EBIG, HLNT, EEDG & Today’s Extended Watchlist

EastBridge Investment Group Corp. EBIG

We mentioned EBIG for the first time on Monday, as the stock appeared in our Extended Watchlist.

After observing it this week, we liked the above average volume, with the stock trading over 10X its 3mo average on both Tuesday and Wednesday. We will want to keep this stock on our radars into next week.


Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. HLNT

HLNT appears today as a bounce play possibility. After a recent spike, the stock has consolidated considerably, and we are now watching for the dust to settle, that we may time the inevitable bounce.

Energy Edge Technologies Corporation EEDG

EEDG is looking strong, the stock has been holding support off of the 20DMA. Yesterday, EEDG dipped as low as .086, and closed at .105, for a 22% intraday gain after appearing in our Extended Watchlist yesterday morning.

We like the look of the EEDG chart. As you can see below, all indicators seem to be primed up to pass the 50DMA, and the PPO is converging, setting up for an imminent cross.


Extended Watchlist:

ARNA, VGHI & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA

We have been covering ARNA for quite some time, since we learned of the possibility of an FDA approval. Yesterday that became a reality, with everyone and their brother discussing ARNA’s FDA approval, including the talking heads on CNBC. Around midday, the stock was briefly halted, before the announcement was made:

“On June 27, Arena Pharmaceuticals announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved BELVIQ as an adjunct to a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity for chronic weight management in obese or overweight adult patients. BELVIQ is the first prescription weight-loss treatment approved by the FDA in 13 Years.”

Shortly following, the stock was reopened for trading, and trade it did! 90.2 million shares, over 4 times the 3mo. average, traded hands. ARNA rose to a high of 13.50. We first alerted ARNA on May 11th, after which time the stock was trading as low as 5.44. That would represent a gain of 148% to yesterday’s high of 13.50.

We feel that once the initial clamor subsides, and the volitility calms a bit, we should see a bit of a pullback, as is to be expected with most astronomical gainers. That being said, the long-term for this stock looks very promising indeed, so while the excitement should begin to die down, our interest in following ARNA moving forward will not.


VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

Monday, we stated: “On Friday the stock saw abnormally high volume coupled with the 52-week low, prompting us to put VHGI back on our watchlist in anticipation of an eventual bounce.”

It seems we came to this observation just in nick of time. The stock was as low as .055 following this alert. Since then it has seen a high of .095, equating to a gain of 73%. Those that have been with us for awhile know we are not one hit wonders in most cases when we cover a stock.

We will continue to monitor VHGI as it recovers off of its bottom, and in reality, we would not be shocked to see it return to previous support and higher. When we first covered this play, it ran from .20 to .75, and thus huge gains do not seem out of the realm of possibility for VHGI.


Extended Watchlist:


Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. – GPXM & Today’s Ext. Watchlist

Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. GPXM

GPXM is new to our reports this morning. It caught our eye for a number of reasons, including one heck of a strong chart setup.

Recently, from May to June, the stock ran from .009 to .0328 for a 264% gain. Since that time, we’ve seen a consolidation and we’ve found a level of support at the .015 mark. The stock has been trading in a tight channel in the meantime, bouncing around between .015 and .022. A break of that resistance at .022 could really send this thing shooting back to recent highs in the low .03’s.

The 20DMA is rising toward a Golden Cross with the 50DMA. The RSI is pointed northward, holding above the 50DMA overlay, and appears as if it wants to head toward the powerzone. (Currently 55.98, Powerzone: 70-90)

The Slow STO is hooking up, looking ready for a cross as well. We’d like to see it continue to hold above the 50DMA overlay, which we will take as a sign of strength.

Barchart is currently giving GPXM a Buy Rating

The company also hinted at recent progression in the PR dated June 11th.


Extended Watchlist:


THWI, VHGI, ECDC, EEDG & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Thwapr, Inc. THWI

On June 20th, we identified support for THWI at .026. We have seen that support hold, and yesterday, the stock hit a high of .04, for a possible gain of 54%, and closing out the day at .035 (+35%).

Moving forward, we would like to see THWI take out resistance at the 20DMA of .037. If it can rise above that level, we feel there is a chance for it to test the 200DMA (.058).

Yesterday’s volume was 2X the 3mo. average, and we just might see a continuation of that, with added help from today’s news:

LAS VEGAS, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Thwapr, Inc. (OTCBB: THWI), a mobile video sharing company, will be showcasing its proprietary mobile video sharing platform in a high profile event in Asia – The SME1 Asia Awards 2012.

This exclusive by-invitation-only event is attended by the CEOs of successful Asian companies, industry leaders and government officials from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, and China. This elite event recognizes and rewards successful Small and Medium Enterprises in the region that contribute to the development of people, society and the environment.>>>MORE


VHGI Holdings, Inc.  VHGI

VHGI set a solid candle on the chart yesterday, with the open of .05 being the low of day, and the close of .08 being the high, putting up a great perfermance, gaining 45% on the day.

The volume was relatively low, which could be an indicator that the selling pressure has dried up, leaving the bottom on this stock behind us. We’ll just want to make sure we keep an eye on this one for support to hold at .05.


East Coast Diversified Corp. ECDC

ECDC earned us a spot on Penny Stock Rumble‘s winners list, trading over $125000 in dollar volume, and running from .0025 to .0034 for a gain of 36% on Monday. That marked the third winner we called yesterday, and added to the other gains, we were over 100% for our calls on the day.


Energy Edge Technologies Corporation EEDG

One of our selections from last week also did very well on Monday. EEDG appeared on our Extended Watchlist on Friday. After a .07 close, the stock turned around to hit a high of .153 yesterday, gaining 119%, while giving everyone a sharp reminder NOT to overlook our Extended Watchlists, which we provide for you every single day. It often contains hidden gems such as this.


Extended Watchlist:


ARNA, VHGI, EVDR, TWHI & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA

With only a couple of sessions remaining before ARNA’s FDA date, we are watching this stock as closely as ever. We expect to see a significant amount of volatility from the stock this week, as we keep our eyes peeled for new press.

No matter how this all shakes out, we will want to keep ARNA on a short leash heading into the FDA date, as there are no guarantees to its performance, FDA approval or not. As we stated on Friday, smart traders may have already taken some profits off of the table.

VHGI Holdings, Inc.  VHGI

We first mentioned VHGI on December 9th, and on that day, we saw a great run totaling nearly 100% from .21-.40. By January the 23rd, that high increased nearly two-fold again, running up to .746.

On Friday the stock saw abnormally high volume coupled with the 52-week low, prompting us to put VHGI back on our watchlist in anticipation of an eventual bounce. All in all, we feel the recent selloff as a new opportunity with this stock.

Evader, Inc. EVDR

We first alerted EVDR on May 2nd. On May 3rd, it hit a high of .003, yielding us a rapid 150% overnight gain!

We have witnessed EVDR’s ability to make significant leaps in just a short time period, and will thus be monitoring closely for the next wave of activity.

Thwapr, Inc. THWI

Although THWI didnt put up the performance we hoped for last week, it did hold support at .026

We noticed some newsletter coverage over the weekend from various emailers, and look forward to seeing the actvity resulting from heightened awareness.


Extended Watchlist: