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Target Corp. TGT

Our targets within the Target options chain have been rather kind to us this week. On Wednesday morning, we established the TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls 
as our primary interests, and yesterday in our premarket report, we rolled up our strike areas to include the include the TGT Weekly $150-155 Calls, as well.

We’ll finish up the week this morning by updating the highs and total possible gains from Thursday’s ideas as well as highlighting the single session performance of our updated targets as well:

TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls 
$143: 4.45-13.00 (+192%)
$144: 3.35-11.76 (+251%)
$145: 3.00-11.06 (+269%)
$146: 2.50-9.96 (+298%)

TGT Weekly $150-155 Calls
 4.05-6.25 (+54%)
$155: 1.26-2.37 (+88%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
BKE Weekly $15-17.50 Calls*
FL Weekly $27.50-28.50 Calls*
DE Weekly $192.50-197.50 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to deal with weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

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Options Reviews, New Ideas

Options Recaps:

Our only new idea and primary target yesterday was Target, which performed incredibly well on the day. We had signaled interest in the TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls in our morning report, and those produced some serious multibag gain opportunities.

Here are the total profits that were available to anyone that had caught our premarket report:

TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls 
$143: 4.45-11.70 (+163%)
$144: 3.35-10.65 (+218%)
$145: 3.00-9.81 (+227%)
$146: 2.50-8.80 (+252%)

We are also going to want to stay close to the action as TGT continues to show strength. We are going to roll up to include the TGT Weekly $150-155 Calls, which we will track into the end of the week tomorrow.

Aureus, Inc. ARSN 

We had also tagged ARSN in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and multibag gains were to be had there as well. We witnessed a low of .0025 before it ran up to .0067, for an intraday push of 168% that came on an all-time record volume of 427.3M shares.

An interesting factoid on ARSN: The stock actually represents the original dairy company that the Yeungling family established during Prohibition to supplement the losses from their world-renowned brewing business.

Options Ideas:
BJ Weekly $40-45 Calls
LB Weekly $29-30 Calls

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Options Plays, Special Reminder

Options Updates:

We closed out the week on Friday by signaling a couple of options ideas that we would be able to track through to this week. The FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls and the VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls.

They performed rather solidly right out of the gate on Friday morning, providing instant results. Here are the total possible gains that were achieved:

FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls
$28: 1.78-4.00 (+125%)
$29: 1.73-3.20 (+85%)
$30: 1.06-2.50 (+136%)

VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls
$7.50: .85-2.60 (+218%)

Options Ideas: 
SPY 08/17 $337-339 Calls
JD Weekly $64-66 Calls

Key Reminder: 

We have a big week of retail earnings slated for later this week, as well as a hot new video-on-demand play that we’ll be introducing, so things should be pretty exciting around here for the next several days.

Be sure to stay tuned for further reports and don’t miss out on a minute of the action!

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