Blue Horseshoe: Yesterday’s Calls Yielded Gains of Up to 544%!!!

Yesterday was a very fruitful session for us, with all of our calls faring extremely well. We hope everyone was paying attention, and that at least some of you were able to take advantage of the great calls we made!


We’ve been tracking EDXC since early this month when we mentioned it on the 9th. After appearing once again in yesterday’s report, EDCX touched a high of .139, for a 46% gain on the day, and a 132% move from its low of .06 on the 16th.

We did state yesterday that it would be prudent to take profits off of the table before EDXC sees the inevitable pullback from this run. While that is still the prevailing strategy, the stock did close near its high-of-day yesterday, so we want to monitor very closely in the event that this surge continues.

VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

Our other focus from yesterday was VGHI, a stock we’ve been following for quite a long time. During yesterday’s session, the stock ran fom .08-.115. Aside from the cumulative gains totaling several hundred percent from last year, VHGI came from a penny on March 1st when we put it back on our watchlist, before it proceeded to rack in another 1050% (Figuring in yesterday’s high of .115)

VuMee Inc. VUME

We also have a new pick for you this morning. VUME is a stock that has recently come off of its 52-low and is beginning to build some momentum. We like these bottom bounce plays, which often provide us with opportunities for gain, and we feel that VUME has a chance to be our next good call. It recently broke the 20DMA at .011, with main resistance coming up at the 50DMA of .0253.

We have an RSI curling up toward the 50-line, the PPO is beginning to diverge with the histogram flipping up to the top-side, and the Slow STO recently crossed overas well. The chart seems to indicate conditions which are ripe for added gains.

Our mention of AAPL Options yesterday were good for 195% in possible gains out of the $415 Calls, which ran from a low of 6.55 to a high of 19.35. The $420 Calls ran 259% from 4.15-14.90.

Extended Watchlist:

EDXC, VGHI & Extended Watchlist


We noticed that this medical marijuana stock that we’ve talked about in the past is currently the subject of some promotional activity, based on the chatter we were observing over the weekend. The last time we mentioned EDXC was on April 9th. We saw a run in the following days; the stock was as low as .06 on the 16th, and reached a subsequent high of .105 the next day.
As for today, we are looking to take advantage of any price surge that may occur as a result of the pending promotions, locking in profits by selling into strength, and exiting before the excitement dies down. We expect a pullback to immediately follow any significant run, at which time we can re-assess the feasibility of re-entry.

This play is another prime example of a stock that we’ve already been tracking and are familiar with, being the focal point of promotional activity. As is often the case, we bring these plays to our audience well in advance. It is also the reason why we continually track all of the stocks that appear in our reports, even after the trail has gone cold, because you never know when one is going to heat up once again.


PHOENIX, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Endexx Corporation (OTC Pink: EDXC) introduces M3 Hub (Medical Marijuana Management) and

The M3 Hub Technology Platform is a new division of Endexx and is being prepared for “go to market” in 2013/2014. Over 18 States have received voter approval for the legalization and advancement of the Medical Marijuana Movement. Endexx initiated an intense due diligence and technology solutions research cycle at the beginning of 2013. We have established key industry relationships, made two acquisitions and have identified multiple joint venture candidates, technology and service alliances and most importantly the necessary technology solutions that will establish M3 Hub as one of the key companies in the sustainability and growth of the Medical Marijuana Industry. Please visit the new website for further information on the company.

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UNLA | Unilava Corp: Momentum Alert

Unilava Corp. UNLA

We have yet another momentum alert for you this morning. UNLA has come to our attention via our abnormal volume scanner as a stock that has begun an uptrend after coming off of a recent bottom. The last time the stock traded the level of volume that was observed yesterday, was in late December to early January, and it ran from .0025-.03. Conditions on the chart suggest it could be gearing up for another breakout, so we wanted to pass it along this morning.

On the chart below you can see that UNLA currently boasts an RSI that is getting ready to pass through the 50-line and the 50DMA. There was a hammer candle formation yesterday, as the stock bumped its head into the 50 and 20DMA’s at .0066, and .0069 respectively. The PPO is currently pinching, and preparing to cross, and the Slow STO recently crossed over, with the lines beginning to diverge.

It seems .013 and .03 are the next main areas of resistance following the 20 and 50 Day Moving Averages, so any trouble UNLA might have getting over those humps may be an indicator to take whatever profits we’ve gained by that point off the table.

Extended Watchlist:

FCGD, MDBX, SCON & Extended Watchlist

First Colombia Gold Corp. FCGD

Despite the fact that it closed down on the day, our momentum alert from yesterday morning still provided us with plenty of opportunity to get in and out with a profit in the early part of the day.

After gapping up very slightly to .0044, the stock managed to ride the momentum as high as .007, allowing for gains of up to 59% in the first half-hour. Apart from possible gains right out of the gate, we can also extract a good lesson from what happened next. We saw what is called a “double-top”, which is when a stock bumps into resistance, pulls back, and makes another run at its high before losing momentum, which leads to a pullback like we saw as the day progressed.

We lost interest when the stock failed to hold support at our called level of .006. It is always a good idea to have a mental stop, falling below which point is an indicator that its time to exit. All things considered, FCGD turned out to be a good call, even if the window of opportunity wasn’t open for as long as we would’ve liked.

Medbox, Inc. MDBX

We’d like to give ourselves a quick pat on the back for this play. We last mentioned MDBX on March 12th, along with some of the other medical marijuana related stocks we’ve been actively tracking this year. After that time, the stock was trading as low as 14.02. It is not often we see a Pinksheet stock trading in such a high PPS range, but MDBX managed to touch 38.40 on Tuesday on record volume, marking a move of 174% in roughly six weeks.

MDBX sent out a PR yesterday, pertaining to Tuesday being a record trading day:
HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Medbox, Inc. (OTC Markets: MDBX) (, a leader in providing industry specific consulting services and patented systems to the medical and retail industries, announced that yesterday (April 23, 2013), was the single largest trading day for their stock in the company’s history with over 66,000 shares traded.

Superconductor Technologies, Inc. SCONSCON appeared on Tuesdays extended watchlist, and followed with a great performance, opening at 3.50, and seeing a low of 3.41, before running as high as 5.45. That marks a possible gain of up to 60%

Extended Watchlist:

FCGD | First Columbia Gold Corp. | Momentum Mover

First Colombia Gold Corp. FCGD

As promised, we are releasing a new momentum play this morning, exploration-phase mining corporation, First Columbia Gold which has been on a steady uptrend recently.

As we all know, mining companies in the exploration phase are highly-speculative in nature, but in the case of FCGD we have quite a momentous chart which has recently been building up. But before we dive into that, let’s go over some of the prospects that could eventually lead to production for this precious metal-seeking outfit.


Exploration and mining at the Montana “Boulder Hill Project” is possible under what is known as a “Small Miner Exclusion Statement (SMES)”. An SMES allows for the expedited regulatory treatment for mining operations affecting an area of less than 25 square miles. Such a provision allows for smaller companies to conduct their operations without dealing with nearly as much red tape as large groups. The 174-acre plot is under contract until 2016, and only carries maintenance costs of about $800/year due to its smaller size.
The South Idaho Silver Project is a 160-acre plot divided into eight separate claims outside of Nampa, Idaho. It is located on the Snake River Plain amid several mineral districts, and the geology is comprised of Late-Cretaceous Granodiarite, which has been known to host mineral veins of gold, silver, and copper, just to name a few.

The company is also in the process of building a portfolio of short-to-medium term prospects in Central and South America.


Perhaps the most attractive aspect of FCGD is the current chart. As you can see below, we have an RSI approaching the Powerzone, along with the 50DMA getting ready to intersect with, and supercede the 200DMA, in the elusive and highly sought-after formation commonly referred to as a Golden Cross. We’ve also seen a steady increase in both volume and price over the last month or so, leading us to designate FCGD as a clear-cut momentum play.

Moving forward, we’d ideally like to see the stock maintain support at the current 20DMA of .003. Current resistance is sitting .0044, and will need to be broken for FCGD to get its next leg-up. Following that level, the next resistance comes at .006.

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