EMBA, EXTO, GCHK – Today’s Hot Penny Stocks

eMamba International Corp EMBA

EMBA had a strong showing on Thursday, closing at its high of day of .505, for a gain of 21% on the day. We called this stock midway through last week, at which time we designated it as a good bottom play candidate.

At that time, it was trading at a low of .36, so it appears as if we were right on the money with our timing.

From that level the stock has increased 40%; no small feat with even a sub-penny, but even more impressive when dealing with shares in the .30-.50 range.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

Earlier this week, we pointed out the fact that EXTO had undergone a major albeit gradual  consolidation, and that we felt it was time for the stock to recover some of that lost ground.

Yesterday EXTO closed at .0093, and completed the second consecutive day of gains. From this week’s low of .0065, that represents an increase of 43%

We have been sticking with EXTO for a long time, and intend to stay with it for the long-term, however it is not without its short term merits, as illustrated here by this favorable, and as it turns out, easy to predict trading pattern.

Greenchek Technology, Inc. GCHK

Shortly following our midday alert of GCHK yesterday, the stock provided a 47% intraday gain, from .0015 to .0022. Yet another perfectly timed call adding even further to what has been a recent hot streak for us.

At the same token, GCHK is turning into quite the momentum play, as we saw it trade more than 8x its 3-month average volume on Thursday. A lot of eyes are currently on this stock.

The past ten days has been a perfect example of why we consider ourselves to be one of the top quality newsletters. Even during this dismal economic time, we managed to seek out 130% in returns in less than a two week period.

EXTO, DGHG, EMBA – Today’s Hot Penny Stocks

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

Once again talking about EXTO this morning, as the company released an updated share structure which we have included here:

As mentioned earlier this week, the MACD indicator was beginning to pinch, and that motion is continuing here as the chart prepares for a cross, at which time we should experience a noticeable uptrend.

That trend is already in the making as yesterday marked the first green session this week. We expect next week to be far more productive, however, as most of you have undoubtedly noticed, we are in this play for the long haul, as any price below a penny seems a distinct undervaluation.

Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

DGHG is another good long-term play for us, and the following PR is another confirmation that the company is dedicated to building shareholder value. With big news like this, it is easy to view DGHG shares as undervalued.

Results in the retirement of approximately 12% of shares outstanding

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The growing international holding company Diversified Global Holdings Group Inc. (OTCQB: DGHG) recently announced that DGHG’s commitment to exploring diverse opportunities for growth has resulted in a decision to dispose of its two electronic component businesses in the Russian Federation. Additionally, negotiations with Nikolay Uraev, one of the three original founders of the company, have resulted in his agreement to contribute to capital 11 million shares, which shares will be retired.

This announcement clarifies the expected amount of shares to be retransferred to the Company by departing Director Nikolay Uraev, the former owner of the Kontakt LLC subsidiary, which he is repurchasing for the 1,100,000 shares to be retransferred to the Company. Kontakt is one of DGHG’s two Russian electronic component subsidiaries.

With this agreement, approximately 12% of outstanding shares have thereby been positioned for the retransfer. Neither retained earnings nor cash flows will affected by the closing of this transaction, assuring a greater efficiency in the course of creating positive value for shareholders.

eMamba International Corp. EMBA

EMBA’s chart bears a big resemblance to EXTO in that the MACD is starting to pinch toward a cross. The stock ran from a low of .17 on Aug 17th, to a high of .775, a monstrous gain of 356% After retracing back to .36 it appears to have found a solid foundation, and a good jumping off point for those of us who are new to the stock.

eMamba is a leader in cloud-based software driven resource planning, and after-sales customer relationship management.

EXTO Exit Only, DWIS Dinewise | Inside Today’s Penny Stock Newsletter

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS

As we’ve stated previously, just a small surge in volume can really send DWIS, and sure enough, yesterday saw a 36% increase, on just 15,000 shares traded.

The stock is still receiving a BUY Rating on BARCHART.COM, with resistance points at .11, .13, and .18. There is still a lot of room for substantial gains, the benefits of which we have experienced in the past with DWIS.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has made higher lows for the past three trading sessions. After a bit of a consolidation, we like to see the lows creeping higher, a bullish sign. Per yesterday’s closing price of .0077, we are still up over 200% from our initial mention of this stock at .0025.

In the past, we have seen EXTO take off on updates from the company. We believe that the next fresh PR will be a catalyst for another run-up.

From a charting standpoint, the RSI is coming off of being oversold, and the MACD is just starting to pinch toward a cross that should happen in the next week or so. These are two of our favorite indicators which point to the growing health of a stock.

Genco Corp GNCC

There is currently a lot of newsletter and iHub chatter surrounding GNCC at the moment. We wanted to share today’s news with you, because at the current price and level of public attention, this PR could really make an impact on the stock.

TYLER, Texas, Sep 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Genco Corporation (PINK SHEETS: GNCC) has begun the process of converting the historic Rosebowl speedway into an outdoor Amphitheater in Winona, Texas. The historic Rosebowl Speedway will re-open to the public in 2012 as The Rosebowl Amphitheater. When the conversion is complete, the Rosebowl is expected to seat over 12,000 customers. According to Digital Music News, the average concert ticket price in the US for 2011 is $37.55. The Rose Bowl plans to hold over 90 concert events a year. Based on Averages, the Rosebowl could gross $40,554,000 per year on ticket sales alone. Management plans to begin Outdoor Concerts and events at the new Rosebowl Amphitheater in March of 2012.

DWIS, EXTO Inside Today’s Penny Stock Newsletter

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS
Toward the end of the day on Monday, we were observing the level 2 on DWIS, and witnessed some higher bids enter into the mix. Eventually these buyers that are attempting to collect cheap shares on the bid could end up hitting the offer, and we could see an uptick.

As we have seen in the past, DWIS tends to spring directly upward on even a negligible surge in volume, as is common with low-float plays.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

Yesterday we mentioned that the chart on EXTO has consolidated over the past couple of weeks, finding a new level of support toward the end of last week. It appears as if that level held nicely once again on Monday.

The next few trading sessions look to be an opportune moment to take up a position that should work out to be profitable.

EXTO is currently receiving a ‘Buy’ Rating at barchart.com.