Surprise Jobs Numbers Causing Market Surge

US Steel Corp. X – Update

Our US Steel targets from Tuesday morning’s premarket report continued to rise during yesterday’s session. We had mentioned the X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls We saw some nominal gains that day and on Wednesday cautioned that the party wasn’t over yet for those ideas.

Sure enough, we saw some very nice increases yesterday, pushing our ideas much higher and into multi-bag gain territory. The total moves on the week were as follows: 

X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls
$8.50: .23-.81 (+252%)
$9: .07-.35 (+400%)

Fresh Ideas*:
SPY Weekly $313-315 Calls
AVGO Weekly $310-317.50 Calls

*Please DO NOT attempt to trade options contracts with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced-level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Luckin Coffee LK – Recap 

We’ alerted on LK in last Wednesday’s report, at which time we stated that the stock was showing signs of a reversal. We put it on watch, and it didn’t take long for the stock to see a low of 2.00 before launching into a multi-day run.

Yesterday the stock hit 4.94, marking a move up from our observed low of 147% This morning in the premarket, that figure has been extended as the stock has changed hands for as much 5.71. That means we’ve witnessed an overall increase of 186% in a span of just eight trading days!

Extended Watchlist:

Massive SPY Gains

SPDR S&P 500 (ETF) SPY – Review

Yesterday morning we said we would come back to the idea we issued for the SPY on Tuesday morning, for what we assumed was going to be some nice added gains. The targets were the SPY 05/27 $302-303 Calls, and they exceeded our expectations for the day by a country mile!

That pair of contracts posted what may possibly be the biggest single session gains we’ve ever tracked in the SPY, which has been our go-to market analog for years. The gains here were simply marvelous.

SPY 05/27 $302-303 Calls
$302: .02-.91 (+4500%)
$303: .03-1.92 (+6300%)

We had also signaled fresh ideas in some other options chains yesterday, and thanks in part to a big day for the markets, we saw some appreciable gains there as well, which were as follows: 

GSX 06/19 $30-35 Calls  
$30: 2.98-4.90 (+64%)
$35: 1.00-1.93 (+93%)

STNE Weekly $31-32 Calls
1.19-3.60 (+203%)
$32: .80-2.70 (+238%)

More Fresh Ideas:

WDAY Weekly $172.50-177.50 Calls
HPQ Weekly $17-16 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

PANW, BJ Reviews

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. BJ

We had been tracking a target in the BJ’s options chain toward the end of last week, which were the BJ 06/19 $30 Calls. Then on Friday morning, we added an extra idea by rolling up to include the 06/19 $40 Calls as well. After another solid push, we have a new high to report on the $30’s, and our newer ideas performed well also, posting a multibag intraday performance.

So overall, from Thursday’s signal on the 06/19 $30 Calls, we observed a two-day swing from 1.50-8.42, marking a rise of 461%  Meanwhile, the 06/19 $40 Calls
posted a move from .45-1.68, which worked out to a single-session gain of 273%

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. PANW

Additionally, we had highlighted a trio of contracts in the PANW chain in our premarket report from Friday, with the PANW Weekly $235-245 Calls. We were able to see quite a bit of success there. 

Weekly $235-245 Calls
$235: 4.68-8.30 (+77%)
$240: 2.45-5.03 (+105%)
$245: .99-3.35 (+238%)

Fresh Options Idea: 
SPY 05/27 $302-303 Calls