Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Thursday’s Top Movers, FCGD Update & More

First Columbia Gold Corp. FCGD

After zeroing in on FCGD in yesterday’s premarket report, the activity that followed was encouraging. The stock traded up on light volume, to the tune of a 30% intraday jump from .075 to .098; a good indicator of the kind of reactions and potential gains we can expect from it moving forward. Any increased buying pressure has a chance to produce price increases even more drastic than what we saw yesterday.

Don’t forget that we conducted an exclusive interview with FCGD’s new CEO Jason Castenir yesterday through our sister site, Stock Traders Talk. Follow the link above or the graphic below to hear over 20 minutes of exclusive content on FCGD straight from the source.

Here we point out a few of the key highlights of the FCGD Chart:

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Metalico, Inc. MEA

With our primary focus being on FCGD yesterday we didn’t have a chance to congratulate our members who were able to take advantage of one of our ideas from the prior session. After we caught MEA on Wednesday’s Extended Watchlist, the stock blasted off from a low of .381 all the way .667, a solid 75% intraday run.

Yesterday the stock fell back to bounce off of support at .53 and made a modest rebound to .59.

Winners From Yesterday’s Stock Tracker

We try to remind our readers as much as we can, that whether you’re a subscriber to our daily email reports, or view our content on Third-Party websites, that it’s always important to check our blog at Blue Horseshoe Stocks on a daily basis.

Yesterday provided a good example of why; with our main attention going to FCGD, the additional symbols on our radar that would normally go into an Extended Watchlist, were relegated to the sidebar tracker on Blue Horseshoe Stocks, as pictured in the following snapshot taken yesterday afternoon:

As you can see, anyone who visited our page during the day yesterday could have caught any one of a number big movers:

FRAZRange: .11-.49 – Max Gain: +345%
HKUPRange: .0026-.0094 – Max Gain: +261%
BANJ Range: .185-.39 – Max Gain: +111%
CDTIRange: 2.22-3.98 – Max Gain: +78%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FCGD Special Report

First Columbia Gold Corp. FCGD

On the menu for this morning is a look at FCGD, which, at first glance seems to be a gold play, however the company’s current activities align more with the oil and gas sector. The FCGD chart has been settling down to a relative low, so we think now is a good time to size up the stock. Of course we’ll get into the chart after we take a look at what First Columbia has been up to in what shaped up to be a busy month of October.

It began with the start of drilling operations at an oil & gas property in Kentucky early this month, marking the beginning of a new ten-well program, which is in addition to the 42 wells spread over 20 leases that the company has already restored to active oil production. It’s rare we come across an oil & gas play at this level that is actually drawing resources from the ground. It gives us extra incentive to follow along with its projects very closely.

Last week, FCGD announced the 3rd and 4th wells reaching active drilling status, and the general opinion is that the program is going as well or better than what was expected. According to its website, FCGD is targeting initial revenue and cash flow from the Kentucky project within the current fiscal year.

FCGD is under new management as well. The week before last, the board appointed Jason Castenir its new CEO and Chairman. Castenir was previously involved with the company in a consulting capacity, and was apparently instrumental in the acquisitions that made the company’s current project possible.

In a few words from the new CEO: “This drilling program is off to a really strong start. Our initial drilling success, combined with the fact that we are bringing so much of the old production back online is working together to create a lot of energy for our company.”

We actually had the honor of conducting an exclusive interview with FCGD’s new CEO Jason Castenir this morning through our sister site, Stock Traders Talk. We encourage everyone to take a look at the interview as it provides a more in-depth look at the current status of the company directly from the CEO. It will be available at the homepage at precisely 9:30AM EDT.

Along with a good back story, we like potential we see in the chart as well. Take a look at the video we put together outlining some of the highlights:

You can also check out this on-site video that FCGD put out recently through social media.


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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO Follow-Up

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We’re touching base with PZOO once again this morning. We brought it into the fold last Monday while the stock was trading at a low of .0225 and not only has it brought us a couple of quality chances for swing trades, it has held its ground extremely well over the past week, and has begun to spike once again.

Over the few sessions prior, PZOO had toyed with resistance at the 200DMA (.0339), and yesterday it managed to close above that mark for the first time. As usual, moving forward, we want to see that previous resistance level hold as future support. We’ll want to see the stock maintain above a minimum of .0261. From where it stands now, we’re looking at the next key resistance points coming up at .05 and .065.

If you didn’t catch our initial report on PZOO last Monday, we suggest taking a look at that to learn about the company’s online health and wellness portal, as well as the involvement it has in the cannabis sector. >> View PZOO Report

There has been two new statements issued by the company over the past couple of days that we’ll pass along here:

Yesterday PZOO announced that it was a main sponsor at the Just Jersey Jazz and Food Truck Festival on Sunday October 19th at Horse Shoe Lake in Succasunna, New Jersey >>> Click to View PR

This morning we’ve learned that PZOO has increased its stake in the medical marijuana testing labs by 10%, effectively creating a controlling interest for itself in the company currently running the project >>> Click to View PR

Also, take a look at this video chart update we put together on PZOO:

For More Info Check Out PAZOO.COM

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR, PTIE Updates, & More

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR Options

Our long-time favorite options-trading target, PBR, after taking a significant beating over the past couple of weeks, finally found support in the 10.80’s and began to bounce back during yesterday’s session. It marked the lowest PPS we’ve witnessed since we first began watching this play. We’re also seeing a moderate gap-up in premarket trading this morning. We want to see it achieve higher lows and higher highs over the next few sessions to confirm the trend.

We’ve experienced many dips and rips with PBR over the roughly 7-month period we’ve been tracking it, and as we usually do in this situation, we’re going to attempt to take advantage of the recovery pattern we’re observing. For a specific idea, we want to radar the November 14th 12.00 Calls.

Pain Therapeutics, Inc. PTIE 

The huge gap down we noticed in the premarket yesterday is what drew us to include PTIE in our morning report. We mentioned that we’d monitor it for a eventual bounce and it came almost immediately. The stock saw a brief morning low of 1.61, and bounced back as high as 2.14 in the afternoon.

It marked a 33% intraday move, and intrigued us enough to want to continue watching as the week progresses.

The cause of the enormous gap-down was the nixing of an agreement the company had with Pfizer to develop and commercialize its Remoxy pain medication. It’s worth it to note that despite the huge setback, the stock came into this week with an analyst price target of 8.00/share.

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI

ASTI is one we’ve had an eye on for the past several weeks as it has searched out its own lows, and after reaching a bottom in the 1.40-range a couple of weeks ago, the stock has been making some nice strides to recover lost ground.

This morning the stock is gapping up over $2 on the heels of an early morning PR relating to a key milestone in a potentially lucrative Chinese joint venture.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NVAX, NQ & More

Novavax, Inc. NVAX 

NVAX is the latest Ebola-related stock to catch our eye, and while the initial fear that was driving a lot of these plays has calmed as people realize that the virus doesn’t exactly spread like wildfire, there is much being made of efforts to find a working vaccine and NVAX is attempting to answer that call.

The company announced today that it had presented at the 8th Vaccine and ISV Conference in Philadelphia on Sunday on what was called the first Ebola Vaccine Candidate based on the 2014 Guinea strain that caused the current outbreak in West Africa.

The company said it expects to begin Phase I testing by December, so we’re going to add NVAX to our watchlists for the time being. Additionally, the stock is gapping up to the tune of 10% here in the premarket, and the chart appears to have the possibility of a Golden Cross in the making.

NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

This is a play we’ve tracked continuously since late this spring. After witnessing a nice move back in July from the low $4-range to the mid-$7’s, the stock had been under general consolidation until it found and bounced off of support about 6 weeks ago. It has made a nice steady recovery from that point on, and is gaining more traction this morning as it gaps up in the premarket on the heels of a PR.

The mobile security has just company submitted the necessary back-filings to once again become fully compliant, and no anomalies or adverse findings were uncovered, which adds another dimension to this play.

We also like the space NQ operates in- with mobile devices permeating every aspect of the current culture, the need for mobile security services such as those provided by NQ only stands to grow in the future.

Side Note:
PTIE, DRRX (Two that are gapping down significantly; we will want to watch for an eventual bounce)

Extended Watchlist: