ALGF, IDVC & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Algae Farm (USA), Inc. ALGF

ALGF first appeared on our extended watchlist on May 24th, at which time the stock was trading as low as .0008! Yesterday, the stock made its fourth consecutive day of gains since May 24th at .0056, for a possible gain of 600% thus far.

Rumor around the campfire, is that some investors anticipate ALGF to be trading in the multi-penny range in coming weeks. With such a small float, those rumors could very well become a reality,  which is why we want to keep ALGF on our radar moving forward.

In addition, ALGF is currently receiving a “Strong Buy” Rating at BARCHART.COM

ALGF has a reported float of 67M shares, as of May 10th, 2012, according to

Algae Farm (USA), Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a biotechnology developer of processes and systems that produce high yield, predictable, reliable, scalable, sustainable algae oil, residual biomass and algal biomass in an indoor climate controlled environment.

For more information on the company, click here.


Infrastructure Developments Corp. IDVC

IDVC was a bottom-bounce play that has turned into a momentum play with the recent surge of volume which has yielded two solid days of gains for our members.

Over the long weekend, we discovered IDVC while scanning for a good bottom play, and our timing couldn’t have been any better. We mentioned it Monday in our extended watchlist, when the stock was trading as low as .0019.

At yesterdays high-of-day (.0067) we have already witnessed the opportunity to reel in 256% in gains; not bad at all for just a two-day stretch

We will be monitoring this play for a follow up to the update we received early-on this week:

SALT LAKE CITY, May 29, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — Infrastructure Developments Corp. (OTCBB:IDVC) (the “Company”) wishes to clarify certain considerations regarding the public market for its common stock and recent business development activities. Over the past fifteen months the Company borrowed $214,000 from an investment firm to finance the startup of its U.S. Navy “Lido” project in Indonesia as well as for general corporate expenses. The Company borrowed the funds on terms that included a conversion option at a discount to the trading price in the market. The subsequent conversion of the debt to stock, and the apparent liquidation of stock in the market, resulted in a significant increase in IDVC’s public float which increase may have resulted in the drop in IDVC’s stock price over the past ten months.

Except for $2,000, all convertible debt that is currently entitled to conversion has been converted to stock as of today’s date. The Company plans to repay the remaining balance of $39,000 that will become convertible beginning in September 2012 prior to any such conversion. >>FULL STORY


Extended Watchlist:

ATRN, AAPT, EMWW, DNAD, CRCL (Watching for bottom)

VPER, IDVC, JNSH, EMWW & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER had a big volume day on Tuesday, with over 188M shares traded (Approx. $820K in dollar volume). After gapping up, the stock ran into resistance at .0055, one of the key resistance points that we’ve pointed out in the past couple of video charts we’ve done outlining VPER.

The stock ended up closing down on the day at .0034 (its 50DMA). This stock has brought us gains of over 240% since we first discovered it. It is always important to lock in those porfits wherever possible, so we certainly hope others have found good fortune with VPER as well.

We’d like to see VPER hold over .0034, or things have a chance to get ugly.

The company had news out this morning:

DETROIT, May 30, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — Viper Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:VPER), is pleased to provide additional information regarding recently announced corporate developments, and how the Company is building a foundation for greater success and profitability through sector diversity in attractive growth markets.

All in all, this play has more than done its part, and will now be moved to our back burner.


Infrastructure Developments Corp. IDVC

We spotted IDVC over the weekend before mentioning it in yesterday’s extended watchlist, thinking it had some bounce-play opportunity.

The stock was as low as .0019, and hit a high of .0036 for a possible gain of around 90%

This is EXACTLY the reason why we stressed the importance of not only reading our picks for the day, but also looking through our extended watchlist. Winners are constantly cropping up from the bunch.


JNS Holdings Corporation JNSH

We are putting this new stock on watch for “Blue Sky” breakout mode, as all indicators seem to be pointing toward the bullish. The stock has recently reached highs not seen since the summer of 2010.


Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. EMWW

Twice now we’ve timed this play for explosive gains, and are now observing the stock as it searches out a bottom. A bounce opportunity could be in the making, so we want to keep a pretty watchful eye on EMWW.

Extended Watchlist:

VPER | Viper Networks, Inc. & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

On Friday, we saw another hallmark performance from VPER. The stock broke through its 50DMA (.0034), touching .0045 before closing out the week at .0039. Since our first alert VPER traded as low as .0016; Friday’s close represents a gain of 144% (181% at the HOD).

We’ve been on this play since March 13th, and have only recently noticed some of the other newsletters hopping on our coattails.

We are looking at patches of resistance at .0056, .0065, and .0084.

DETROIT, May 29, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — Viper Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:VPER), is pleased to announce that the Company has finalized agreement terms with Aequitas Energy, Inc. by contractually committing to acquire thirty percent (30%) of the energy reseller company based in New Haven, Connecticut.

Agreement terms call for Viper Networks to invest one million U.S. dollars. Total monies due Aequitas may be in two increments throughout the remainder of 2012, but are expected to be in two main $500,000 tranches within two specific time frames. >>FULL STORY

ATTENTION READERS: By now you’ve all realized that we have a habit of including what is called our “Extended Watchlist”, (or “E.W.” as we’ve come to call it around the office). It is a term we coined for the group of stocks that we are monitoring (whether passively or aggressively) on any given day. For those of you that have taken the time to notice, we have had many winners emerge from this daily pool of interesting plays. [Take for example, last week, our EW picks AAPT (79%) ACYD (32%), and ALGF (>80%)]. For those who haven’t, we’ve now provided you with a reason to read through our morning alerts in their entirety!

That said, take a look at today’s Extended Watchlist:

Extended Watchlist:


Viper Networks, Inc. | VPER & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER continues to make higher highs and higher lows. It bumped its head against a key resistance point at .0034, which is the 20DMA.

As we stated in the video chart released earlier this week, a break past .0034 could set the stage for another major breakout run.

The company has also released its Annual and Quarterly Reports this morning, to which we’ve provided links below.

Annual Report

Quarterly Report

Extended Watchlist:

AAPT, EMWW & Today’s Extended Watchlist

All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

It never seems to be very long in between big winners for us, and we had yet another one in the form of AAPT on Wednesday. We like to follow our friends over at Penny Stock Rumble, and yesterday we landed ourselves atop their gainers ranking for our call of AAPT.

We’ve followed this stock since April 5th, The first run following that alert yielded a 141% gain from .0165-.0398. It then found support near our initial alert price at .015. Yesterday, another surge took the PPS on a ride from .028-.048, for a gain of 71%, which was not surprising considering the amount of press we’ve seen recently:

All American Pet Company, Inc. Announces the Addition of 16 New Sales Personnel to Its Present National Sales Force

All American Pet Company, Inc.(TM) Introduces: MUTT – Great Food For Great Dogs(TM)

All American Pet Company, Inc. — Innovative Developer of Wellness Products for Dogs — Is Pleased to Report PAWtizer(TM) Goods Are in Transit Again

In addition to a virtual slew of related news, AAPT is currently receiving “100% Buy” Rating @ BARCHART.COM


EMWW turned in another solid performance yesterday, closing out the day at Tuesday’s high of .0125. As we stated before, we could see a Blue-Sky Breakout from EMWW if it should break resistance here at .0125.

News out this morning could be a push in the right direction:

Bohemia, New York, May 23, 2012—Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. (OTC Markets: “EMWW”) announced that it has completed a  restructuring of the company, become current on its filings, and is in final negotiations to acquire a profitable revenue producing company. They further announced that as part of the restructuring of the company and completion of the acquisition, a new management team will be put into place.

The new filings are an Initial Issuer Disclosure Statement with OTC Markets, as well as the necessary disclosure for the Quarter ended March 31, 2012.  As a result, Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. is currently listed as “OTC Pink Current Information.”  The company also plans to complete an audit and become a fully SEC reporting company by the years end.

Extended Watchlist: