NSRS – North Springs Resources Corp. – Today’s Stock

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

NSRS gapped up yesterday morning, ran out of the gate, and then pulled back before finishing the day on a strong note. Considering how much activity is running through this stock, we would not be at all surprised to see some profit taking at this juncture.

There is still some promotional backing behind this play. We are used to seeing plays with this much juice behind them enjoy several days worth of gains,but need to remain cautious as eager sellers are clouding the picture somewhat. Yesterday the stock found support at .285, however we feel that things could get a little dicey if that support level is not maintained.

On the flip side, we are hoping that NSRS fares well for at least one more day, we will be waiting to see if another strong push is in the cards for this afternoon.

There was also a press release from the company yesterday:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, Dec 28, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — North Springs Resources Corporation (OTCBB: NSRS)(PINKSHEETS: NSRS) (the “Company” or “North Springs”) is pleased to outline the proposed exploration work program for the North Springs Gold Property located in prestigious Mineral Ridge Mining District of Nevada. The recommended $500,000 work program will focus on several untested gold targets that include disseminated mineralization, high-grade shear zones, and feeder veins similar to those that have been open-pit mined by several companies at other Mineral Ridge gold deposits in the area.


FROI, BPAX, NSRS – Today’s Stocks

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

BPAX enjoyed another day of gains on Tuesday, once again our timing calling the bottom was spot on.

It appears as if the recovery process on this stock is still in the beginning stages, and some more nice gains could be in store, much like those we saw from APP.

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

NSRS is a momentum play this morning. We saw heavy volume flowing through the stock yesterday, in addition to seeing some very large newsletters covering this stock.

These are some of the same newsletters from which we got MILV before riding it from .05 to .125. If for no other reason, that is enough to get us paying attention for the time being.

Fero Industries, Inc FROI

FROI continues to make higher lows, as it found support at the .0094 level yesterday. The chart is still looking pretty bullish to our eye, so we need to keep this one near the top of our watchlist for the foreseeable future.

FROI, APP, BPAX – Today’s Stocks

Fero Industries, Inc FROI

FROI hit a low of .0082 on Friday, only to come back to close at .012, for  an intraday gain of 42%, and bringing our two day gain total to more than 70% on this hot nutraceutical stock.

Let’s also keep in mind that FROI has a lot going on with Sucanon, having just made arrangements to distribute the product throughout the Middle East. Sucanon is one of just three insulin sensitizing treatments for patients suffering from Type-2 Diabetes worldwide.

American Apparel, Inc. APP

APP pushed past the resistance at .75 prior to the holiday weekend, setting the table for an interesting start to this short week.

It appears as if the new level of resistance will come at the .80 mark, which marks a again of 54% from the level of our initial alert.

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, Dec. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — American Apparel (Amex: APP), the vertically integrated clothing manufacturer based in downtown Los Angeles, has announced the opening of a new store in Westfield London. This new store opening is part of American Apparel’s recent expansion in the UK, which in addition to two Selfridges store-in-stores opened earlier this month brings the company’s total store base to 18.

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

BPAX is beginning to come off of its bottom much like APP managed to do the week before last, and we feel that this play could take a similar path.

We saw a modest 7% gain on Friday, thus are hoping to see a carryover of that bit of momentum into this week.

FROI – Fero Industries, Inc. – Hot Stock

Fero Industries, Inc FROI

FROI had a great day following our pre-market alert yesterday, seeing a high of .015, and closing 30% in the green at .011. From the day’s low of .0075, that’s an intraday gain of 100% on around seven times the 10-day average volume. Not too shabby for our first day of coverage on a new stock.

There appeared to be resistance in the .0135 to .015 area, then the stock dipped to find support at a penny. Its always important to monitor support and resistance levels, watching as closely as possible.

This was a short term winner for us, but with the developments going on internally within the company, this could be a play that we stick with all the way through the beginning months of 2012. We’ll want to see how the company’s planned expansion of Sucanon to the Middle East goes before we even think about losing interest in this one. .

More Info can be found at www.feroindustries.com

We would like to extend our deepest heartfelt holiday greetings to all, howsoever you and yours celebrate the season. We’ll see you all again when trading resumes, stay safe and happy!

Fero Industries, Inc. | FROI | Hot Stock

Fero Industries, Inc FROI

After much anticipation, our new pick is  finally here. FROI poses a unique opportunity for us to involve ourselves with a stock that is poised for rapid growth. FROI’s Sucanon nutraceutical is one of only three products in the world with approval under the category of ‘Insulin Sensitizer’, used to treat Type 2 Diabetes.

Sucanon® has been approved for prescription sale in China , Peru and Mexico (Where it is distributed over-the-counter there under an exclusive agreement with Merck S.A. de C.V.), and as of this morning’s PR, will now also be expanding its consumer base into the Middle East.

We are particularly excited about this play, not only because they have a niche in a multi-billion dollar market, but because of the ripening conditions on the chart as well.

CALGARY, Alberta , Dec. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Fero Industries, Inc. (OTCQB: FROI.PKNews), the exclusive owner, producer and distributor of the Type-II diabetes treatment Sucanon®, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Distribution Agreement with Premium Pharma Co. for the marketing and distribution of Sucanon® in several countries in the region ( Egypt , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Bahrain , Kuwait , Qatar , Oman , Jordan , Lebanon , Iraq , Sudan and Libya ).


The 5-year Distribution Agreement calls for a minimum purchase of $13 million USD and gives Premium Pharma the exclusive right to market and sell Sucanon® through its established distribution channels and will begin shortly the regulatory process with the Ministries of Health for the sale of Sucanon®. Fero is also taking the necessary steps to comply with the United States government for this Agreement, and the companies expect to complete the licencing process and commence shipping of Sucanon® within a year.
Also have a look at this FROI video chart, and take note of the fact that BARCHART is giving FROI a “Buy” Rating

More Info can be found at www.feroindustries.com