Finishing Out the Trading Week with a Bang

Options Blowout Continues:

In yesterday morning ‘s premarket report, two of our three sets of fresh options ideas were bearish in nature, and despite the markets going on a tear for the session, it was those puts that fared the best.

We’re talking about the CI Weekly $225 Puts, and the ROKU Weekly $395-390 Puts, both of which recorded multi-bag intraday runs on the day. Those figures were as follows: 

CI Weekly $225 Puts
$45: 9.50-24.50 (+158%)

ROKU Weekly $395-390 Puts
$395: 4.31-10.02 (+132%)
$392.50: 3.73-8.12 (+118%)
$390: 2.92-7.30 (+150%)

Moderna, Inc. MRNA – Update:

We also wanted to swing back around to provide an update on the MRNA Calls that we initially began tracking on June 21st, the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls. The stock itself has exploded over that time period, from a low of 200.00 the day of our first alert, to yesterday’s new high of 443.99, a move of 122%  That move has facilitated these amazing gains in our designated options plays:

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.50-222.50 (+847%)
$200: 18.00-241.10 (+1239%)
$210: 13.55-214.50 (+1483%)

eXp World Holdings Inc. EXPI – Update:

We’ve also been following another set of longer term calls, the EXPI 08/20 $40-45 Call, which continue to pile on the new highs for us.

EXPI 08/20 $40-45 Calls
$40: 1.55-10.00 (+545%)
$45: 1.30-5.70 (+338%)

These gains were made possible in part by the buzz caused by the company’s blockbuster earnings report and first-ever cash dividends. We will look to roll up our strike area to include the $50 Calls as well, with EXPI appearing ready to continue its impressive upward trajectory.

Fresh Options Ideas:
DKNG Weekly $53.50-55.50 Calls*
CVNA Weekly $355-370 Calls*

*Beginning-to-intermediate level traders should not attempt to trade options on their day of expiration 

Extended Watchlist:

Unfettered Options Success & More

Huge Options Winners:

We have really been cooking on the options trading front as we cruise back into another earnings season. Both our fresh ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report, and the longer-term plays that we’ve been tracking have posted premium moves which of course provided us with some elite gain opportunities.

If you’ve been keeping up with our daily reports, you’re already aware that our running targets are the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls and the AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls. Our fresh ideas from yesterday morning were the HAL Weekly $19-20 Calls and the IBM Weekly $140-142 Calls.

We’ve got the daily ranges on those weeklies as well as the new highs posted in our August plays for you right here:

HAL Weekly $19-20 Calls
 .71-1.51 (+113%)
$19.50: .37-1.10 (+197%)
$20: .22-.70 (+218%)

IBM Weekly $140-142 Calls
 .69-1.51 (+119%)
$141: .43-.99 (+130%)
$142: .29-.64 (+121%)

AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls
 3.30-16.10 (+387%)
$105: 2.05-11.90 (+480%)

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.50-143.95 (+512%)
$200: 18.00-141.80 (+688%)
$210: 13.55-130.35 (+862%)

There’s plenty of runway left in the trading week for these quick-strike plays, and of course a whole month left on the August Calls. We won’t rule out the furtherance of these already impressive uptrends, especially if the markets manage to tack on a second straight day of gains.

Fresh Options Ideas:
JNJ Weekly $167.50-170 Calls
KO Weekly $56.50-57.50 Calls
VZ Weekly $55-57 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Earnings Plays, OTC Recap & More

AutoNation, Inc. AN
& Moderna, Inc. MRNA – Options Review: 

As we begin to head into the heart of another earnings season we’re likely to stay on top of several sets of options ideas at a time, so strap in, and try to keep up! We started off yesterday morning with an earnings idea for AutoNation , the AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls, after the company obliterated expectations on the street.

Here are the single-session gains registered by those plays, despite another lackluster session for the general markets: 

AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls
 3.30-7.50 (+127%)
$105: 2.05-4.78 (+133%)

MRNA’s Impressive breakout continued yesterday following our premarket update on the longer-term options ideas we have been tracking there. The stock’s biggest intraday surge yet carried our targets of interest, the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls, to the following new highs. These ranges represent the total moves we observed since formulating the idea in our report on the morning of June 21st:

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.50-119.32 (+408%)
$200: 18.00-114.75 (+538%)
$210: 13.55-106.76 (+688%)

Fresh Post-Earnings Options Ideas: 
HAL Weekly $19-20 Calls
IBM Weekly $140-142 Calls

Drone Guarder, Inc. DRNG – Recap:

We also want to provide a quick update on the activity in DRNG, which we’ve been tracking since Thursday morning, at which time we observed a low of .0031 and a run to .0098 (+216%). We’ve since seen a dip back to .0032, and subsequent run to ,0075, which amounts to an additional 134% swing.

With this type of price action and volatility we’ll be interested in continuing to track the movements in DRNG.

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