Fusion’s acclaimed organic menu offering, eco-friendly practices, sector leadership position and global growth business plan. Further, it brings together and leverages Unique Pizza’s highly cost effective franchise business model, which enables the prolific roll up and rebranding of existing ‘mom & pop’ pizza restaurants under the Unique Pizza and Subs brand.

Renuen Corp. RENU

We are still waiting on execution of an LOI announced by RENU in late July.  The stock had another strong trading session yesterday, hitting its highest point that we’ve seen in three months.  RENU hit a high of .006, and closed at .0059, a gain of 300% off its .0015 bottom that we observed at the end of July.

The way that the stock has been performing time and again, is what keeps us coming back to RENU.


American Diversified Holdings Corp. ADHC

ADHC, our momentum alert from yesterday had a heck of a performance, dipping as low as .0063, before running as high as .0105, for an intraday gain of 67%  The stock continued to pick up volume, trading 3 million more shares than the previous day.

We’ll continue to watch for added momentum today.


Extended Watchlist:
PRTN, BBDA, EGCT, GIHI, P (Pandora),

BBDA, PRTN, ADHC & Extended Watchlist


Pristine Solutions, Inc. PRTN

When we put out our newsletter pre-market on Monday morning, we noted that we had a hunch that PRTN was Awesome Penny Stocks’ next big play, and as it turned out we were correct. After touching a low of .31 the stock ran as high as .413. for an intraday gain of just over 30% on monstrous volume.

While other newsletters may claim to bring you timely alerts, we strive to be the first to mention big opportunities, and that was certainly the case here. We didn’t start seeing other coverage of PRTN appearing until after the bell Monday morning.


Bebida Beverage Corp BBDA

We have talked about BBDA a lot latelty. On the 22nd it had come down as low as .0045, before starting on its most recent tear that has taken a high of .0148 yesterday. Gains of 229% from that low were possible. From Monday’s low of .008, it represents an 85% gain.


American Diversified Holdings Corp. ADHC

We would classify this as a momentum play just coming off of its 52-week low. We’ve seen a spike in volume, and believe that momentum could carry over into today’s trading.

Extended Watchlist:

Afternoon Updates on LBGO, SRSR


Liberty Gold Corp. LBGO

For those of you that may have missed this morning’s new interest, we would suggest you take a look at this gold play. What we like best is the trend toward precious metal stocks as we approach a potential third round of economic stimulus from the Fed. Earlier rounds produced a spike of interest in gold related investments, and signs of a repeat performance have already begun to surface.

We will point your attention to this article, which supposes the effect that an impending QE3 could have on gold prices and related stocks. You may also want to view the opinion of LBGO by Goldman Research.

LBGO Spotlight – Download PDF

Visit the LGBO Website at


Sarissa Resources, Inc. SRSR

Here’s a precious metals stock we’ve mentioned previously that has already begun to heat up.

We put out an alert out on SRSR back on August 8th, after which time the stock reached a subsequent low of .0252. Today, SRSR reached a high of .0645, for a monster gain of 156% from the low following our alert.


Liberty Gold Corp. | LBGO

Liberty Gold Corp. LBGO

After scraping and scouring, digging for a brand new play to present, we pulled up LBGO. Now that the summer doldrums are coming to a close, and a lot of the folks that have been on vacation are returning, we will soon begin what is known as the September Rally. The month of Sepember has always been big for trading, and as a result, one of our favorite times of year. In fact, gold and silver plays are already experiencing heightened activity.

We like the upside potential of Liberty Gold Corp. as much as any precious metal stock that we’ve seen in this price range for quite some time. Having an aggressive approach to growth led by a team of seasoned executives, as well as boasting a portfolio of properties located in known gold and silver producing regions, are just a handful of the reasons we are excited about this company.

Many analysts predict continued inflation and lower levels of value on the US Dollar as the economy struggles through one of the worst recessions in history. Historically, gold prices have had an inverse relationship with the value of the Dollar. This puts gold companies in the advantageous position of having their product being in and of itself, a form of currency that is valued everywhere.

From current levels, we expect to see substantial growth in the short, medium, and long term for LBGO. This company has a portfolio of properties projected to contain levels of gold and precious metals worth billions of dollars. Recent developments show visible gold in processed material from its claim in Arizona. Both regions are home to multi-billion dollar gold operations, and have a history of heavy production. Should everything continue to align for Liberty Gold, we could be looking at significant increases in the price of LBGO stock.

We know LBGO is capable of big gains, already running from .25 to .90 (+375%) from mid-July to August. Since that time, it has experienced a healthy consolidation with a key level of support in the mid-.70’s. Accumulation and Distribution has been on an incline this month, and there has been a recent increase in volume. When coupled with a Golden Cross of the 20DMA passing through the 50DMA, it appears now is a good time to give LBGO our consideration as it gears toward its next leg up.

We have prepared an informative report on LBGO, which would be a good place to start your due diligence.

LBGO Special Report – Download PDF

Visit the LBGO Website at