FSPM, EXMT & Extended Watchlist

Good Morning Traders! First thing’s first today, before we wrap up this short trading week- while we accept and celebrate people of all beliefs, races, and cultures, today we’d like to address our Christian and Jewish friends by wishing you all a Happy Easter, and Happy Passover!  We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable long weekend, however you chose to spend it.


This morning, we are turning our focus back to our favorite market sector at present: Legal and Medical Marijuana. But before we bring you two brand new symbols that fall under that designation, take a minute to read through some of our past reports on the topic, that have been met with humongous profits, and a lot of happy readers!

Cannabis Sector Reports: Vol.I, Vol.II, Vol.III, Vol.IV


Fusion Pharm, Inc. FSPM

The first of our two new cannabis plays, FSPM is located in Colorado, one of the two states to pass measures legalizing marijuana for personal, non-medical use this past fall. The company licenses and distributes hydroponic growing systems.

Yesterday the company released a PR outlining an intended partnership with a popular local marijuana dispensary which intends to use FSPM’s technology to grow all of their product from now on.

DENVER, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Meadpoint Venture Partners, Inc., the exclusive licensee and distributor of FusionPharm’s (OTC Pink: FSPM) patent pending PharmPods(TM) High Intensity container based hydroponic cultivation system (www.pharmpods.com), today announced that it has entered into an LOI with GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique (www.groundswelldenver.com), Denver’s premier medical cannabis dispensary and infused products provider. GroundSwell is currently utilizing the PharmPod H.I. containers and plans to exclusively utilize the superior cultivation technology in all of its future expansion.

Click to listen to an interview with the CEO of FSPM


Anything Technologies Media Inc. EXMT

The other stock that we are introducing to our cannabis stock watchlist today is EXMT. Merely by coincidence, this company is also in the business of self-contained hydro-based growing systems for marijuana. This company isn’t as far along into the product offering as the above mentioned play, with yesterday’s press release outlining a target for sales to begin some time this summer. So we will be putting EXMT on our radar over the next few months as they make their way to the launch date.

FOLSOM, CA, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EXMT) today announced that Whole Earth Systems, a 51% owned Joint Venture of the Company, will launch the industry’s first fully integrated and self-contained mass produced “Aquaponic” hydro garden for commercial and home medical marijuana cultivation.  The system should be available for sale to the public this summer.


Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Special Report: PTA Holdings, Inc. (PTAH)

Good morning, traders! We have a new pick to present this morning in the form of PTAH, a stock that has just recently entered bottom-bounce mode. Before we dive into the attractiveness of the chart, let’s take a few minutes to get ourselves acquianted with PTA Holdings, and probe a little deeper into their business activities.

As a holdings company, PTA has focal points in the automotive field. More specifically, the automotive lubricant field, as well as the logistics/transportation industry.


The company owns ProFlow, Inc. by way of a 2007 acquisition, whose flagship product is ProFlow 2030 Motor Oil. ProFlow 2030 is an ISO 9001 certified, premium blend paraffin and synthetic oil with proprietary additives that significantly reduce engine part friction, resulting in reported fuel savings of up to 30%.

Another large selling point- ProwFlow claims that the flash point of ProFlow 2030 is double that of many top brand-name oils. The lower the flash point, the greater the tendency for the oil to incur vapor loss at high temperatures, essentially burning away on hot cylinder walls and pistons. Flash point has been known as an indicator of the quality of oil. The higher the flash point, the better the product.


More recently, in 2012, PTAH acquired Kingsley Logistic Group, which is a multi-faceted transportation group  which provides a range of traditional transportation services. These include truckloading, rail, warehousing & distribution, equipment leasing, and more.

Kingsley intends to take advantage of the transport industry’s current trend toward global logistics, distribution and supply chain management. In order to do so, it will be focusing on the acquisition of smaller-sized companies generating revenues from 2-20 million annually as part of its roll-up strategy.

According to market statistics, the trucking segment hauls roughly 68%, or 9 billion tons of all freight transported in the United States on a yearly basis. Trucking accounts for more than 86% of the nation’s freight bill, an industry with a purported value of well over $500 Billion. The company believes that “current inefficiencies in the supply chain sector create exceptional opportunities for Kingsley” in this arena.


Another logistics company recently acquired by PTA Holdings is Nortford, LLC. PTAH had eluded to the potential acquisition in December, and in PR that hit the wires Monday, the company officially announced its entry into the food hauling business. Nortford is a logistics outfit which mainly serves the agriculture/food processing sectors, vis a vis the egg industry. According to the December report, Nortford has revenues in excess of $5M on its books.


So it would seem that we are bringing PTAH to you at a good time. The company has been quite busy of late, and we expect that new developments are going to be coming our way more and more in coming months, but we are pretty excited about the short term potential as well.

The stock found its bottom at .0011, seeing that figure both on Monday, and yesterday. Earlier this year (01/03), the stock saw a bounce from these levels to .0037, (01/25), a gain of 236%  Should the current level of support continue to hold, we could be getting ready to experience a similar bounce that would provide us with substantial gains.




SAPX, LATF & Extended Watchlist

Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. SAPX

We’ve got to pat ourselves on the back for yet another job well done, this time, in the case of SAPX, a stock that has turned out to be a multi-bag gainer for us over the past ten days.

We first mentioned SAPX back on Thursday the 14th, (Morning, Afternoon), and then again on Friday the 15th. At that time, the stock was trading as low as .0035. Yesterday we saw it hit a high of .0102, which, from the low less than two weeks ago, represents a sizable gain of 192%


Medical Marijuana plays are still on our radars, although over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a lot of other stuff that has been holding our attention. As a whole, we are still extremely interested in the sector, as the national conversation on the subject has reached a previously unheard-of level. We ran across a video news report outlining the fact that Ohio, after we’ve seen several other states make the move, may be the next state to follow suit and legalize marijuana for medicinal use.

Latteno Food Corp. LATF

In the case of LATF, we have (yet another) stock that we brought you first, that we are now seeing picked up and mentioned in newsletters by other groups. We always like to remind everyone, that if you are looking for the shrewdest picks, way ahead of the crowd; we have been, and will continue to be the best choice available. It was we who brought you the stock at the beginning of February, at prices as low as .023, only for it to turn around and spike sharply to .23, gaining us as much as 900%

Since that time, we’ve seen it settle back down to a low of .035, reached yesterday, so now is the time that we want to start monitoring LATF once again for an upcoming bottom bounce. In fact , we may have stepped back into the fray at just the right time this morning, as we see the company coming with fresh news:

Acquisition Allows Immediate US/Southeast Asia Expansion, Products Rollout and Revenue Building

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Latteno Food Corp. (OTC: LATF) announced today that it has acquired California-licensed Green Cannabis Collective Inc. to further expand its medical marijuana edible market.>>MORE


Extended Watchlist:

SKTO, EPAZ & Extended Watchlist

SK3 Group, Inc.  SKTO

SKTO has been on our radar for just under two weeks now. Despite being up a couple hundred percent already at that point, we had to put this on our radar the Tuesday before last, and we were duly rewarded for that as the stock continued to run like an absolute beast. In that short period of time, we saw a monstrous run from a low of .0023 all the way up to .0499. That marks an unbelievable chance at up to 2070% in gains in less than two weeks!

Anyone new to this play, despite a fairly good chance that Friday’s momentum could carry this stock even further today, should most likely be waiting for a pullback. After a mega-surge like we’ve seen so far, a course correction is an eventuality for which we must be prepared.

Those of you who were well-positioned after our alerts, may want to consider locking in profits on the way up, which is never a bad idea, especially with a stock that has increased in value twenty-fold at such a rapid pace.


Epazz, Inc. EPAZ

EPAZ provided us with a couple of chances for profit on Friday following our morning alert. It began by running from .0022-.003, marking a gain of 36% We then saw a dip back to  .0017 before closing strong at .0025 for an added 47% rip. We mentioned that we wanted to see support hold at the 10DMA of .0016, which it did.

Also, take a look at this EPAZ spotlight video, which comes via our sister site, stocktraderstalk.com.


Extended Watchlist:

TVTV, EPAZ & Extended Watchlist

WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. TVTV

Following our first day of coverage, TVTV had a good solid session in which the stock traded roughly three times its 3-month average volume. Apart from 363 shares, all 32K+ shares were traded on the ask; when buy-side pressure heavily outweighs sell-side pressure, its always a good sign.

While the stock did not make any large gains, we were pleased to see it hold support above the levels we had designated in our prior reports.

For those of you who may have missed both Wednesday and Thursday‘s reports, we recommend giving them a read and familiarizing yourself with TVTV’s business plan. They have a solid idea, in the attractive live mobile streaming television space. WhereverTV offers subscriptions that give users access to streaming television service, comparable to any currently available cable or satellite subscription, delivered to any internet-capable device. These days, “internet-capable device” can include just about anything from TVs, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles, to PCs, tablets and smart-phones.

For more info visit:


Epazz, Inc. EPAZ

We are bring EPAZ to you this morning at quite an interesting time, as the stock just bounced off of its 52-week low of .001, and subsequently started to run yesterday. It cracked above the 20DMA, gaining upwards of 140% on record volume.

As you can see on the chart we included below, the MACD just had a crossover, signaling the start of a bullish trend, and the RSI is showing strength, just moving past the 50-line. We’ve also seen a concurrent rise in the Accumulation/Distribution. We are looking for the next patch of resistance to crop up at the 50DMA of .0032. Should EPAZ have a rough time pushing past that point, we could see a dip-and-rip opportunity. Moving forward, we’d like to see support hold in the area of the 20 and 10DMA’s of .0022 and .0016 respectively.

EPAZ Company Profile Video

CHICAGO, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Epazz, Inc. (OTCQB: EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions announced today that the convertible notes in June 2012 for $42,500 and July 2012 for $32,500 has been concluded. Epazz, Inc. has not entered into any convertible notes in 2013.

Epazz Inc. is a leading cloud based software company that specializes in providing customized cloud applications to the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector. Epazz BoxesOS(TM) v3.0 is the complete business web-based software package for small to mid-size businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions.

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