Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACGX News Out

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

Between this morning’s news, and the current state of the ACGX chart, we figured it was time to revisit this play. The stock has been under consolidation since the exceptional gains it has provided for us over the past couple of weeks, although it has held a decent level of support.

For those who don’t recall the specifics- We first alerted ACGX on April 16th (.0055), were rewarded with a run up to .011 (100% Gain), followed by a dip to the .0075 area, and a subsequent 25% move back up to .01.

As we stated above, the chart is in another consolidation pattern, so now is the time where we observe very closely for any signs of a reversal. As you can see on the annotated chart below, we’re looking to see support hold here at .0077. Should that not occur, we’ll need ACGX to hold support above our initial alert price.

This morning’s news is intriguing, outlining the company’s intent to cater to the rapidly-expanding marijuana sector, and service its printing and packaging needs. With all the new pot-related businesses that are springing up, surely there will be a great need for branding, and top-quality product presentation is one of the cornerstones in that area. The upcoming Cannabis Investor Conference in Denver will be an excellent litmus test for ACGX’s potential in the popular market space, as a multitude of legal and medical marijuana entities will be in attendance.

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – April 30, 2014) – Alliance Creative Group, Inc. (ACGX) (, is pleased to announce that it will be the Official Printing and Packaging Sponsor along with being a Presenter for the 1st Annual Cannabis Investor Conference in Denver, Colorado at the Denver Downtown Westin Hotel on June 29th to July 1st, 2014. The conference will connect privately held and publicly traded companies in the cannabis industry with industry investors, analysts, and tobacco companies and will include presentations, industry keynote speakers, panel discussions and one-on-one meetings. >>> FULL PR

The conference will be held just prior to Washington State’s planned start to legal recreational sales (Currently slated for July), so it gives us the impression that the sector as a whole could undergo a revitalization this summer, and ACGX could find itself reaping some of the benefits.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AVOP, CETV, PBR Options

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP

We’ve been tracking AVOP for a few weeks now, having already seen some pretty impressive moves from the stock. Our initial alerts lead to gains in excess of 200%, and we saw another spike yesterday which led to AVOP coming down to .0012 from a high of .0027.

The stock closed out the day at .0016, and it seems to be searching for a bottom, so we’ll be monitoring for that eventuality. As volatile as trading in AVOP is, a properly timed bottom play could yield significant gains.

In order to remain interested in AVOP, we’ll want to see it hold support at or above its recent base range of .001-.0012.

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. CETV

It’s been quite some time since we caught CETV on a Form-4 scan back in 2013. We followed the stock to highs well over 6.00 back in October.

After searching out a bottom, CETV again surged from the 2.10-range to the 3.40’s from November, and leading up to the beginning of 2014.

The stock produced yet another spike at the end of February that carried it from under 3.00 to nearly 5.00.

We come across this play as it is once again in a bottom-searching pattern. With the kind of moves this thing has made for us in the past, popping after big consolidations, we would be remiss to ignore its potential once it does find solid support and a subsequent rebound.

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR

The PBR options chain has been very kind to us in recent months. When we first introduced this play on March 21st, the stock was trading at a low of 11.25.

It seems every time we called out our interest in a particular set of contracts in the weeks that followed, the gains would pile on, often to the tune of 100% or more. A quick scan through our PBR archive will confirm just how many times we took advantage of this stock’s recovery.

After peaking at a high of 14.87 on April 8th, the stock came back to bounce off support at 12.98 on April 15th.

Since then, it has been testing the boundary at $14, and hit a high of 14.03 yesterday, and already in the pre-market the stock is trading as high as 14.10, so we’ll try to take advantage of the trend using options.

We’ll be monitoring the $13.50 and $14 Weekly Calls throughout the rest of the week for potential dip-and-rip opportunities.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FRTD Special Report

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD

To kick off this new trading week, we’re focusing on FRTD, a stock that we’ve been tracking since we caught it as a marijuana momentum play off of a routine scan back on February 25th.

That day, on the heels of a prior announcement that the company would begin offering transaction processing to legal dispensaries in the medical marijuana industry, the stock took off and gave us a great chance to profit. It ran 122% intraday from a low of .0081 to .018. The next day, it traded in a range from .0151 to .0249, adding another 65% run.

More recently, FRTD gained even more ground, running to a new 52-week high on April 4th at .0784. At that point, the move we’d seen from the stock in less than 6 weeks amounted to 868%

Apart from the multitude of gain opportunities it has brought us in recent months, one of the main aspects of FRTD that we like is the level of activity at which the company has been operating with regard to transparency.  It has seen several developments that it has relayed to the public in the month of April.

It began with a distribution agreement FRTD reached with dry-herb vaporizer manufacturer, VaporVites. On April 2nd, it was announced that FRTD would process orders for 10 dispensaries in Colorado with the expansion of an additional 70 dispensaries over the few months. (Initial 5000-Unit order received 04/08) It was this news that would serve as the precursor to the stock’s run to its annual high.

We are now looking back at the consolidation period that followed, as FRTD began to bounce on Friday following another exciting announcement. The company made good on its promised stock repurchase, wherein in bought up 8.5% of its total public float out of the open market.

Just looking at that, and the other recent developments from FRTD, one can tell that every effort is being made to effect forward progress.


Fortitude Group, Inc. Purchase 8.5% of Their Public Float (Fri, Apr 25)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Gives Qualified Shareholders a $25.00 Affinity Black Card (Mon, Apr 21)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Submits Special Share Issuance Certificate to Transfer Agent (Thu, Apr 10)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Receives Initial VaporVites Order (Tue, Apr 8)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Executes Distribution Agreement With VaporVites (Wed, Apr 2)


That brings us to the current FRTD chart, which appears to be ripening. This morning’s news (below chart) of another large share repurchase by the company is another thing attracting us to FRTD this morning.

We’ve also prepared a video chart:

Today’s Big News:

(In addition to the large share repurchase, FRTD also hinted at an upcoming strategic partnership with a revenue producing company)

ERIE, PA–(Marketwired – Apr 28, 2014) – Fortitude Group, Inc. (OTC: FRTD) is pleased to announce, as part of their previously announced Stock Repurchase Plan, they have retired and returned to treasury 185,000,000 shares of their restricted common stock (20% of the 894,322,304 shares that were formally issued and outstanding).

The Board of Directors, on February 25, 2014, resolved the repurchase of up to 100,000,000 Class A common shares of the Company. On March 26, 2014, the Board of Directors agreed to increase the allotted number of shares in the Stock Repurchase Plan from 100,000,000 to 250,000,000 (which can be purchased over the next 365-days). To date, the company has retired a total of 212,550,000 shares (24%) of their issued and outstanding common stock. >>> FULL PR

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APP, BLDP & Extended Watchlist

American Apparel, Inc. APP

APP has continued to please us with its performance at every turn since we brought it back to our reports on Tuesday of last week at a low of .47.

We saw it run 47% to .6895 on Wednesday, and yesterday, after tagging the play once again, it pushed it limits further, making an intraday move of 24% from its daily low of .66 up to .8157.

So, in only eight sessions since we turned our attention back to APP, it has achieved an overall increase of as much as 74% (.47-.8157). Cheers go out to anyone who pounced on the opportunities provided by APP this week.

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. BLDP

For over a year we’ve been tracking BLDP, and have seen some impressive trading action in that time. The stock traveled from under 1.30 toward the end of 2013, and ran as high as 8.38 in March.

After a consolidation period, wherein the stock has come down to find support at 3.41, we are beginning to like the lok of the chart once again.

Yesterday’s high of 4.13 was just shy of the 50DMA (4.14), and BLDP is now trading above the 50DMA in the pre-market. Additionally, the MACD indicator is presently coverging toward a bullish cross.

VANCOUVER, April 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Ballard Power Systems (BLDP)(BLD.TO) today announced that it has acquired the transportation- and stationary-related fuel cell intellectual property (IP) assets of United Technologies Corporation (“UTC”, NYSE: UTX). These assets consist of approximately 800 patents and patent applications, as well as patent licenses, invention disclosures and know-how primarily related to Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology. >>> FULL PR

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VDSI, TAST, HILL, OREX, LSCC, GBGM(Watching for bottom)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APP, ZGNX & Extended Watchlist

American Apparel, Inc. APP

April 15th was the day we brought APP back into the conversation, because if you recall, this is one of our old-time favorites that we turn to around the same time every year for the predictability of its seasonal trading patterns.

Right off the bat, APP did not disappoint- that day we saw a low of .47, and on Tuesday, the stock reached as high as .6895, marking a positive move on the chart of 47% in only a week.

After the resistance at the 50DMA (.68) the next hurdles come at .80, .91, and 1.05. We’ll be continuously monitoring this play over the next several months as it tends to ramp up in price over the course of the summer heading into the height of the retail season.

Zogenix, Inc. ZGNX

ZGNX is a stock that is catching our eye due to the current setup of the chart. If you track back to November, you can see that the stock ran from its current levels to more than 5.00 by February.

We are looking at it now, as it is coming off of a recent bottom, and is gapping up this morning in pre-market activity (Currently trading over $3.00). The RSI is in a general uptrend, and a quick look at the MACD reveals an extremely bullish divergence on the heels of a recent cross.

We just want to throw ZGNX up on our radars at this point, because a return to February highs would mean potential gains approaching 70% from current levels.

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