Recap of Winning Options, Fresh Ideas

Options Reviews

Morgan Stanley MS – 
Yesterday morning we were looking at some fresh options ideas, and among them was the MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls. The stock had a solid session after reporting a beat on earnings and revenues for Q4 2019, aided by a good day for the markets at large.

As a result, we were able to witness multibag gains in three out of four sets of contracts, with the fourth not far behind. Here were the ranges and total possible profits that were on the table for the session:

MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls
: 1.42-2.82 (+79%)  
$55: .87-2.37 (+97%)
$55.50: .62-1.90 (+119%)
: .35-1.37 (+125%)

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. TSM – We also formulated an idea for TSM in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and those produced some really nice gain opportunities as well.

Here were the total profits there for taking on those plays:

TSM Weekly $58.50-60 Calls
$58.50: .40-.85 (+113%)  
$59: .20-.55 (+175%)
$59.50: .10-.30 (+200%)
: .05-.20 (+300%)

Fresh Ideas:
STT Weekly $82.50 Calls-85 Calls*
SLB Weekly $39.50-40 Calls*
CFG Weekly $40 Calls*

*Please don’t try to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. KWBT

Lestly, we wanted to quickly recap the recent performance of another of our selections. We tagged KWBT on the 27th of December, and in the last couple of weeks the stock has been in good shape.

KWBT has run from .018-.0416, marking a fantastic run of 131% in just a short span. We’ll continue to keep this OTC play on the radar going forward.

New Options Ideas

Restaurant Brands International, Inc. QSR

This morning, we’re looking at one solid technical setup on QSR in terms of longer-term trade potential. The stock is currently trading just above its annual lows. Owner of Burger King, Popeye’s, and others, QSR had been in a general downtrend since the early Fall, but is now showing signs of a potential turnaround.

We’re going to want to highlight a set of options that we can observe over a period of weeks or even months to take advantage of a possible recovery, so we’ll go with the QSR 03/20 $67.50-70 Calls.

More Fresh Ideas:
TSM Weekly $58.50-60 Calls
MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls

Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL – Update

Yesterday, we relayed the multibag intraday gains made by our Monday morning alert on the DAL Weekly $61-62.50 Calls, and for the second straight day, we saw some very strong single session gain opportunities.

You can hit the link above if you want to see what these calls did on Monday, and below we have the intraday moves from yesterday’s session, which were similar in magnitude:

DAL Weekly $61-62.50 Calls
$61: .61-1.09 (+79%)  
$61.50: .37-.73 (+97%)
$62: .21-.46 (+119%)
: .12-.27 (+125%)

Huge Options Winners

Beyond Meat,  Inc. BYND

In our report last Wednesday morning, we began tracking options ideas in the BYND chain. At the time the stock was trading for as little as 81.16. After a full week of excellent gains, perhaps helped in part by news of the company’s partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts and Snoop Dogg on a new sandwich rollout, yesterday the stock reached 135.23.

That worked out to a one week upswing of 67% in the stock alone since our initial alert, and helped our extended term options idea, the BYND 01/24 $95 Calls, soar to new highs. That is actually an understatement. The calls we signaled have exploded to a point where they’ve yielded one of the biggest gains we’ve seen in quite some time. From their low last Wednesday to yesterday’s high, they have run from .85 all the way up to 40.00. That represents an absurd week-long upswing of 4606%

Congrats to any of our readers who had some skin in the game, because the potential profits off of this pick have been unreal.

Other Winners 

FedEx Corp. FDX – We also called a longer-term idea for FedEx a few weeks back on December 24th, putting the FDX 01/31 $157.50-160 Calls on watch.

Those have also fared extremely well in recent weeks, and leading up new highs for us yesterday. The overall ranges and possible gains there were as follows:

FDX 01/31 $157.50-160 Calls
$157.50: 1.64-7.03 (+329%)  
$160: 1.00-6.48 (+548%)

Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL – We called the DAL Weekly $61-62.50 Calls just yesterday morning, and met with some instant gratification.

DAL Weekly $61-62.50 Calls
$61: .75-1.53 (+104%)  
$61.50: .56-1.17 (+109%)
$62: .38-.88 (+132%)
: .25-.63 (+152%)

SYNNEX Corp. SNX- Now that we have our data back, we are able to present our readers with the updated figures on the gains our SNX options idea from Friday have produced.

SNX 01/17 $135-145 Calls
: 7.70-15.48 (+110%)  
$140: 4.10-10.05 (+145%)
$145: 1.84-6.20 (+237%)